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Welcome to this installment of site news, the only news outlet that you follow that believes in the power of love! This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

On-Site News

Featured Articles

  • The featured articles for this month are SCP-1340 ("The Fraternal Order of the Cave Mantas") by LurkDLurkD, SCP-245 ("SCP-RPG") by Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian, SCP-2875 ("The Town That Got Fucked By Bears") by djkaktusdjkaktus, and I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die by RogetRoget. One's about a group of manta rays that communicate in Spanish, the second's about an interactive game you can literally play, the third's about bears that won't stop appearing in a Wisconsin town, and the fourth is about a Foundation employee visiting his grandma in the nursing home. Check them out!
  • The featured articles from last month were SCP-2314 ("Проект Стебельчатый Глаз") by Dr NikolausDr Nikolaus and CrayneCrayne, and Loyal to the Cause by ErkuErku. One's about a woman gone into hiding to find her sister, and the other shows the subtle means through which the Foundation tests their employee's faith. Check them out if you missed them!

Rest of the News

  • April Fool's. Every year, the Foundation likes to lighten the mood with with a fun way to engage the community. This year, we had, for the second time on the site, a Crack Fiction Contest! Some cool stuff came out of this one, and the surviving postively-rated entries will be listed on the bottom here for your perusal.
  • KAKTUSKAST HYPE! Dr GearsDr Gears did an interview with our resident disc jockey kaktus, and it is two hours of interesting stories, anecdotes, and experience from the legend himself. Check it out here!
  • Though Alexandra is now gone from chat (Rest In Peace), anqxyranqxyr has been working very hard to bring us a new chatbot, Jarvis. Thank you for the hard work, anq!
  • The 2nd Annual SCP Foundation March Madness is going strong, even in April! Based off of March Madness, we're now in our Sweet Sixteen! Stay tuned for the winners to keep on fighting, and see who's bracket predictions come out on top.

Missing out on articles? Enjoy a recap on the articles from the past month. There wasn't too much in the wake of the MTF Contest, but still some pretty damn good stuff. I hope you enjoy!

Contest Articles

Oh yes, remember that contest we just had? Here's a listing of them! As usual, no blurbs.

Fandom Stuff

What's been going on in the community aside from our site? Well…

  • Over in Japan, a company known as Roll&Role Books has made an RPG book based on our work! It's currently being sold, and the licensing checks out fine. You can check it out here.
  • TheHauntedReader has done a pretty good job reading Experiment Log 455, capturing both the creepiness and the occasional bits of humor relief that come through in the article. You can listen here! This guy, in general, has done a lot of good SCP readings, which I highly recommend.
  • Tats TopVideos has done a number of solid Top Lists videos, including a couple on the Foundation itself. And now they've done a new video on the Foundation! Check out their take on the Top 18 Building SCPs; there may even be a few ones you haven't discovered before.


  • What better way to kick off this fanart section than with one of the most awe-inspiring works of SCP-682 that I've seen yet? OTKMan1995 brings us this art of 682 in all of its disgusting, huge, monstrous glory. No wonder its so hard to contain!
  • Let's diverge into silliness, with dewery2539's fanart of SCP-105 and SCP-777-TH-J, a pretty good joke article on one of the other branches! The fanart is here. I just hope neither of them are getting DUIs.
  • Speaking of silly, TORIギョーザ brings us this nice drawing of Dr. Roget, Dr. Django Bridge, and Research Assistant Corbette in their downtime on the job. All the goofballs together in one shot.
  • Quickly diverging over to PIXIV, 華氏451 has a photo album1 chock full of neat drawings! Some highlights include: a wounded Dr. Gerald with SCP-040-JP, Clef and 173 staring into each other's eyes, and a super-suave 049.
  • 雨見鶏 brings us an image absolutely filled of various SCPs hanging out in a room together! Can you guess all the SCPs without clicking the read more?
  • To round out March's fanart section, let's look at AlishmcMalish's playing cards! Cards seem to be a popular fit with SCP, wouldn't you agree? The works highlighted in particular (since I couldn't just pick one) are of SCP-1440 as the king and SCP-085 as the queen. Pretty fitting if you ask me :)

Thanks for tuning in again, folks! I tried something a bit different since this is the first edition with an ongoing tale series for that month (and March had two!). Let me know if this approach works, or if it should be formatted differently for ease of reading.

As a side-note, I won't be around to do April's edition, so if you wish to send blurbs for your articles that month, send a PM to rumetzenrumetzen. Thank you all for continuing to be an excellent community <3

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