News for November 2020

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This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Fandom Stuff

  • A new update has been published in the legal case that many SCP fans have donated to support.

Featured Articles

  • SCP-5721 (by Cerastes): What Passes As Worship In The Digital Age [Featured by Karakatt and Cerastes]
    SCP-5721 is the collective designation for anomalous phenomena associated with Discord…
  • A Terrible Thing by Riemann [Featured by Naveil, Riemann, and YellowISlol]
    The freak comes last. He is larger than the rest. He wears no parka.
  • Critter Profile: Bakugo! [Wilson's Wildlife Solutions] by Ihp [Featured by Truc Linh]
    Bakugo is a bit standoffish, but he'll eagerly eat an apple out of your hand— or a nightmare out of your brain.

Reviewer's Spotlight Articles

  • To The Dreams He Is No Nobody by SoullessSingularity [selected by cybersqyd]
    Suffice to say, Nobody and the dreams have something that humans may identify as a friendship.
  • Catching Up by Grigori Karpin [selected by Dr Moned]
    “I know you and a group of MTF-Beta-777 went into an alternate reality. You ‘read’ a structure there and had what amounts to a psychotic break.”
  • SCP-5610 (To Put a Cat on Your Head) by Veralta [selected by caspian2]
    Approximately 56 percent of Japan's population has been found to have an instance of SCP-5610 resting atop of their head.

You will notice little '📈' emojis beside some articles. That denotes SCP articles which were under 30 and tales which were under 20 when this edition of site news was posted. Give them a little love! Speaking from personal experience, the most frustrating thing that can happen to an article is not deletion, but stagnating below 20 without any comments. So try to read, vote, and comment on these articles! They're often hidden gems :)

Week of November 1st:


  • SCP-5178 ("Eat The Sun with Seth Uhar") - And for today's recipe, we will learn how to incorporate little bits of sun into your homemade Margharita pizza. Cooked and brought to you by DecoyMesa.
  • McDoctorate's Proposal by Placeholder McDPlaceholder McD
  • SCP-5733 ("Knife. Scream. Cut to Black.") - Ordinary. Death. No. Remembrance. Dysadron. Writer.
  • SCP-5414 ("Clouds Only Dreamt") - And if humans can dream, maybe it means we're clouds too. Written by Barbarous Bread.
  • SCP-5170 ("Pattern Screamer, Esq. 💼⚖️") - Because these days, we need to put emojis everywhere. It gives you a more friendly image. Amytato was the one with this idea. It works well.
  • SCP-5598 ("I, Eurydice Ferlinghetti") - I'm still waiting for my Orpheus. Written by LordStonefish.
  • SCP-5146 ("Perfect Territory") - See, it's as it should be. No need to expand it. Written by daviiid.
  • SCP-5132 ("The Kids Aren't Alright") - Chances thrown, nothing's free, longing for what used to be. Written by Raddagher.
  • SCP-5957 ("A Baleful Light") - Missing hikers in the Ural Mountains, a GRU-P coverup, and the Foundation picking up the pieces decades later. Written by Grigori Karpin.


  • Eating Honey in the Rain - "Oh, how gentle the fruit is from the Moon's sweet carcass, as if harvested from the giant maw of a bee stung beast" Written by Amelia Wright.
  • Austin “Aggy” Genadew - "What am I supposed to do with apples?" Written by DarkStuff.
  • Alone in a Sea of Voices - "Connection Approved. Welcome to Oneiroi West, we hope you enjoy your stay!" Written by Dr Moned.
  • Regular documents from the Iconography Division - "The primary purpose of the Iconography Division is to suppress, record, study, and utilize anomalous imagery and symbolism in service of the Foundation's mission." Written by EstrellaYoshte.
  • Behind The Times - "Whatever it was, it certainly wasn’t a mugging. His cash is still in his wallet" Written by Nephews of Liberty.
  • A Little Bunny's Doctor - "When I was younger, I frequently spent time in the hospital due to my undeveloped immune system." Written by Ellie3.


Week of November 8th:


  • SCP-5506 ("The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Manifesting a New God") - There's no better way to show to yourself how powerful you feel and how ready you are for this new day. MalyceGraves use this method at each morning.
  • SCP-5594 ("Fine Dine and Good Spirits") - Of course, they know what good cuisine is. Cooked by PlaguePJP.
  • EXTDOC-5495 ("THE GHAZNI INCIDENT.") - It was a pretty big thing, as usual. Written by Rounderhouse.
  • SCP-5685 ("The Airstream Con") - Which is not a convention made for celebrating all things related to airstreams. Written by RadioactiveRADS.
  • SCP-0000-EX ("An Ode to the Forgotten") - This ode can also be forgotten, if no luck. Written by Ralliston.
  • SCP-5366 ("Until death do us part and every day after") - Like it does everyday. I swear, one day, we will just forget about all that. Written by Pedagon.
  • SCP-5348 ("Mama Ambrose's Creamy Mushroom Bisque") - Today, ladies and gentlemen, our show have more than one guest: after Seth Uhar's homemade pizza with some bits of the Sun, here's a new recipe of one of the most promising cooks employed by Ambrose Restaurants. It's Elunerazim!
  • SCP-5583 ("Skippy the Unicorn Has Had Enough of Your Shit") - So, Skippy the Unicorn would like to tell you to go fuck yourself if you haven't already. Skippy is not Nickthebrick1's imaginary friend.
  • SCP-5118 ("Forever a Good Boy") - Was that 001-EX who awoke again? Programmed by deathbygin.


  • Dr.Coolbad Destroys the Economy - "It was an office supply mogul’s paradise." Written by Raddagher.
  • i was a teenage shoggoth (Ween cover) - "If, four thousand years ago, you'd told the Jack of Spades he'd be doing manual labor for a Xian criminal, he probably wouldn't have believed you." Written by UraniumEmpire.
  • Coming Cold - "Nobody noticed it over the sudden cold." Written by Brewsterion 1017.


Week of November 15th:


  • SCP-5158 ("Lacum Lacrimarum") - I don't speak old Latin very well, but I think it's about tears. I could be wrong. Written by JackalRelated.
  • SCP-5944 ("Dead Men Tell No Tales") - In fact, they tell nothing. Because they're dead, genius. Written by Sputnik One, who is very alive.
  • SCP-5787 ("Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia") - And Adult Swim said that Florida was the worst place. They were wrong. Written by PlaguePJP.
  • SCP-5510 ("Universal Remote") - See, I told you, the movie Click would become a reality, one day. Written by aismallard.
  • SCP-5917 ("The Map of the Multiverse") - We reclaimed one since many decades and finally, FINALLY, we have one. Created by chaucer345.
  • SCP-5661 ("The Devil and the Maiden") - The maiden wasn't probably made of iron. A story told by stormbreath.
  • SCP-3651 ("Chalk Children") - No one of them had been used to wrote on a blackboard. Written by J Dune.


  • The Woman Who Wasn't There - "Allison looked down at the hand she had just used to rewrite Robert; a hat was in it, solid black, something that looked vaguely like a fedora, but with a far wider brim." Written by Ihp.
  • The Taking of Dr. Sinclair - "Dr. Katherine Sinclair practically threw the mug of coffee in her face." Written by Ihp.
  • i say this that you suffer - "- then, perhaps, is when she steps from the umbra of girl." Written by OriCat.
  • RONALD REAGAN CUT UP WHILE RAPPING - "Thanks I hate it." Written by LordStonefish.
  • Repatriation - "There’s something over there, and it touched me. I need to talk to the one source of info available to me." Written by Grigori Karpin.

GoI Formats

  • LaRue Post - Willie's shine - [La Rue Macabre] "Alright y'all. I know y'all have been ignoring me cause I ain't got no shine, but I got some good news. I'm finally used to seein' with my one eye, so I was able to get my still up and runnin' again!" Written by Vivarium.


Week of November 22nd:


  • SCP-4604 ("Disillusionment") - So, you too, you have experienced that, uh? Written by TL333s.
  • SCP-5936 ("Those that do not wish to be forgotten") - Ah, yes, y'know, the ode I talked about above? It's for these exact persons. Ralliston hadn't forgotten.
  • SCP-4576 ("Protective Prickly Pal, Prixors") - And here's an example of a good Added Alliterative Appeal. Written by Quadraginta.
  • SCP-5702 ("'www.wikiflick.███'") - It seems that the Wikijump initiative have been more efficient than we initially thought. LordStonefish have been even able to provide us a preview of the new platform.


  • From syllables to lines to imagination - "Am hungry, gimme a munchy!" Written by Sirslash47.
  • Fox Hunt - "He’s not even worried about being found out. Fugitives like that are either the dangerously stupid or the very well-connected." Written by Grigori Karpin.
  • T'Ain't No Sin - "Uwuu, you stiww have skin?! Teehee! No wowwies, Imma hewp you get wid of it" Written by daveyoufool.
  • Chef's Table - "When I'm cooking for myself, my diet goes to shit." Written by Dysadron.
  • Patience - "None of them had a ghostly Klavigar that could be anywhere or anyone she wanted to be, working tirelessly to lay the foundation." Written by MalyceGraves.


  • Form 5118-E: Proposal for Reclassification - Something new is on the road. Written by deathbygin.
  • Experiment Log 5702 - The preview above pleased you? We have more! Written by LordStonefish.
  • Guide Hub - A new condensed version which will give you the most important pieces of advice about how to be a member, stay a member and write things for the site. Written by TheMightyMcB.


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NeonGlitch's Amino Page by NeonGlitch

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Machiavellian's Amino Page by Machiavellian

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