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This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Fandom Stuff

Featured Articles

  • SCP-3159 ("The Trashiest World in the Multiverse") by ZoltanBerrigomo - A talk show is a talk show, regardless of the universe.
  • If You Are Reading This... by Jacob Conwell, Decibelles, djkaktus, roget, and zyn - Even the smallest of us leave echoes behind.
  • Critter Profile: Caddy! by RecursiveRecursion - Strength in numbers (And the shape of a sea serpent).

Event Featured Articles

The theme for the month of November was Instrument!

  • In SCP-3222 ("A Very Real Pencil"), by CannedBread, the Foundation learns of the man behind the pencil.
  • In SCP-926 ("Guqin"), by spikebrennan, the music plays. The war follows.
  • In SCP-1774 ("The Proof's Equipment"), by IHP, the path of least resistance is outright ignored.

Editor's Choice

SCP-4901 - A blend of Hindu/Korean mythos and an exploration into dementia by a criminally underrated author, KindlyTurtleClem.

Who Wants to Live Forever - The start of something great, Uncle Nicolini and Gabriel Jade manage to get some of the oldest characters on the site (Kain and Bright) and fuse them with one of the site's newest canons (End of Death). I await more.

You will notice little '📈' emojis besides some articles. That denotes SCP articles which were under 30 and tales which were under 20 when this edition of site news was posted. Give them a little love! Speaking from personal experience, the most frustrating thing that can happen to an article is not deletion, but stagnating below 20 without any comments. So try to read, vote, and comment on these articles! They're often hidden gems :)

Week of November 1st:


  • SCP-185-FR ("Kinetic Inverter") - Got force? Written by Neremsa, translated by Nederbird.
  • SCP-4334 ("Nature is Cool") - Kids these days, am I right, Wildman8?
  • SCP-4399 ("Vritra") - I can feel it coming in the air tonight. Written by Wildman8.
  • SCP-4748 ("Arctic Whaleways") - Trains, much like whales, travel in pods. Written by Weryllium.
  • SCP-4032 ("Deadly Fart Berries") - Magic mirror on the wall. Who is the flatus of them all? Written by MathBrush.
  • SCP-4466 ("Why the Long Face?") - S T A L L I O N Written by DarkStuff.
  • 📈SCP-021-PT ("Theatre of Crystals") - Of Ice and Men. Written by slashannemoo.
  • SCP-4550 ("An Operational Foundation Site") - What happened to Site-█? Written by Leveritas.
  • 📈SCP-4046 ("Lightning Struck My Dick") - One Enchilada was damaged in the writing of this article. Written by Prototype_Toaster.
  • SCP-4427 ("Nobody Stands for the People") - Now matter how alone you think you are, Nobody is always watching. Written by Cyantreuse.
  • 📈SCP-4315 ("[ACCESS DENIED]") - "I do not know if they truly seek blood, but I do." Written by DrCaroll and Dr Gears.
  • SCP-125-DE ("The Imprisoned Regent") - The ravens' eyes are always watching. Written by Dr Ore.
  • SCP-4664 ("Nightmare of 20,000 Feet") - Good squid, bad squid, papa squid! Written by Deadly Bread.
  • 📈SCP-4123 ("Gamemaster") - "U r doing great!" Written by BettyTheMale.
  • SCP-4409 ("The Elephant Man") - The elephant man like you've never seen before. Written by DrChandra.
  • SCP-4931 ("The Candlemaker") - What's that smell? Written by ashburystreet.
  • SCP-4250 ("Colorful Pens With Thematic Ends") - Suffers from an unfortunate lack of focus on the steamy romance novel between an elf and human. For shame, Lady Zero.
  • SCP-4411 ("At Long Last Landing") - Houston, we have a problem. Written by Dog Teeth and maliceaforethought
  • SCP-1089-J ("The Carpet Ate It Again") - Don't you just hate it when you lose something under a surface? Written by scpcrnp.
  • SCP-4914 ("Gamer Against Weeds") - I'm surprised this hasn't been done before. Written by MrPines.
  • SCP-3756 ("In Space, No One Can Hear Yee-haw!") - YEEEE (and I cannot stress this enough) HAAAAW! Written by Uncle Nicolini and Gabriel Jade
  • SCP-4248 ("Alphabet and Omega") - TEAM BIRD BEST TEAM Written by not_a_seagull.


  • Class D Recruitment - "No, you got me wrong. What Keter will I be sent to? The one that desiccates water with a look? Or will you throw me to the living geyser?" Written by Avgust, translated by Gene R.
  • Impossible-To-Destroy Reptile - "The lizard wished it was dead." Written by Captain Kirby.
  • 📈Picture Perfect - "None of you appreciate po-mo art." Written by DrChandra.
  • 📈The Ambrose Fair - "We found a few bits and bobs, nothing really interesting besides the tent. Still, I call it a good raid." Written by Proasek.
  • 📈Redact Your Life - "████████████ ████████" Written by Billith.
  • 📈Reality - "Give amnestics to everyone who knows about my return. I'm going back to the seaside." Written by wanna-amigo, translated by ZeroStrider.
  • 📈Subliminal Manipulations - "We are the Attendants of Requital. Connect the rods to the spheres…" Written by XaiviarNightwing.
  • Who Wants To Live Forever? - "Alright, Jack. You got me… How familiar are you with the myth of Persephone?" Written by Uncle Nicolini and Gabriel Jade
  • Silent Forest - Hush. Drawn by ikuragunkan.
  • 📈Not a Problem. - "Whatever follows him, it's not a problem." Written by Bunting, translated by XCninety.
  • 📈The Great Mole Remolution - "Everymole, rejoice, as we have a new ruler, Digismund the Claw. He will grant us the path to success and freedom!" Written by Calpatus.
  • 📈Nobody's Business - "Client was found spray painting insults on the wall directed at Toys R Us." Written by Baronjoe.
  • Post-Post-Mortem Delights - "hap borfday :))" Written by NatVoltaic.
  • So, You've been trapped in a pocket dimension. What now? - "If you did not survive, alerting your nearest FDRS is unnecessary and should be avoided." Written by Smooothcriminal.
  • 📈The Cat and the Mouse - "Maybe you're just so unobservant you truly didn't notice so many strangers coming and going through the joint you're meant to be overseeing." Written by Bolterpyre.
  • 📈Evolution - "Clever, isn't it?" Written by Doctor Von Braun, translated by morhadow.
  • Project Damnerung - "Oh fuck." Written by Captain Kirby.
  • 📈The Radio Game - “Why do you live in the pantry?” Written by Countless Skies.
  • Immemorial - "Who are you?… He says… he says he's nearly finished. He says he's going to kill me." Written by qntm.

GOI Formats

  • 📈Lord Goran - [Serpent's Hand] "As the sky became engulfed in smoke, I collapsed and wept, my rotors humming. 'I failed my people.' I whispered to Mekhane." Written by Baronjoe.
  • 'Night's Collection' (Lot C3S81) - [MC&D] "I don't drink much, but if I do, I will drink something good, not something like this. Tragically, the Spirit had poor taste in spirits." Written by stormbreath.
  • Carroll #055: The Workshop - [Chicago Spirit] "Please accept it as our way of saying 'don't come back here ever again!'" Written by RockTeethMothEyes and uncle nicolini
  • Project Proposal 1994-87: "A Day in the Roman Court" - [AWCY?] "Deconstructing our humanity will let us see the truth in the world." Written by Azmoeth Jikandia.

Author Pages


Week of November 8th:


  • SCP-037-IT ("Subtle Vibration") - Like smallpox but you explode. Written by Mr Abadede.
  • SCP-3541 ("Twice as Bright") - It's lonely at the top. Written by MayD.
  • 📈SCP-1134-J ("Masking Tape") - The bad kind of tape. Just the worst. Written by FelixtheFabulous.
  • SCP-4095 ("Love You") - Love is a fickle thing. Written by twinb27.
  • Captain Kirby's Proposal ("O5-13") - Who watches the O5? Written by Captain Kirby.
  • SCP-4988 ("Outsourced Customer Service Contact Center Solutions by Avelar Professional Products, Inc.") - Truly the most hellish of call centers. Written by plaguebearer and uncle Nicolini
  • SCP-4477 ("Leave Room for Jesus!") - "Leave room for Jesus." Written by stormbreath.
  • SCP-3495 ("St. Brendan's Howler Monkey") - Masturbation, Monkeys, and Moses! Written by Ihp.
  • SCP-4820 ("The Custom of the Sea") - Implied Sarkic toothfairy! Hooray? Written by Kothardarastrix.
  • SCP-005-INT ("The Arc") - Underwater construction made easy. Written by slashannemoo and Dr Ore.
  • SCP-4408 ("It's not the Foundation that he's afraid of.") - A bermuda triangle with room for one. Written by AquaBlack.
  • SCP-4725 ("The Insurgency's Solution") - "Humanity must die." Written by OthellotheCat.


  • 📈The Illuminated Words of Grand Karcist Daq !ù'úrú, 1996 - "You are a man beset by one plague after another, tension in your sides, nervousness and irritability, lack of sleep, aggression, dreams, obsessions." Written by Makuta Makaveli.
  • 📈The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate DEETstiny - "Still not sure if you're really my wife or not, but I'm at least able to accept the fact that you know me, and that you're a real talking mosquito." Written by OthellotheCat.
  • Old Business - "If you are hearing this, then I am dead. As you have no doubt spent the last several hours attending the reading of my will, this should not come as a surprise." Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • 📈Adventures of Larry: Tall, Pink and Fearsome - "PUT THE RESEARCHER DOWN AND SURRENDER!" Written by TheManhattenProject.
  • 📈Autonomy, Part III - "Act like you trust them. If I tell you to, stop moving your body. If you can't make the switch discreetly, we will pull you out entirely." Written by Cyantreuse.
  • 📈Gods of the Waste - "First, before anything else, I have to apologize. I know you didn't volunteer for this." Written by AdminBright.
  • The Hermit, Death, and The Devil - "You're loyal. As long as you have that going for you, you'll go far, kid." Written by Uncle Nicolini and Gabriel Jade
  • A Strange Orientation - "Your chance to join the Attendants of Requital is now." Written by XaiviarNightwing.
  • And Then, Gabriel Slept - "Why did amnestics always make you feel like you had been slipped sedatives, anyway? What a shitty side effect." Written by Zachary Maxwell.

GOI Formats

  • Carroll #188: Gemini - [Chicago Spirit] "One of your boys tipped us off, the Asian one." Written by Rounderhouse.
  • 📈Project Shin-Seikatsu, 1986 - [IJAMEA] "The most formidable opponent of Japan, the SCP Foundation, has fallen after nearly three decades of fighting." Written by Azmoeth Jikandia.

Author Pages

Week of November 15th:


  • SCP-4996 ("Betwixt") - Branches, just like life, are twisting and winding. Written by KindlyTurtleClem.
  • SCP-4416 ("Tails of Site-42: Why The Foundation Punches Sharks") - u trust sharko Written by Lt Flops.
  • SCP-4525 ("u come 2 dado go") - u trust dado go Written by DrChandra.
  • SCP-4918 ("*Bergentruckung*") - The clash between mythic ideals and the modern banality of evil. Written by Ihp.
  • SCP-4325 ("NO SIGNAL") - We are experiencing technical difficulties… Please stay tuned. Written by TheManhattenProject.
  • SCP-4947 ("The Fault and the Fistula") - [DATA LOST] Written by UraniumEmpire.
  • SCP-1037 ("Rotbolt") - Get screwed. Written by not_a_seagull.
  • SCP-3694 ("America's Diner Is Always Open") - You ever been high in a Denny's parking lot? Written by Meserach.
  • SCP-4417 ("The Long Way Round") - Patient are the virtuous. Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • 📈SCP-3529 ("A Mural of Us.") - No one appreciates art anymore. Written by Doctor Manyova.
  • SCP-4045 ("Auto-Erotic") - Girls love cars! Wait. No. No. Written by Varaxous.
  • SCP-4348 ("dado borger and france fry") - u trust dado borger Written by not_a_seagull.
  • SCP-4339 ("The Attribute Pen") - The pen is mightier than the sword. Written by aismallard.
  • 📈SCP-4227 ("Where lost things go…") - A blade, a lake, and the anomalous properties surrounding them. Written by kamelen800 and RadReed.
  • SCP-4076 ("Video Hurt System") - Don't you hate VHS roulette? You'll never know if it will be a birthday party, dad's private stash, or an ontokinetic hazard. Written by yoissy.
  • SCP-3611 ("Sticky Fingers") - What's a guitarist without fingers to strum? Written by HumidHermit.


GOI Formats


  • Horizon Initiative Hub - "Congratulations, you are now a full member of the Shepherd Corps of the Horizon Initiative." Written by Rounderhouse.

Week of November 22nd:


  • SCP-4549 ("Retrohippies") - Excuse me, sir, but may I see your time travel permit? Written by Rounderhouse.
  • SCP-4167 ("Heterophyes neurensis") - Lot of worm articles this month. What's up, guys? Written by mysteriousOutsider.
  • SCP-3709 ("Intended Purpose") - How do you remove staples? With a staple remover, of course. Written by RockTeethMothEyes.
  • SCP-4910 (""The Grinner"") - PREDATORY TEETH Written by Shaggydredlocks.
  • SCP-3526 ("Ave, True to Caesar") - FROM HELL'S HEART, I STAB AT THEE, NEPTUNE! Written by Gabriel Jade.
  • SCP-4901 ("Memories Lost Like Milk In The Rain") - One's kindness may not always be for the best. Written by KindlyTurtleClem.
  • 📈SCP-4037 ("One of Mind") - Written by EngiN33R.
  • SCP-4446 ("Deep_Pig.bmp") - This little piggy became fractal. Written by BlueSentinel.
  • 📈SCP-4912 ("With Great Power") - … comes great responsibility. by MacWarren.
  • SCP-4255 ("Santa Claus, The Time Traveller") - Santa Claus, time traveller extraordinaire! Written by Laneous.
  • SCP-4141 ("You: The Real-Time Autobiography") - "Greetings, and welcome to the show!" Written by FMDev.




In honor of the r/SCP subreddit reaching 150 thousand subscribers this month this section features artwork submissions to that subreddit.
We'll start with brand new Reddit poster u/AvocadoOfcourse's pastel depictions of SCP-610 infection:
SCP-610 Infecting a moose A drawing of SCP-610 i made

u/CryptidCookie_, like u/AvocadoOfcourse, is a brand new submitter of soft, warm, and pleasant high quality artwork to r/SCP:
I felt bad for 2750 Taboo

Here are a few similarly well made one-offs from November:
Another shot at SCP-1826 by u/Redna_VanLee This commission by scp illustration is a medieval version of scp 2030. Tell me what you think of him... posted by u/Acekamz

In this month's newsletter we're featuring more 3D art than usual. Quite a lot was submitted to the subreddit this month:
MTF/SCP inspired artwork by u/SunBro-PraiseTheSun Larry goes sicko mode by u/scpdoge

Continuing with 3D art - u/GalagaMarine works in Garry's Mod and manages to extract a wide range of tones and moods from the fairly limited tools available to them:
SCP-173 is behaving strangely and is in a movie theater in the back... The Bright Hallway Initial Retrieval
A kind being during a breach. The Foundation speaks to Sovereign. Larry in the Snow.

And to conclude this 3D mini-feature we have u/aruspice_scp. They are one of the developers of SCP Containment Breach Unity, and have been showing off progress on the game's updates as well as other SCP 3D modelling work they have done:
MTF and SCP guard models for SCP Unity (More in comments!) WIP of the lower sublevel of Light Containment Zone in SCP Unity SCP 179 statue
They also shared a couple of videos this month:
SCP Unity: Autonomous Exploration Log - SL3 - 2019-XX-XX Another Sublevel 3 room for SCP: Unity, now with spinning beacons!

Here are a couple of bits of fanart done in unusual media:
SCP-173 by u/dw33bous Got bored in math class today by u/BossCrayfish880

Please give this short comic by u/Inkary_ a read:
MTF Tau-5 “Samsara” appreciation comic

u/Wydness (Also see her SCP-wiki art page) has been working on a physical coloring book and posting progress pictures from time to time:
Hey, I'm working on an SCP-themed coloring book. How do these pages look?

u/Zhange000 (SCP-wiki art page) shared a detailed painting of the epic battle between SCP-3700-1 and SCP-3700-2:
SCP-3700 'Tides of War' painting by Zhange
This month she also posted a very well received retrospective look at her major SCP works from the last two years:
In honor of my 18th birthday, here's an album of my best SCP artworks from the past two years. Enjoy!

Zoom in for the details of these drawings by u/Big_Country_:
Hey guys, I found the tine to finish this concept page for an alternate western foundation. Let me know what you think. (Description of the scene is in the comments.) A quick drawing of the Werewolf from SCP-2975 (described as a wolf combined with a gorilla.)

u/Deadspace123 delivered a slew of unusually ungruesome clowns this month:
SCP 2912 clown breeder SCP-2912-2 SCP-2718 What Happens After SCP-2912-1 SCP-2912 - Clowny Clown Clown
Some more (more gruesome) u/Deadspace123 works this month:
SCP 096 bullets don't work SCP-1337 The Hitchhiker (animated)

After making 15 parts of an original comic (check September and October's newsletter or see their SCP-wiki art page for details on that) u/shinyjew22 has continued to draw Sarkic and Mekhanite characters:
GOC operative vs Sarkic cultist Recovered sarkic artwork: The Great Devourer Upon Us All The conception of a world. Recovered Mekhanite depiction. Depiction of the great undulator.

u/Aoneareyou60 (SCP-wiki art page) continues to impress with a staggering amount of new art posted month after month. Take a look at all their many November submissions.

Other Reddit news:

  • r/SCPDeclassified - a subreddit for long-form explanations of SCPs published a new declassification this month: SCP-3176: Estimated Time of Arrival. They also reached 15 thousand subscribers.
  • r/DankMemesFromSite19 - the popular SCP meme subreddit, reached 40 thousand subscribers.
  • r/SCP had a trend this month of posting screenshots from the three SCP-914 experiment log pages. Some great logs hidden deep in the nearly 40 thousand word document got some much deserved attention.

Wiki artwork pages that have had updates this month:

See the Artists Pages (Redirect) for a listing of nearly 70 artwork pages on this wiki.


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