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Welcome to this installment of site news! This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month, and fancontent for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

On-Site News

Featured Articles

  • The featured articles for this month are SCP-2049 ("The Interdimensional Weather Station") by InsipidParoxysmInsipidParoxysm and New Kid on the Block by AnaxagorasAnaxagoras. One's about a 100% accurate interdimensional weather broadcast, and the other is about Jake Son-of-Gaia trekking the lands in his mission to take down the loathsome Broken God. Check them out!
  • The featured articles from last month were SCP-1820 ("The Lost Cabin") by Sarai_SeneschalSarai_Seneschal and World Tour by agatharightsagatharights. One's about that cabin… that cold, empty cabin, and the other has us go on tour after the end of the world and look at all the weird paranormal activity. Check them out if you missed them!

Rest of the News

  • A new usertool, courtesy of CrayneCrayne, called HIRTOY? (Have I Read This One Yet?). This lets you keep track of SCPs you have and haven't read, either manually or automatically. Any questions or bug reports should be posted in that page's discussion thread.
  • If you're a chat user and ever have the need to ask for a temp-ban to study for that upcoming exam or whatnot, a new policy about non-disciplinary temporary bans has been instituted, which can be found here.
  • And finally, though the sign-up process may have come and gone for the 4th Annual SCP Holiday Art Exchange, it's still worth keeping an eye on as the gifts come in later this month! It's also run by PhotosyntheticPhotosynthetic and Gaffney does not match any existing user name, and both are cool people, or so is alleged.

Missing out on articles? Enjoy a recap on the articles from the past month, as the fallout from Thanksgiving has come and gone, and managed to ease us into the rest of the holidays!

Week of November 1st

If you're reading this, it's too late. No, wait. If you read this, you're already… no, wait, I had something witty!


  • SCP-2933 ("Mr. Scary") - Mr. Smiles is here to make sure everyone can smile! He's taken the rust away, so you can keep smiling. Written by djkaktusdjkaktus.
  • SCP-2111 ("If You Can Read This…") - The Foundation intends for you to keep working. Death's not a release, but a change in career. You have an important job to do anyway. Written by sirpuddingsirpudding.
  • SCP-2978 ("Motherburg") - Head lice and grains of rice are threats when you're thinner than a human hair. What's bugging your motherboard? Written by SwaghettiSwaghetti.
  • SCP-2506 ("Niles is a Fixer") - Sarah and Niles are a great team! He brings her the stuff she needs to build rockets! Niles can fix everything, right? Written by CrayneCrayne.

Author Pages

Week of November 8th

It's time to show off for the audience! We may not have had some big hits, but I'm sure they'll get their big break soon enough.


  • SCP-2162 ("… as normal as blueberry pie") - Art has the potential to turn deadly. Especially if it's an invisible gaseous construct. Especially if it's smiling at you. Written by psulpsul.
  • SCP-2235 ("Mud Man") - In the flooded ruins of a Chinese village, a lone man lurks underwater. Whether by random cruelty or scientific endeavor, he has been changed. Written by Dr SoloDr Solo.
  • SCP-2157 ("The Human Forest") - Out in the forest, some humans grow. All they want to do is be left alone to grow as plants. It's probably best to not uproot them. Written by Captain ChampionCaptain Champion.
  • SCP-2179 ("False Alarm") - Once upon a time, an alarm was sent to watch the schoolchildren. The school told it, "Keep a close eye on the kids. If you see a threat, shout as loudly as you can, and the experts will come to chase it away." Written by FreudianFreudian.
  • SCP-2163 ("Lights… Camera… Containment!") - It's time to shine for the camera! Don't worry about exposure; you got a very special audience who'll watch you like a hawk! Written by GreenWolfGreenWolf.


  • Figure and Ground - A Foundation-set buddy cop narrative, with the cops being a wizard and an anartist specialist, featuring a shady-looking commissioner and good old Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd.. Forget it, Navarro, this is Los Angeles. Written by psulpsul.

Week of November 15th

I know what you're thinking. Been too long without an SCP game, right? Well…


  • SCP-245 ("SCP-RPG") - An SCP that you have to explore via game, bug-tested and virus-free! Sounds simple. How harmful could such an anomaly be? Written by Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian.
  • SCP-2767 ("We're Gonna Start the Fire") - Billy Joel's lit the fire, for a world both cruel and turning. You know what this needs? More cowbell. Written by CardiovoreCardiovore.
  • SCP-2167 ("Demon Gate Amplifier") - Demons make for good audio equipment. You think Tipper was onto something? Nah, couldn't be. Feel the noise! Written by AJMansfieldAJMansfield.
  • SCP-2206 ("Maximum League Baseball") - They do baseball differently in other universes. What, you mean you're not supposed to play baseball without androids, fatalities, and communists? Then you're just not playing MLB. Written by GreenWolfGreenWolf.
  • SCP-6327-J ("[redacted for brevity]") - If you read this SCP, you might be victim to writing or speaking about it in a way that is extremely in-depth and that you would otherwise be writing about concisely. It is recommended that you take some effective dose of counter-memetic agents, which would run counter to the memetic effect of this anomaly that you would read, transcribed in great detail at risk of infect by the person under the handle daveyoufooldaveyoufool, as otherwise you would risk falling victim to the anomaly that you did not prepare a counter-memetic agent for before reading.
  • SCP-2898 ("A Persistence of Memory") - "It is so pleasant to be out in this great room and creep around as I please! I don't want to go outside… here I can creep smoothly on the floor, and my shoulder just fits in that long smooch around the wall, so I cannot lose my way." ~ Charlotte Perkins Gilman, The Yellow Wallpaper. Written by minminminmin.
  • SCP-265 ("Black Volga") - A rewrite of the old SCP-265. Fears that haunt a community for ages will always find a way to keep coming back to torment them. Take a deep breath. Originally written by judgedeaddjudgedeadd, rewritten by DexanoteDexanote.


  • Spark of Wonder - Pangloss gave the gift of Wonder to one who listened to his Words. But Wonder doesn't grace a single individual, and none can resist it as well. Written by HotCocoaNerdHotCocoaNerd.
  • Stars Over Misty Veil - "Stars Over Misty Veil" - 'An out-of-place government worker turned up in a quiet artist town. As I dug in to find out what was behind his mysteries, I could feel a façade start to weaken in favor of a softer man. by Lila Stone, pg. 15.' Written by KalininKalinin.
  • Unusual - It's not easy being unusual. No, no matter how hard you try to please everyone or stay jovial or even just live your life as normal as you can… you can't escape being unusual. Originally written by AkkiKamaAkkiKama, translated by Gene RGene R.
  • A Brief Explanation of Demonics - A company like Prometheus Labs would naturally be the first to figure out how to use demons to make technology. There's just some intricacies and quirks in the process. Written by AJMansfieldAJMansfield.
  • Here There Be - The Foundation never started out as monsters. Over time, things change, and morals get compromised. And through it all, the Beast remained. Written by AdminBrightAdminBright.
  • SCP-SCP-033 - There's no such thing as SCP-SCP-033. There's also no such thing as SCP-θ'. There's also no Counterconceptual Division. Certainly nothing like █████. Written by HotCocoaNerdHotCocoaNerd.

Week of November 22nd - 30th

Lots of old concepts and ideas have been resurrected, which should come as a surprise.


  • SCP-2208 ("Deus in Furno") - God made man in His own image. And that image is apparently saucepans. Hey look, I'm not good with these blurbs. I'm quitting this as soon as I find my way out. Once I figure out how to do it anyway. Probably got trapped in here by TL333sTL333s.
  • SCP-2665 ("The Miner's Escape") - Memories are fleeting. Despite marching on to try and continue the mission, sometimes it's not enough. At least we did our best. Written by ThekilleraxThekillerax and Amuness Creeps.
  • SCP-2610 ("Procreation") - "Romans 8:7: For the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to God's law; indeed, it cannot." Written by djkaktusdjkaktus.


  • Operation Galahad - You are part of a very important mission, one of great importance to the Foundation. We secure, contain, and protect, even if it means trekking into dangerous and unknown land. Written by daveyoufooldaveyoufool, and up for collaboration.
  • I Thought You Died Alone - The latest in the Resurrection canon, as Arvind Desai makes the ultimate decision to become the Man Who Sold the World. Written by A Random DayA Random Day.
  • CASE COLOURLESS GREEN - The universe can conspire to create something so awe-inspiring, it can't normally be comprehended. And it's targeted specifically for you. Running won't help. Written by qntmqntm.

GoI Formats

Author Pages


Fandom Stuff

What's been going on in the community aside from our site? Well…

  • Night Mind, a YouTube channel focusing on the strange and horrific, did a reading (of sorts) of SCP-2030 on his Halloween special. The video as a whole is great, but the start time for the 2030 discussion is around 2:00. If you stick around, he even talks about some noise and a certain clown… Similarly, for Part 1, good old SCP-1048 was brought up. The video is lengthy, but 32:44 is when you should tune in for Builder Bear.


If I were to showcase all the awesome art the fandom makes, I'd need a whole other hub by itself! You've no doubt seen all the art our own members of the site produce, right? (If not, go here and here to see what we make!) Here's a few select artists who have done some awesome work this month, and works I recommend in general.

  • Sinsekai's visual style is simplistic and cartoon-ish, yet paints skips in unique and creative ways. This month, they've done work based off of SCP-2265. Gawk at it here!
  • mitoko has undergone the incredible task of attempting to draw every single possible SCP. The illustrations tend to highlight the best in the SCPs and what makes them so unique. They're so far in the higher 500's, and seem to keep going higher. What really grabbed me this month was this photo album for SCP-548 and SCP-549 facing off, as well as a creepy image of SCP-550. Definitely someone to keep an eye out for.
  • The last artist to highlight this month is Alexandreev, who is just incredible, you guys. His SCP-specific stuff is located here, and what grabbed me the most is this drawing for SCP-093. (Totally biased!) The sheer intensity, focus, and realistic-based style of his is prominent throughout, and for the 093 drawing, it turns an already scary SCP into something downright terrifying. He's even worked on an SCP calender, which you can find a link to on his Livejournal.

Thanks for tuning in again, guys! This feature is still a work-in-progress, but I think I'm refining it into something better. Right now, the threshold for being included on the list is simply "not in the negatives", with any other exclusion happening at my discretion, and it seems to have worked out here regardless! Hopefully by next month, I'll have gotten the hang of what I want to do down pat. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please leave a comment or PM me. Come back again next month when there's more articles and content coming your way!

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