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The dynamic nature of this wiki means that linked pages might get moved, renamed, deleted, or replaced. Old news pages remain as time capsules and are not updated to account for these changes.

This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Fandom Stuff

  • The English wiki has doubled the number of its Anti-Harassment Team staff and introduced some changes to that staff team's operations to better protect wiki users. See the policy announcement.
  • The Portugese SCP site (SCP-PT) celebrated two years as an official branch of of the SCP Wiki.
  • On the German wiki the contest to fill SCP-200-DE slot has ended. The theme was "The End". See all entries on the contest page.

Featured Articles

  • SCP-5858 (by T Rutherford): The Kindness of Strangers - "SCP-5858 is the Ambler Theater, located in the borough of Ambler, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania."
  • Private Hell by DrClef - "It should be awesome, he realizes."
  • Goliath, Circa 1505 [Medicean Academy of Occult Arts] by RockTeethMothEyes - "Goliath is incredibly durable, proving itself to be near impossible to chip or break, save for the severance of its head."

Reviewer's Spotlight Articles

  • SCP-4456-D (No One Expects The Spanish Decommission!) by Calibold - "After every reproduction random chimp event, the new SCP-4456 instance is to be provided with 2,500 pounds of pure silver." - selected by Calibold
  • SCP-4310 (The Hero's Journey) by A Random Day and The Great Hippo - "SCP-4310 is an anomalous species of centipede." - selected by Nagiros
  • SCP-3520 (Fourteen Orangutans) by LordStonefish - "Despite apparent ease of containment, reclassification to Keter is under possible consideration." - selected by RockTeethMothEyes

You will notice little 'πŸ“ˆ' emojis beside some articles. That denotes SCP articles which were under 30 and tales which were under 20 when this edition of site news was posted. Give them a little love! Speaking from personal experience, the most frustrating thing that can happen to an article is not deletion, but stagnating below 20 without any comments. So try to read, vote, and comment on these articles! They're often hidden gems :)

Week of May 1st:


  • SCP-3279 ("The Afterimage") - Try to read between the lines. Even in images, there's lines. You just need to be careful. Written by Popsioak.
  • SCP-5236 ("Ethics Committee Inquest") - Because this is what happens when you mess up. Investigations led by LiterallyMechanical.
  • DEAD WEIGHT ≑ DON'T KILL THE VIBE - Give your thanks to the deceased and then depart. Written by Nagiros.
  • SCP-5319 ("Patriotic De-Orangutanification Ordinance") - "Ook ook eek ook eeeeeek!" - The reader of this article, 5 seconds ago. Written by daveyoufool.
  • SCP-5123 ("Regrets, I've had a few") - But I learn, with the time, that some mistakes can be fixed and some others cannot. It's life. Written by Cerastes.
  • SCP-5049 ("Demon Dan's Discount Homunculus Depot") - Good alliteration, but I gotta dock points for the H. Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-5160 ("Grandma Sheep believes in you") - "Baa!" - Grandma Sheep. Co-written by YouEverJust and Zyn.
  • SCP-5772 ("A Counterexample") - liquid go boom Written by Pythy.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-5246 ("Appeal of Rice") - Not to be confused with a peel of rice. Written by sasarpillsa.


  • s w a m p l i g h t - "What's the matter, Craig? Isn't this where you wanted to be?" Written by MalyceGraves.
  • Totally Not Porn - "Oy gevalt, the head? You're kiddin' me." Written by Marcelles_Raynes.
  • The Mothership - "So I know we have lots of threads here about UFOs and finding aliens and stuff, but how many people around here have actually SAW one?" Written by TheCassowary.
  • πŸ“ˆ Knitting - "Even when Agent Cinders was giving you a compliment, a deep frown creased his face and it felt as though he was always just a few seconds away from ripping someone apart with his bare hands." Written by Agent Bronzewick.
  • I, Palimpsest - "It's easier to bleed your skull through a circuit board than people would like to imagine." Written by NatVoltaic.
  • πŸ“ˆ Wizard Cops (in color) - "So, what's your name? If we're going to be working together we may as well get to know each other." Written by Proasek.


Week of May 8th:


  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-4462 ("Fan Death") - You live as a fan, you die as a fan. It's how that works. Written by GerrymanderBassist.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-3326 ("See No Evil") - What do you mean, there's wrong things that we need to fight in the world? You're wrong, there's no such a thing. I don't see them, so it don't exist. Written by Hexick.
  • SCP-4295 ("A Homebody") - The owner of the body can easily give proofs that this had been acquired in a legal way. Eventual legal problems fixed by Inkmouth.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-4783 ("The Human Capital Convention") - It's one of those days, one of those days when you had a treaty to check. Approved by caspian2.
  • SCP-5601 ("Despite All My Rage, I'm Still Just A Bird In A Cage") - the world is a vampire. Written by DrAkimoto.
  • 𝒫 - Your average story of numbers. Calculated by Henzoid.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-3499 ("Please Stand By") - Will the real redredred please not stand up? I repeat, will the real redredred] please not stand up? We're gonna have a problem here.
  • SCP-5987 ("Sirenhead") - Not what you think. Written by Cerastes.
  • SCP-5076 ("Every Planet We Reach Is Dead") - I lost my leg like I lost my way. Written by Doctor Dune.
  • SCP-5812 ("Ghostyard") - Here they come to steal my soul. Wait it out until I know. Trying not to feel I give it. Movin' up until I feel go go-oh. Not haunted by cybersqyd.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-5799 ("The Tooth Striders") - Brush them. Just brush them. Written by Connor MacWarren.
  • SCP-5835 ("The King In Yellow") - Yellow for a day. Crossed out for a lifetime. Written by daveyoufool.


  • Once Upon a Big Egg Dreary - "The big egg was nevermore." Written by Henzoid.
  • πŸ“ˆ Orchestra Del Masque - "In the darkness of the theaters seats, a Masques nonchalant frown turns to a smile." Written by Penguin6.
  • πŸ“ˆ The Rainbow Baby - "I am an artist, and art is not meant to be seen half-done. You might see something you’ll regret." Written by A Green Squid Kid.

GoI Formats


Week of May 15th:


  • SCP-4440 ("IT'S NERF OR (___)") - Nerf or what? Nerf or WHAT? NERF OR WHAT?! Written by Popsioak.
  • SCP-5331 ("Night of Fire") - Even if they deny it, yes, they did start the fire. Match cracked by NatVoltaic.
  • SCP-5085 ("Imprints") - Yeah, they're pretty visible on the paper. Written by Hexick.
  • SCP-5721 ("What Passes As Worship In The Digital Age") - Today, with Internet, you are sure that if you want to create a cult about hybrids of watermelons and dogs painted in pink, you're sure that someone will follow you. Written by Cerastes.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-5573 ("The Eyes of Heaven") - They're so high you can't see it. And honestly, who wants to see two big eyes who see you in the sky for no reason? These eyes does not belong to Dyslexion.
  • SCP-3385 ("The Last Voyage of the Far Horizon.") - It's always touching, when there's the last voyage, don't ya think? Oh, and MalyceGraves will be your commendant for this last travel.
  • SCP-5305 ("All In His Head") - Portions of this article were written by Meska. As for the rest of it, I'm very much afraid it was all in your mind.
  • SCP-5570 ("Ghosts, Busted") - Looks like we don't need to call anyone. Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-5862 ("Faulkner's Wake") - Too much sound and too much fury. Written by cybersqyd.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-4687 ("the call of the void") - the void calls, and it says 'sup. Written by Haydenhead.
  • SCP-5041 ("The Man in the Iron Mask") - But who is he? Written by stormbreath.
  • SCP-5915 ("Minds That Wander") - When quarantine don't allow you to wander where you want, use your mind. Always the best solution. Mental place created by RockTeethMothEyes.
  • SCP-5963 ("Dark Nights at ShowBiz Pizza Place") - Y'know, the sausage bits who were on your pizza? That wasn't sausages. Pizzas cooked by JakdragonX and KaraKatt.
  • SCP-5376 ("Turbo Thompson and Deathramp Supreme") - EXTREME JUMPS! Written by Rounderhouse.
  • SCP-5707 ("Uncle Sam: The All-American Karcist") - Now, what's freedom to you? Let's talk about it, take a minute, think it through. I'm all about it, but the concept seems new. Written by DrAkimoto.


  • White Noise Machine - "She woke up, rubbed her eyes and stayed a moment in bed. She hated it when the creature did that, when it stole little things from the day." Written by Tufto.
  • πŸ“ˆ And the fact it rains - "For now all your strength is spent, and you have found only winter and wasteland, and the water, limned in ice." Written by OriCat.
  • Justice - "So what possessed you to do something stupid?" Written by Dr Whitney.
  • πŸ“ˆ Lo! Behold The Tiger, Valiant is He! - "And the field was empty. Except for the cries of the thunder and of the victorious Sikhs." Written by Popsioak.
  • πŸ“ˆ The Trust - "Some old-fashioned skills never die." Written by CityToast.
  • Eye-Man - "A user was asking about the cyclops from Jabba's Palace, and the entirety of the thread had it out for this guy." Written by Doctor Dune.


  • πŸ“ˆ SCP Play Podcast Hub - Let's play now, if you want. A roleplay podcast created and hosted by KShaughn.

Week of May 22nd:


  • SCP-5905 ("Gashadokuro") - Bless you. Written by ManyMeats.
  • SCP-5309 is not to exist. - [NO BLURB IS HERE, PLEASE CONTACT AN ADMINISTRATOR FOR FURTHER QUESTIONS]. Greyve had never created a SCP-5309.
  • SCP-5440 ("Hotline Moses") - Do you like hurting other people with the waves of the Red Sea? Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-5725 ("We're Getting the Man Back Together Again") - But don't let him put you down. Written by weizhong.
  • SCP-5095 ("We Need to Talk about O5-3.") - Yeah, again. Written by Mew-ltiverse and Greyve
  • SCP-5403 ("A/N: dis is my first post so NO FLAMERZ PLOX!!!1") - Possibly just an elaborate excuse to put anime catboy Bright on the mainlist? Written by etoisle.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-5630 ("To Let Freedom Wing") - I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away. And Veralta fly with me.
  • SCP-5190 ("Footprints in a Blizzard") - They are here since some minutes, so they will not be too difficult to follow. Written by Tanhony.
  • SCP-5460 ("Often Go Awry") - 75% of the time, your plans will never go the way you want them to go. Written by Jacob Conwell.
  • SCP-5852 (""You've got teeth in your bugs."") - This is something little, but if you check that more, you will see it. Magnifying glasses provided by Cyvstvi13.
  • SCP-5909 ("The Endless Shrimp") - How many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink? Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-O5 Council-J ("The O5 Council") - This was coming, one day or another. Oh, and tha O5s are total living duds, lol. Written by cybersqyd.
  • πŸ“ˆ SCP-5650 ("To Cut Salmon by Its Angles") - All you need is a well-sharped knife. Written by Veralta.
  • SCP-106-J ("The Barbecue Man") - I just want to grill for god's sakes! Written by Gojirasaur7 and Boogey_Man23.
  • SCP-5088 ("The Empty Pool") - With all these empty places, it's pretty difficult to write good blurbs, these days. Drained by Tanhony.
  • SCP-5606 ("Love in the Time of Flesh-Born Depravity") - Love was not in the air, this time. Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-4827 ("Ghost Stories Around a Black Hole") - And they were not those ones Chris Martin told us, one day. Narrated by caspian2.
  • SCP-5413 ("Apavitr; Or, I Stared Into A Godless Hole") - I stare into a hole when the Supreme Guru was not and the only thing I found was the bitter smells of bourbon and vodka. Written by Popsioak.
  • SCP-5503 ("Feeling Gut!") - Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sonne in the sky, you know how ich feel. Written by Meska.
  • SCP-5066 ("Passenger") - Well, you only need the light when it's burning low. Written by Tanhony.


  • πŸ“ˆ The Tutelage of a Brother - "When I woke up, the witch bade me a good morning and asked me to teach her the basic push spell." Written by Ekronak.
  • πŸ“ˆ A Meal Γ  la NΓ€lkΓ€ - "I want a balanced diet. I have some doubt that all these tumors and ulcers are doing us any good. It's too one-sided, and think about it. Ulcers are unhealthy tissue." Written by Einer von Rabe.
  • πŸ“ˆ Scooby Doo, I Wanna Be Like You - "Cowboy George was an odd fellow. Blue, jaunty, a chinchilla in a trenchcoat and Cowboy hat." Written by UraniumEmpire.
  • It's fine, but it still hurts - "Right, of course. What’s the situation, Dr. Rights?" Written by DrMagnus.
  • πŸ“ˆ Sunfire - "The mountain absorbed the stale white light from the sun, causing the rocks to glow with heat." Written by redredred.
  • πŸ“ˆ Arnven Burns - "I do not know why she has allowed me to write. She has me here, in my room, watching me." Written by Ekronak.
  • Pineapple Cognitohazard - "Jesus, Evelyn, I haven't seen you since last week, you look awful." Written by Henzoid.
  • πŸ“ˆ Dire Tidings - "If you could forgive my letter’s sudden intrusion into your penitential meditation, I have come to write to you on this occasion not because of my personal qualms, but to inform you of a matter that might concern not only you, but the other Cardinal Doctors in the Overwatch Cathedral as well." Written by Ekronak.
  • πŸ“ˆ The Vampire in the Closet - "You know, maybe the next time you visit, we could see that new Dracula movie." Written by ELGooseberry.

GoI Formats

  • Project Proposal 1990-60: A Tragedy For the Ages - [Are We Cool Yet?] "I think I'd always known in the back of my mind it was never going to be sustainable. All the drugs and booze and little bonuses you'd get once you walked into a bar. We were heroes, upper management." Written by TheHouseOfBalloons.


  • TheHouseofBalloons Makes a Thing It's TheHouseOfBalloons's Author Page!
  • Ongoing Random Chimp Event XK70: "Discovering SCP" - So, for the discover of the universe, why not restart everything and return to the beginning? A podcast created by Tanhony (with a little help of DarnellJermaine).
  • Licensing Master List - Wanting to know who created what image? CityToast have the list for you.
  • πŸ“ˆ Re: SCP-5862 - "I remind you of this only to explain why identifying SCP-5862 based solely on her size and mast count would be virtually impossible. Not so much picking a needle out of a haystack as picking a specific needle out of a bundle of identical needles." Written by MalyceGraves and cybersqyd.


Here you will find a selection of artists whose art output is worth following. The thumbnails are clickable.

Dr Whitney's Art Pile by Dr Whitney

SCP-939whit1.jpgMultiple SCPswhit2.jpgSCP-1762whit3.jpg

15YellowPaperclips' DeviantArt Page by 15YellowPaperclips


Soos' Amino Page by Soos

Just one picture!soos1.jpgLook into the eyes of your doom.soos2.jpgHave you lost something?soos3.jpg

clockwork's Amino Page by clockwork

Heartsclockwork1.jpgSludge Brain Timeclockwork2.jpgSimple drawingsclockwork3.jpg

Dr. Harp's Amino Page by Dr. Harp

Fell asleep while fighting.harp1.jpgOriginal SCP-173 and Unity SCP-173 on a date.harp2.jpgVIBE CHECKharp3.jpg


Q: Can I replace a blurb that you wrote for one of my articles with my own? I'm not satisfied with it.

A: Absolutely. You will always have that option at any point.

Q: I noticed an error/typo/incorrect information and wish to correct it. May I?

A: Sure! If the changes are not limited to your own article(s) and/or are substantial changes across multiple entries, you should post in that month's discussion page and then make the changes.

Q: I wrote an article and it seems to have stuck. Can I send a blurb of mine to one of the frequent collaborators?

A: Yup! It's much easier if you come to us about it, and it gives you the control over what you want shown on the news page.

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