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Fandom Stuff

  • The Jam Contest was announced, coming to a wiki near you for 144 hours from March 9th to March 15th!
  • The SCP-5000 contest winners were announced! Browse through all the entries and give a hand to the new SCP-5000, written by Tanhony!
  • The SCP community survey was announced, marking the sixth year this has been run!

Featured Articles

  • SCP-4233 - ("The Dreadnought") - "It has disregarded any and all attempts at physical containment, typically by walking directly through any barricades or impediments placed in its path…" By CadaverCommander
  • Traffic Resumes - "Oh, and one more thing. If they smile, you're fucked." By ObserverSeptember
  • UIU File: 2017-003 - "Additionally, at the time of this document’s emergence from SCP-1437, all four Kant detectors located around the anomaly failed simultaneously." By Weizhong.

Reviewer's Spotlight Articles

  • Ambrose Backdoor Soho - "Ambrose is proud to present Ambrose BackDoor SoHo, a unique blend of contemporary art and fine dining experiences." Written by UraniumEmpire, selected by Cybersqyd.
  • SCP-4372 - ("So Very Small, So Very Safe") - "Due to these compression effects, the internal topography of SCP-4372 appears vastly larger than its outer dimensions." Written by Francis Scalia, selected by MalyceGraves.
  • SCP-4438 - ("FOURTH") - "SCP-4438 is a rare phenomena which is known to occur when an individual is making a choice between three similar objects or entities.” Written by Tanhony, selected by F15H35.
  • SCP-4357 - ("Slimelord") - "SCP-4357-0-A: OH MY GOD, RUDY, LEARN TO READ SARCASM. I WAS JUST MOCKING YOU.." Written by LiterallyMechanical, selected by gee0765.

You will notice little '📈' emojis beside some articles. That denotes SCP articles which were under 30 and tales which were under 20 when this edition of site news was posted. Give them a little love! Speaking from personal experience, the most frustrating thing that can happen to an article is not deletion, but stagnating below 20 without any comments. So try to read, vote, and comment on these articles! They're often hidden gems :)

Week of February 1st


  • 📈 SCP-4921 ("Please STOP Reading!") - Due to this warning, snuggly face is probably the only one who will read it, because they wrote it.
  • SCP-4605 ("E.T. the Earthen Totality") - Didn't you hear ? The New Mexico thing was real. Unearthed by Popsioak.
  • SCP-4768 ("The Tall Tales of Ulysses B. Donkman") - Heroes never die. Even if they are damn donkeys. Written by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-4421 ("Papa Legba's Walkin' Stick") - Definitely born in the bayou. Written by MalyceGraves.
  • SCP-4648 ("Regaining Focus") - Oh, hey, dude, your old friend who was missing since a long time ? We had retrieve him. I guess you can thank Mew-ltiverse for that.
  • 📈 SCP-4834 ("That Picture Perfect Moment") - Assuming that your death is one of these moments. Written by Brewsterion 1017.


  • Snippets of an Unveiled World - "The world is changing, both of them." A collaborative Tale co-written by Nykacolaquantum, Lt Flops, IFBench, Westrin & Deadly Bread and open to everyone's contributions!
  • 📈 La Persistencia De La Memoria - "Actually, dogs don't sweat, we pant !" Written by Uncle Nicolini.
  • michael the kiler - "rhis is my backsstory please be nice!!" Written by pastarasta1.
  • Stars fading, but I linger on dear… - "Mulnos The Rash. The spawn of two krelniks would have had more grace and kindness than you. You hurt everyone. With words or hands or tools, it did not matter. For this we are sorry." Written by Doctor Cimmerian.
  • 📈 Crossroads - "These are the people I trust. The Veil is not for them." A new installment in the Coldest War canon, written by psul.
  • The Powers That Bark - "Sarah Hughes had been the commanding officer and de facto mother of Mobile Task Force Tau-5 "Samsara" for five years now, but every visit to their quarters still raised her blood pressure." A new installment in the Third Law canon, written by TyGently.
  • The Clock at Saint Claude's - "The first thing you need to understand is the building itself." Written by PeppersGhost.
  • The Culprit Of The Cookie Caper - "Within the room was a single bed, containing a man in his mid-fifties, balding, but otherwise healthy. His face was slightly sunken from the recovery process." Written by DrMagnus.
  • A Frame Of Mind - "In the Second World War, only fifteen percent of Allied soldiers fired their weapons." Written by LiterallyMechanical.
  • 📈 & the Endings Thereof - "Tim had another bride, and her name was Mother Earth." A new installment for the What A Wonderful World and the Those Twisted Pines canons, written by DarkStuff.
  • Whitetail - "Rambling tales of deer that keep on living when shot through the heart, the head, splattered on the windshield of a car, shrugging it off and darting back into the forest." Written by ValidClay.
  • 📈 Nobody Special - "Each day another stranger / claims to be my friend or foe" Written by Oboebandgeek99.
  • Perseveration - "I’m telling you what I see. I smoke one, orient, and just… see everything from the last look to 11 minutes and 20 odd seconds ahead.." Written by HammerMaiden.
  • The Death Of AJ Fader - "According to Matt, the plan had been for the group to drive from Seattle to Portland." Written by stormbreath.

GoI Format

  • Ballad Of The Fifth Arcadian - [Fifth Church] "Alone in my bed / that strange parish beckons / dreaming of starfish / If only I slept" Written by Roget.
  • Extradimensional Purchase: "Wondertainment Vacation Spot!" - [Doctor Wondertainment] "My old friend Chester, that little wonderful fella, needs a place for his employees to take a carefree vacation at !" A new installment of the What A Wonderful World canon, written by Ellie3.


  • Underread and Underrated February 2020 - Hey, you ? Do you want to know some obscure articles which can hook you ? Or do you want to try some writing challenges ? UraniumEmpire had all that for you !
  • Monthly Prompts - If you don't had enough challenges, DarkStuff can easily provide you with prompts.
  • Arcadia Manual - Did you know that famous Pong creator Nolan Bushnell had ties with the abnormal ? Just something to consider. Written by Roget.
  • yossipossi's authorphage - The second head in charge of r/DankMemesFromSite19, Yossipossi, had finally his own Author Page !
  • Hoodi's Artwork Corner - It's Hoodinut's artwork page.
  • The Toymaker's Toy Shop - And this is TheCynicalToymaker's artwork page.

Week of February 8th


  • SCP-5090 ("Crabnet, The Fastest Internet Server Around!") - The crabs were tired to do their little dance routine all night long, so they had made something else. Downloaded by Mew-ltiverse.
  • SCP-5026 ("Your Story") - Hey, what's the story ? Written by Treneff.
  • 📈 SCP-5019 ("LoOpy LiLLy") - Again, again and again. Written by DianaBerry.
  • SCP-4583 ("Worst Flu of All Time") - And because I already had it, I feel too sick for doing a real blurb. And HammerMaiden also had it, alas.
  • SCP-5032 ("PantherQuest©️") - I like this all-new Commodore 64 game. Programmed by Ihp.
  • 📈 SCP-5945 ("History is filled with liars.") - But that don't mean that they wrote history all the time. DrMartens is not a liar.
  • SCP-5105 ("Pulvis et Umbra Sumus") - I think we need Lucky Luke right now. We had a problem with shadows. Written by Cerastes.
  • SCP-5252 ("The Lantern Bearer") - Yogi the Bear had find a new job. Enlightened by Red-Bannered-Mare.
  • SCP-5858 ("The Kindness of Strangers") - Today, a person had gave me my earphones, which had fallen off my pocket. It was… really nice. Written by T Rutherford.
  • SCP-5432 ("One Apple Pie, Made from Scratch") - Oh, I like this one. I really like the taste of that one, it's delicious ! Cooked with love by Nameless Mediocre.
  • 📈 SCP-5220 ("The Lady of the Salt Lake") - After decades, the salt is not annoying anymore. Written by DeceitfulFish.
  • SCP-5020 ("InfeStation™, a product of Arcadia") - Yeah, this Nintendo-Sony partnership wasn't a good idea. Written by Deadly Bread.
  • SCP-4019 ("Anatomical Abnormality") - Do you know how many holes a human body have ? Written by redredred.
  • 📈 SCP-721-J ("A Stupid Dog Picture") - In fact, I'm not sure it's a dog. It looks like the long-lost, cursed son of a melon, Alto Clef and the two guys of Tears for Fears. Stupid AND ugly. Picture taken by DrLloydJenkins.
  • SCP-5445 ("Food Guro") - When you had talked about your food fetishes, I wasn't expecting this. Eaten by UraniumEmpire.
  • SCP-5885 ("Necromance") - Now, you can love each other without being separated by death. Isn't that wonderful ? Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • SCP-5025 ("Training Boyfriend") - Come on, try. Written by TheCassowary.
  • SCP-5115 ("Out of this World") - "Lordy, don't leave me / All by myself". Written by NatVoltaic.
  • SCP-5113 ("The Life and Times of Chairman Meow and the Woof Tang Clan") - This story doesn't contain animals with the name "Igor", had no money stores and the butterflies are not even pimped. Damn. Produced by Doctor Cimmerian.
  • SCP-5959 ("Near-Earth Antimeme") - Containment is a lie. Written by swordlover87.
  • SCP-5333 ("Return the Fish Immediately, Osiris Needs It") - Listen, I don't know where this Mister Osiris come from, but if he wants his fish, he lines up and he waits until lvdoomien calls him.
  • 📈 SCP-5308 ("A Collection") - Even better than the real thing collection of Benicio Del Toro in Guardians of the Galaxy. Assembled by TheBlueHour.
  • SCP-5231 ("127.0.0.WAN") - Nah, it's not Hatbot again. Written by Uncle Nicolini.
  • 📈 SCP-5701 (""Smile! Your Mistakes are on Camera!"") - "A camera that shows regrets and mistakes. Not from 978, go figure !" Written by BoomerTheStar47_2.
  • SCP-5420 ("Mission to Meta") - Having all the planets wasn't enough for us. Colonized by JackalRelated.
  • 📈 SCP-5656 ("DEEPWATER DOWNWELL") - Downwell 2 : A La Jules Verne. In App Store, July 30th 2098. Written by Pedantique.
  • SCP-5040 ("血の涙 ("Tears of Blood")") - This special type of tears will not go in heaven. Written by PeppersGhost.


GoI Format

  • Herman Fuller Presents: The Doctor of Death - [Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting] "Once the Shadow Assistants had finished moving the cart with the dead man to the middle of the tent, the Doctor of Death would let out a big, crow-like squawk, but louder, almost like a roar. " Written by Dc_Yerko, translated by Uncle Nicolini.


  • Secure Facility Dossier: Site-98 - You want to know who's the guys who create the technology who made the Reality Anchors work ? They're here, in Site-98. Written by Connor MacWarren.
  • Pastarasta1's Author Page One of our most beloved artists and shitposters, pastarasta1, had finally his own Author Page !
  • Aethris' Artworks - MANGA-STYLE DOODLES ! PIXEL ART ! MTF SIGILS ! 096 WHO EAT CORN-FLAKES ! If you love all these things, the Art Page of Aethris is the good place for you.
  • barredowl's Kick-Ass Art Page - Check the Art Page of barredowl, full of pixel art and tiny drawings ! Even if I don't understand what is it with owls…
  • Mages Academy Hub - "The Mages Academy is a group with locations in several European countries, with its headquarters in Germany, who are dedicated to research the safe study and use of anomalous abilities in form of "magic"." Written by Dr_Grom, translated by INT_Translator.
  • The Graveyard - The Art of MalyceGraves - Author, Junior Staff and creator of kick-ass sigils. You guessed it, it's MalyceGraves Art Page !

Week of February 15th


  • SCP-7007-J ("Subs Only!") - "That was the worst +1 I've ever given." Done for the Vine by Roget.
  • SCP-5688 ("The Hand") - "(I move my mouse to the upvote button. Normally, I'd be logged out, but that's okay: I have my password.)" Spiraled by Tanhony.
  • SCP-5554 ("Aki Aki! 🍊🐻") - "instagram account wants to be a real boy, like pinnochio" Written by Mew-ltiverse.
  • 📈 SCP-4529 ("A Walk in the Park") - "After returning from SCP-4529-1, visitors usually report a feeling of warmth and nostalgia while traversing SCP-4529-1, though this can be attributable to the emotional effects of revisiting a location common to the individual's childhood, and not to any inherently cognitohazardous elements of SCP-4529-1 itself." Written by barredowl.
  • SCP-5291 ("Transformational Writing") - "I can't tell you what I'll do, Fred. I don't know how to describe it." Written by LittleFieryOne.
  • SCP-@#%&!-J ("Titters The Talking Bird") - "swear bird says the swear words" Written by Roget.
  • SCP-5150 ("Anomalous Dental Office") - "All on-site personnel who attempt to engage with SCP-5150 are required to carry one candy bar containing at least 35 grams of sugar at all times." Written by JakdragonX.
  • SCP-5108 ("We See You") - "As per the Morningstar Treaty the following conditions apply: Unauthorized access of this file or any file regarding Project Morningstar will result in memetic loss of cognition and immediate disciplinary action. Dissemination of any information regarding SCP-5108 or Project Morningstar is punishable by death." Monitored by DrAkimoto.
  • SCP-5690 ("Professional Demonatrix") - "It's a demonic brothel. Not much else to it." Written by Rounderhouse.
  • 📈 SCP-5282 ("Building Blocks") - "This is not what we mean we we tell you to improve your SPaG." Spelled by TheMonkeyBusiness.
  • SCP-2454 ("How To Train Your Axolotl") - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Axolotl" Written by XilasCrowe.
  • SCP-5288 ("One Star") - "SCP-5288 is an anomalous entity that manifests in the form of unusual online "one star" reviews." Written by CityToast.
  • SCP-5599 ("fish golf") - "At Arcadia, we're not just developing the satisfaction for your gaming craving. We're also never going to stop." Written by Roget.
  • 📈 SCP-5817 ("There's no place like the Republic of Kingston") - PsychLantern had go to Kingston, today. It was… acceptable ?
  • 📈 SCP-4528 ("Accendium Lucia") - "SCP-4528 is an embroidered silk bridal shawl in a traditional British style, edged with macramé braiding." Written by OriCat.
  • * 📈 SCP-5888 ("Pariah King (Or : The Greatest Stories Are Those We Carry With Us)") - Stories ? Of course, we had. We always had. Written by ItsDenali.
  • SCP-5075 ("All The Hanged Kings, True Care, Truth Brings") - If Drake said "Take care", it's the proof that this is a good advice. Written by TrustyOlValet2.


  • 📈 No One Dies Alone - "The man reached into his left pocket, hoisting his bag onto his right shoulder, and pulled out a box of cigarettes." Written by Broken Door.
  • Christmas At Kiryu Labs - "She's got everything there is to have for butterfly-keepers. And I've already gotten her new butterflies before. I need something… special. It's gotta be really impressive, y'know ?" Written by Rounderhouse.
  • 📈 Blood, without Forme. - "Her body was wreathed in layers upon layers of silken robes: pinks and oranges, greens and blues, purples and reds." First installment of a new series by Cyvstvi13.
  • An Anthropological Approach to Sarkicism - Case Study 03: The Darkwater Lodge - "The population of the Darkwater Lodge is currently made up of approximately 49 individuals." Written by MalyceGraves.
  • 📈 Anders & Robin - "Via the magic of practiced internal rhythms, Anders and Robin both opened their eyes at almost 7:00 on the dot." Written by DarkStuff.

GoI Format

  • LaRue Post - Nancy's Shoe [La Rue Macabre] - "I took that old shoe an' I wandered from place to place all along up that river, callin' out all polite, askin' if anyone was missin' that ol' shoe." Written by MalyceGraves.


  • Secure Facility Dossier: Site-11 - The company guys are in the place. Written by Doctor North.
  • Cyvstvi13's Author Page - Don't trust them when they tell that Cyvstvi13 had never existed. They're just too afraid of SCP-5500 instances, which seems unjustified. I mean, here's Cyvstvi's Author Page!
  • 144-Hour Jam Contest Two - #MakeWritersFastAgain. The Jam Contest is back, hosted by A Random Day!
  • La Rue Macabre Hub - "La Rue Macabre is an anomalous Free Port accessible by taking a left (on foot) off of Decatur (next to Jackson Square) onto Morgan. Filled with the bizarre, the forgotten, the outcasts, and the shunned, La Rue Macabre is a place made for the dregs of anomalous society." Written by MalyceGraves.

Week of February 22nd


  • 📈 SCP-236-FR ("The Perfect Parry To An Imaginary Threat") - Never too careful. Written by DrGemini, translated by INT_Translator.
  • SCP-5101 ("Special Containment Procedures") - "Threshold Puimre is a circular formation three meters in diameter, which surrounds Threshold Yuf and all SCP-5101 documentation." Written by Tanhony.
  • SCP-5042 ("The not so funny pages") - And, in fact, they're kind of terrifying. Written by Nykacolaquantum
  • SCP-2510 ("Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?") - It's something really important and… I'm afraid to even telling that at you. You promise that you will not repeat it ? Written by Cerastes.
  • SCP-5022 ("Kid Heads") - Kid Heads > Kid Rock. Written by Tanhony.
  • 📈 SCP-5021 ("Long Arm Stretch") - Y'know, Mister Fantastic is pretty overrated. Especially his abilities. Stretched by CR Jenkins.
  • SCP-5117 ("Alex? I’m Lonely.") - "The procedures you’ve developed kept the outside world safe, and that’s what matters. I hope you understand that what happened to Noah, happened for the greater good." Written by Greyve.
  • SCP-5140 ("EVEREST") - Do you really need a description ? Climbed by Rounderhouse.
  • 📈 SCP-5110 ("PURE BEAR") - No fuses with lion. No sons born to the union of a grizzly and a zebra. 100% pure uncut bear. Written by RubyIguess.
  • SCP-5966 ("The Artist and the Patron") - The first create. The second sell. Or maybe not ? Painted by Tanhony.
  • SCP-5131 ("D-13131") - The one and only. Written by Tanhony.
  • 📈 SCP-4956 ("Screaming At The Void") - I had no people who wants to hear me. But I still must scream. Written by Roget.
  • SCP-5621 ("Jealousy, Murder, and Alchemy") - "Due to the immobile nature of SCP-5621, the pool complex at Calvin University is marked as closed at this time." Written by DrMagnus.
  • 📈 SCP-1926 ("Dream of Drugged Salvation") - "SCP-1926 is the collective designation for an anomalously modified Atari 7800 console with an Atari game titled "Swordquest: Airworld" permanently inserted in the cartridge slot." Written by Westrin and Roget.
  • SCP-5550 ("I, Singh, My Body Collected") - "I was told I was protecting innocents. I will protect innocents. But you are not among them." Written by Popsioak.
  • SCP-5399 ("Seriously, Just One Fly") - Blood keeps drifting your way / Certain of its destination. Written by ManyMeats.
  • 📈 SCP-028-DE ("Knowledge") - Knowledge is half of the battle. Written by INT_Translator.
  • SCP-5856 ("Social Interaction") - You know, this thing who is not easy to learn for everybody. Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • SCP-3928 ("Eliphalet Remington Can Kiss My Ass") - "I've been going over our records of SCP-3928 incidents, and noticed something interesting. The incidents appear to not be random, but have been following a clear path." Written by Cerastes.


  • 📈 The Letters of the Commission on Unusual Cargo - "As this letter finds you I am in expectation of my arrival in Fort St. David within a fortnight, and London by year's end." Written by CityToast.
  • 6:66 - "Left, right, left, right. Back, forth, back, forth. Hit, return, hit, return." Written by DarkStuff.
  • Ulysses B. Donkman and the Heinous Hitman - "I do not know if you are here, but if you are, know that even Christ himself should not seek mercy towards you." Written by Calibold.
  • Ulysses B. Donkman and the Mournful Birthday - "Today, on the day of my birth, I cannot help but think of you." Written by DrAkimoto.
  • 📈 Unto the Ages - "Her mother told her a story, once, about a boy who was trapped in a courtyard." Written by OriCat.
  • 📈 et sanábitur ánima mea - "It does not contain horses, or gold, or her." Written by OriCat.
  • 📈 The Birdcage - "Almost saving Lorraine is the closest to feeling whole again I'm ever getting. Sitting for six months at the vanity waiting for the sound of Dana coming home again." Written by Roget.
  • 📈 Nash Pinkle's Guide to the Foundation - "Ello, I’m Nash Pinkle. And this is my guide to the different kinds of weird shit at the Foundation." Written by CityToast.
  • Wilson's Wildlife Shelter - "It was always strange when Tim brought people on hikes with him, because he was often the most enthusiastic about it, and yet moved slowly and struggled greatly." Written by DarkStuff.
  • Entropy (Or, How Things Fall Apart) - "Andrew collected the paperwork given to him. Carefully arranged them into a neat stack." Written by torcsandantlers.
  • True Trans Soul Rebel - "hi and welcome to gay walmart how me we help u" Written by NatVoltaic.
  • Numbers Lie - "Well, the good news is that the episodes of dissociation are normal when you're first adapting to Class W mnestics." Written by CityToast.
  • Blood/Brain - "There's no day/night cycle." Written by qntm.
  • 📈 Dog Days - "Once every other month, something would happen that would require the attention and intervention of a Mobile Task Force." Written by stormbreath.



Here you will find a selection of artists who consistently released new work throughout the month and whose art output is worth following. The thumbnails are clickable.

The Graveyard - The Art of MalyceGraves by MalyceGraves


barredowl's Kick-Ass Art Page by barredowl


Hoodi's Artwork Corner by Hoodinut


Pockyri's Instagram Art by Pockyri


femdoc's Image Gallery by femdoc


nreborn46's Image Gallery by nreborn46


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