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Fandom Stuff

  • SCP-CS, the Czech language wiki, is now recognized as an official branch of the SCP wiki.
  • The Wanderer's Library's new Sci-fi Contest has ended, with fabulous prizes for the daring winners.

Featured Articles

  • SCP-4517 - ("Not Very ๐’ฉ") - While human comprehension of SCP-4517 is obtainable, the only accurate descriptions of it not based on objective measurements refer indirectly to the inability to describe it. Written by Maliceaforethought
  • Flamingos - That's what I'm trying to tell you Mr. Windsworth, flamingos don't attack people. Especially not plastic flamingos. Written by wogglebug

Reviewer's Spotlight Articles

  • Cuteness On Main! - That's literally an oppossum. Written by Ellie3 and Laneous, selected by cybersqyd.
  • SCP-4465 - ("No Man is an Island") - It wasn't supposed to be like this. Written by Darkstuff, selected by PrLosash.
  • SCP-4294 - ("In the Cold Shadow of her Ovary Tower") - SCP-4294 is a roughly 3 km long tendril of flesh, visually identified as an enormous ovary with free-hanging fallopian tube. Written by Gabriel Jade, selected by RockTeethMothEyes.
  • Karcist Halyna Ieva, or The Mother Who Demands One's Toes - โ€ฆ and thus the abominable one descends on our neighbor Troy, civilians and soldiers alike running as fortress walls collapse, fleshbeasts howling as naptha is desperately hurled. Written by n_aepic_fael and themightymcb, selected by n_aepic_fael.


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Week of September 1st:


  • SCP-4407 ("TelaV, the Punishing Demon") - "Secure the heart. Contain the sin. Protect the soul." Written by Tanhony.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-335-FR ("Lacrymodjinn") - The cops of our country had new weapons, now. But we had ones, also. Originally written by DrGemini, translated by INT_Translator.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆHenzoid-Crocket Proposal ("When Day Breaks Up") - Embrace your ex-girlfriend. Fear the uselessness of Wikidot. Parodied by Henzoid.
  • SCP-4978 ("BROOK TOWN BEAT DOWN") - Wow, man, their fists are the most strongest fists of America, for sure. Punched by T Rutherford.
  • SCP-4683 ("Apples of Discord") - No, I don't talk about the chat network. Eaten by Ihp.
  • SCP-4887 ("Bloom !") - "Earth has been designated a Category-H Quarantine Zone." Part of the Ad Astra Per Aspera canon, written by MaliceAforethought.
  • SCP-4735 ("You're alight again, my dear.") - This little mass ? Oh, it's just your brain. At least, that don't hurt, isn't it ? Written by Popsioak.
  • SCP-4052 ("Sandwich (disambiguation)") - Sir, I just want to eat my sandwich. I don't care if you're the sandwich police or something like that, get out, please. Cooked by Deadly Bread.
  • SCP-4941 ("Forever Yours") - "Wait for me, my starlight. I'll be with you soon." Written by djkaktus.
  • SCP-4347 ("Goat of Departure") - I'm convinced that Goat Simulator was, in fact, a lie. Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-4859 ("A Game to Play") - Nice game. Played by RockTeethMothEyes.
  • SCP-4652 ("Moonbeam Moonshine") - "SCP-4652 is a small, opaque flask, that contains a liquid substance designated SCP-4652-1." Written by Mistopheles.
  • SCP-4346 ("Searching for Friends in a Room Full of Loneliness") - Do you want to be my friend ? I strongly feel that we can be friends, do you feel that ? Written by TL333s.
  • SCP-4296 ("The Voyeur") - Hey, what are you doing in my property ? Put some clothes and stop your moans, damnit, you're just awkward. Written by Tanhony.
  • SCP-4773-2 (" and a stuffed bear") - Hey, wanna buy a copy of the new Picross game ? Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • SCP-4265 ("Filmographer Snake") - All the snakes want to be actors. But only one of them had been able to achieve this dream. Here's… not his story, but something else. Directed and produced by Cousin Throckmorton.
  • SCP-4835 ("Beef With Beef With Beef") - Meuuuuuuuh. Decapitated by gee0765.


  • I've finally decided my future lies beyond the yellow brick road - "The First Temptation was, so they'd been told, the first permanent building in the Warrens. The owner, Bobbie Johnson, built it for the Runners and Scavengers that had, before, made their homes in the far flung and forgotten parts of the undercity." Written by Doctor Cimmerian.
  • After-Action Reports: Incident 4683-Omega "The Apple Crisp Crisis" - "The crop of Granny Smith hadn't come in this year, and gastronomy had tried some bizarre cooking process to try to make golden delicious apples taste like proper baking apples." Written by Ihp.
  • Sonnet For Unethical Practices - "I seek the haven past the airlock door, in coat and collar white my love to meet." Written by Raddagher.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆTechnological Entertainment Division (TED) Demo Reel #001 - "NEXT TIME ON PLASTIC PARK : Will our Prehistoric Man finally kick the bucket ? Or will he survive against all odds in this hostile prehistoric world ? Tune in Next Week on SCPTV !" Written by Anorrack.
  • Second Contact - "That was a nice bus you threw me under, Beetle." Written by Oboebandgeek99.
  • End of an Era - "I mean, for all intents and purposes, Three Portlands is gone, sir." Written by Jacob Conwell.
  • To Fly On Pestilent Wings - "The files that the original poster uploaded of their procedures and results could only be described as miracles from the Devil." Written by DeviantDharma.
  • Seven Children - "I wonder how much longer Rakhi can put up a fight." Written by Oboebandgeek99.
  • What You Are in the Light - "Five millenia without death had transformed the ghost story from a fireside tale into into something more intricate and meaningful." Written by Tufto.

GoI Formats

  • SPC-3787 - [Shark Punching Center] "We probably should've tested if they get spooked by sharks." Written by DrAkimoto.


Week of September 8th:


  • SCP-4974 ("The Mouse SCP") - PIKACHU, LIGHTNING ROD ! I say "LIGHTNING ROD" ! Don't stay still like that. Written by Tanhony.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4327 ("Suppressive fire in, suppressive fire out ! Do the hokey-pokey and that's what it's all about !") - Yes, Sir, I think I understand, but I just need to know what's a hokey-pokey ! Written by supersnailmen.
  • SCP-4857 ("[DESIGNATION AVAILABLE]") - You can take any designation you want. The choice is all yours. Written by Pr10r.
  • Noir Box Proposal ("Tindalos Trinity") - To the people who believe that the Administrator has never existed… well, it seems that you're right. Not totally, but in a certain way, you're right. Discovered by Jack Ike.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4973 ("Dead Men Walking") - "And I'm gone, gone, gone. Now, I'm older than 173. Let me dance away. Now, I'm wiser than 076." Written by MacWarren.
  • SCP-3272 ("It's Rainin' Men, HALLELUJAH !") - It's raining skips, hallelujah, it's raining skips, amen. Tall, blonde, dark and lean. Rough and tough and strong and mean. Written by TheMightyMcB.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4306 ("Stan the Janitor") - The guy who cleaning up my office and who looks like a Hell's Angel was a skip ? Washed by Reverend Fox.
  • SCP-4547 ("Exterminans") - A new day and a new planet to explore. Isn't that fun ? Part of the Ad Astra Per Aspera canon, written by stormbreath.
  • SCP-4967 ("Thaumielvis") - "Wise Skippers say only GOC fools rush in. But I can't help containing love with you." Written by Uncle Nicolini.
  • SCP-4689 ("What Was A Lion ?") - It was an animal that was attacking humans when they came too close. Wiped out by Ihp.
  • SCP-4645 ("Blackmailing Computer") - "To the SCP Foundation : I am demanding that [demand]. If my demand is not met, then [threat]. Good day." Totally not sent by Calibold.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4787 ("The Things He Wished He'd Known") - "I just want you to remember me as Brooks Wall." Written by Mew-ltiverse.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4418 ("The Lovers") - Ladies and gentlemen, here's a little sweet love story for you. Written by Amelia Wright.
  • SCP-4352 ("Storytime") - OK, honey, here's another story. But after that, you go to bed, OK ? Recounted by Henzoid.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4968 ("Deer-mestic Terrorists") - "SCP-4968 is the collective designation for several phenomena consisting of or affecting the Odocoileus virginianus (white-tailed deer) population in โ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆโ–ˆ County, New Jersey." Written by Avoid White Tiles.


  • Barns from Nowhere - "This is a weird one, has anyone had any strange experiences with barns ?" Written by Laneous.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆHumanism and Aesthetics - "Romeo got out of the car. He repeated the cover story in his head, put his uniform back on, and looked at Juliet one last time." Originally written by DrTesla, translated by INT_Translator.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆAutonomy, Part V - "this is just your consciousness trying to cope with being on a computer by fabricating an environment. welcome to my world :(" Part of the Ad Astra Per Aspera canon, written by WrongJohnSilver.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆMemory Dives & Deep Desires - "She'd heard tales of much worse, but seeing even the beginnings of mental derangement was far more than she had ever experienced. If only the Ethics Committee wouldn't have thrown a fit about her interrogating criminals." Written by Ellie3.

GoI Formats

  • SPC-3733 - [Shark Punching Center] "The purpose of SPC-3733 is to initiate a KO-Class Global-Pugnation Scenario, converting 98% of the human population to an anti-selachian ideology." Written by DrAkimoto.

Week of September 15th:


  • SCP-4273 ("What Sort Of Teacher Would I Be?") - The teacher kind. Duh. Written by redredred.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4579 ("Schrodinger's Duckโ€ฆ Or Not") - Is it dead…. or not? Written by Simartar.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4678 ("A Time and Place for Regret") - But this isn't it. Written by Kaether.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4397 ("Medila's Altar") - Hmmm… Sneaky birds… Written by not_a_seagull.
  • SCP-4795 ("Feathered F(r)iends") - TEAM BIRD BEST TEAM Written by Lt Flops and Mew-ltiverse


Week of September 22nd:


  • SCP-4866 ("๐˜”๐˜ถ๐˜ณ๐˜ฅ๐˜ฆ๐˜ณ๐˜ฆ๐˜ณโ„ข, a product of Optimark Synthetic Personnel Solutions - It's like the Kool-Aid man, but with much more murder. Written by CadaverCommander.
  • SCP-4383 ("Sticks and Stones, Blood for Old Bones, a Curse Forever Thirsty.") - Not your grandma's kinda curse. Written by DrAkimoto.
  • ๐Ÿ“ˆSCP-4385 ("Dimensional Phone Line") - Ring Ring…. Hello? FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION! Written by RadioactiveRADS.
  • SCP-4763 ("Down the Tragedy Well") - Liquid Pathos, pure distilled. Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • Dr. Gray's Proposal ("Not All Angels Have Wings") - Our fate hangs in the balance of a dreamer. Written by INT_Translator.
  • SCP-4389 ("Big Ol' Eyebrows") - My eyebrows itch. Written by Weryllium.
  • SCP-6009-J ("HerbiVore!? I Barely Even Know Her!") - why Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-4686 ("Hugs 4 Everyone") - ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค— Written by AlleraRey .



Here you will find a selection of artists who consistently released new work throughout the month and whose art output is worth following. The thumbnails are clickable.

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The Pastarasta1 Art Page Experience: Rise Of The Revenge Of Ruiz Duchamp (ALMOST DIED!) by pastarasta1


Everhue's Art Hub by everhue

A Liareverhue-1.jpgThe Garden is the Serpent's Placeeverhue-2.jpgBlack Queeneverhue-3.jpg

Hibikikn's artwork hub by Hibikikn

SCP-3998Hibikikn-1.jpgSCP-444-JPHibikikn-2.jpgSCP-963 & SCP-3999Hibikikn-3.jpg

Randomraven artwork hub by Randomraven



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