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Welcome to this installment of site news, where we look forward to another month of SCPs!

This is a series showing off news from the site, articles from the past month1, and fan-content for you to check out and discover! Be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

Featured Articles

  • The featured articles for February were SCP-2152 (Home™) by acc1177, Naptime by eskobar, and Sixteenth Wondertainment Donation by dr reach. The first is about a vaporwave loving statue head, the second is a tale of a child trying to get away from never ending staring eyes, and the third details the acquisition of the Fantastic Wonderbirds™ by the Manna Charitable Foundation!

Event Featured Articles

The theme for the month of February was engraved!

  • In SCP-2762 (Moon Snakes), by Anaxagoras, the president has to worry about a bit more than public opinion polls.
  • In SCP-1184 (Truth), by dragonnyxx, perception of reality is stretched to its absolute maximum.
  • In SCP-1418 (The Dowager's Comb), by SRegan, a Lady leaves behind a sinister legacy. If, of course, she even existed in the first place.

Congratulations to
For winning the 72-Hour Jam Contest!
Their articles:
SCP-3880, SCP-3772, SCP-3224

Contest Articles

On Febuary 20, the 72-hour Jam contest concluded! Congratulations to Rimple for winning first place and weryllium for winning second place! Check out the 72-Hour Jam Contest Hub for more information!

Day One Theme: Murder Mystery!

All Entries of Day One:

Day Two Theme: Tropical!

All Entries of Day Two:

Day Three Theme: "It was a dark and stormy night…"

All Entries of Day Three:

Week of February 1st:


  • SCP-3128 ("Let's Play Monopoly!") - Do not pass go. Written by The Great Hippo.
  • SCP-3245 ("Mr. Playing Games Is Bad For Your Health") - "They wanted me to be like the Six Million Dollar Man but with games. What a life to aspire to." Written by Roget.
  • SCP-3207 ("The Think-Tank") - Art is a strange, brain-in-a-jar-war-machine thing indeed. Written by Tanhony.
  • SCP-3136 ("Here Be Monsters") - The sea is my canvas, its creatures my pen. Written by Stallmantic.
  • SCP-3138 ("A Sepulcher by the Sea") - Literature: the best way to hide a body. Written by The Great Hippo.
  • SCP-3124 ("Not a Football") - A screen saver physically manifested. Written by Communism will win.
  • SCP-3242 ("Operative Disease Mouse") - "The subject is an unknown organism restructured into a self-building program made for the assumed purpose of stealing information." Written by Presque.
  • SCP-3377 ("Benevolent Wine Connoisseur") - An Foundation paid excuse to drink fine wine or an actual wine powered ritual? You decide. Written by LilyFlower.
  • SCP-3170 ("Only Acting") - "Exhuming her body showed that its stomach had been stuffed with approximately 150 meters of Super 8mm footage of SCP-3170."Written by Taffeta.
  • SCP-3176 ("Estimated Time Of Arrival") - Back to the Future 4: Containment Breach. Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • SCP-3225 ("Dream for Ourselves Alone") - Away the land of dreams, the only respite from the cruelties of life. Written by Edapurg.
  • SCP-0002-J ("Toilet Humor") - This one will certainly flush you away. Written by Doctor Cimmerian.
  • SCP-3810 ("The Universe") - Familiar places and familiar faces. But their eyes are all wrong. Written by kingpogan.
  • SCP-3197 ("A Trickster God for the Modern Age") - "For yours is the market and the profit and the glory; Forever and ever; Amen." Written by ZoltanBerrigomo.
  • SCP-3134 ("The Things Left Behind") - "Observation by on-site personnel has revealed that SCP-3134's diet consists mainly of unexploded shells, grenades and human remains." Written by Tanhony.
  • SCP-3403 ("Summer Dogs") - Ghosts of a sweeter time. Written by Zolgamax.
  • SCP-3156 ("Civilization Carrier Case") - As if spiders and insects weren't bad enough already. Written by QBE.
  • SCP-3559 ("Best Thing Since") - The doughboys of russia make some mean pastries. Written by Rimple.


  • No Racing By Horse-Drawn Vehicles - Horses are strange creatures indeed. Written by Zachary Maxwell.
  • Rocks And Trees Are Not Good Company - "Most wouldn’t recognize her as such, since it’s hard to correctly imagine a person from just their skeleton." Written by Captain Kirby.
  • Micky D's - “Alright Ruprecht, for the sake of argument let’s assume that McDonald’s branding itself as McD is tarnishing our brand and this is impacting our bottom line." Written by DrChandra.
  • This Year - "She was focused intently on packing the bat shit into a rough humanoid shape, carving sigils into the torso with her fingernails and dripping her blood into the indents." Written by Rimple.
  • An Unusual Incident - "There was a large splatter of what appeared to be seedless strawberry jam on the boss’s office door." Written by Toa_Vine.
  • Two Falls Out Of Three - Yet it still gets a perfect 10/10. Written by Tiefling.
  • Husk - Time is always difficult to keep track of. Written by RecursiveRecursion.
  • Worse Than Fear - “It would result in something more akin to an episode of Scooby Doo than a breach of 682 or 106’s magnitude." Written by Illyrias_Acolyte.

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Week of February 8th:


  • SCP-3466 ("Only Birdbrains Live the American Dream") - The birdpocalypse seems to be more real estate oriented than thought. Written by DarkStuff.
  • SCP-3345 ("Crime Novel") - Write your own story with your own crime. Written by Dr Count Laughter.
  • SCP-3626 ("Do not stop reading this document") - "Do not stop reading this document. Do not look away from the screen. Ignore any and all unusual sounds around you." Written by kemoT01.
  • SCP-3843 ("Sam") - "Snake…I'm going to kill you and the KGB now and get all my salt and meats at ZANZIBAR LAND! Have at me!" Written by Tanhony.
  • SCP-3833 ("Welcome to the Top of the Mountain") - Sometimes, it gets lonely up a the top. Written by not_a_seagull.
  • SCP-3991 (""Lewis Island"") - A single island, pointing upwards in defiance of the laws of physics. Written by Waspus.
  • SCP-3898 ("The Burden") - It is a simple question: do you accept The Burden? Written by CadaverCommander.
  • SCP-3738 ("Casting Lots") - Physics got nothing on parking lots. Written by Weryllium.
  • SCP-3490 ("Bubblesssssssssssssssssss") - The cloud people, man, the fucking cloud people. Written by MrBazzle.
  • SCP-3153 ("Bugging Me") - It's like a cat, if a cat were a 1.76 meter centipede which shed body parts from its own body. Written by GibberingEloquence.
  • SCP-3230 ("Intergalactic Isolation") - What better place to hide than a black hole. Written by 9Volt.
  • SCP-3889 ("The Greatest Fisherman Who Ever Lived") - "'Cause as heavy as our burden is now, the ones I fish are just the babies." Written by CadaverCommander.
  • SCP-3198 ("Miniature Task Force") - Attack on Foundation. Written by ChrisAKAPiefish.


  • Fresh Air - This time, there doesn't seem to be any Van Helsings around. Written by RecursiveRecursion.
  • Smarks - "Panzer vacated the XXL Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship title. The camera watching her smiled in delight." Written by Tiefling.
  • The Vanishing of Vincent Anderson - It's the End of the Line for Vincent. Written by Jacob Conwell.
  • ANTI-PUBLIC Interference - Those who have betrayed free thought must answer for their crime. ObserverSeptember.
  • Grim - "All along the roadside were bits of shrapnel and viscera, most likely from poor animals that mistook the cylindrical apparatus for something they could touch without punishment. " Written by Ihp.
  • Last Mission of Zeus-4 - "Goddammit, Jeremy, we're sitting three feet away from each other! You can drop the 'over' thing!" Written by Illyrias_Acolyte.
  • BobbleCon 2018 - "BobbleCon 2018 had been difficult to organize - so much of the fandom was in prison or otherwise indisposed - but they’d finally managed to snag a venue and a good chunk of attendants. " Written by Tanhony.
  • Ave Imperator - "Status: FAILED. Loyalty value below acceptable levels. Archival proficiency: 56%." Written by MaliceAforethought.
  • City of Wonder™ - "“Hand over your hall passes and I’ll stamp them with frowny faces,” the Hall Monitor said. “Three frowny faces and your hall passes will be revoked.” Written by DrChandra.
  • What Do You Think Love Feels Like Once You Understand It? - Dance and dance, until your worries melt away. Written by Decibelles.
  • Unstylish, Watery Blue - "Yes you do. I saw the 2118 tapes, I saw how you put 3424 in a locker. Why would you put them through that if you didn’t hate them?" Written by ahbonjour.
  • In the Manner of a Bad Apple - "A third rider was a normal dog, sitting and panting as though it was just where it wanted to be." Written by Pedantique.

Week of February 15th:


  • SCP-3127 - ("Nineteen Year Old Jessica Lambert And A Female Pig Of Abnormal Size, Forever") - "In place of internal organs, SCP-3127's body contains a large number of organisms resembling miniature versions of Jessica Lambert, all of which are constantly screaming." Written by Tanhony
  • SCP-3511 - ("Reach Out And Touch") - Sometimes, a hug is all that's needed to mend a lost soul. Written by Captain Kirby
  • SCP-3180 ("No Strangers to Love") - Written by ZoltanBerrigomo
  • SCP-3876 ("Tussie Mussie") - Love knows no boundries. Written by Karnickel
  • SCP-3290 ("Righteous Punishment for Vampires") - Let the sinners bleed for justice. Written by Decibelles
  • SCP-3302 ('"The Jim Look"') - "From the point of the first “Jim Look” onward, viewers will uncontrollably recreate the “Jim Look” action every time they perceive a statement as unintelligent." Written by TheeSherm
  • SCP-3980 ("Blind Lead the Blind") - "The interviewer is led to the Site morgue for postmortem examination. Four guards were necessary to restrain him." Written by Shaggydredlocks
  • SCP-3946 ("Situation Normal") - The ship does what the ship pleases. Written by FearAndPanic
  • SPC-173 ("SPC-173") - "The reddish brown substance in the resort pool is a combination of A1 Steak Sauce and Hawaiian Punch. The origin of these materials is unknown, but they have been reported to be delicious." Written by Shaggydredlocks
  • SCP-3769 ("Evolutionary Rescission Device") - Our future lies within our evolution. Written by Wildman8
  • SCP-3213 ("F*ck off Carl.") - "Seal 1: Go fuck yourself, Carl!" Written by Doctor Cimmerian
  • SCP-3801 ("Based on a True Story") - All stories have to start somewhere. Written by Lady Zenth
  • SCP-3280 ("After the Storm") - And the silent falling of rain was all that was left. Written by Shaggydredlocks
  • Billith's Proposal ("CODE NAME: BILLITH - The World at Large") - "SCP-001 is the designation for the planetary body known as Earth." Written by TheBillith
  • SCP-3986 ("The Observatory of Genghis Khan") - True wonder is created not out of understanding, but from a lack of it. Written by Tufto
  • SCP-3147 ("Tongue Twisted") - "While the effect is active, each affected individual gains the ability to control the oral cavity of another member of the group." Written by Jim North


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Week of February 22nd:


  • SCP-3842 ("Life-Emitting Diode") - The soft, blinking light of dead times. Written by Axonium
  • Tanhony's Proposal ("CODE NAME: Tanhony - Dead Men") - "SCP-001 is an 84-year-old male who has been conceptually merged with the universal process of death." Written by Tanhony
  • SCP-150 ("Ship of Theseus") - It all felt like a subtle itch just beneath the skin. Written by Decibelles and A Random Day
  • SCP-1563 ("Property Markers") - Trespassing is highly discouraged. Written by Choiwel
  • SCP-3204 ("The Quantum Horse") - "SCP-3204 has been described as having outstretched wings (Pegasus), a horn (Unicorn), both, and neither." Written by RazgrizS57
  • SCP-3161 ("The Plight of Poor Sir Gregor") - While skeletons may be known for their puns, they aren't very famous for their memory. Written by onetruegentleman
  • SCP-3282 ("The Worm of Your Dreams") - Sometimes when stress has you down, you just have to get swallowed entirely by a magic worm. Written by AnOddlyClassyGecko and Zyn
  • SCP-3166 ("You Have No Idea How Alone You Are, Garfield") -"However, analysis of SCP-3166's composition in the field has shown that its interior mass is composed entirely out of pasta: specifically, lasagna. " Written by Tanhony
  • SCP-3983 ("To Petition the Dead") - For judgement in death and even beyond. Written by CadaverCommander
  • SCP-\̅\̅\̅\̅-J ("SCP-\̅\̅\̅\̅-J") - They said the robots would take our jobs and we were fools not to listen. Assembled by PeppersGhost
  • SCP-3656 ("Governments in Exile") - Even countries can have ghosts. Written by ModernMajorGeneral
  • SCP-3897 ("Mother's Eye Is Upon You") - "SCP-3897 is an aggregate of fused human corpses, with an estimated mass of 250,000 kilograms." Written by CadaverCommander
  • SCP-3395 ("The Servants of Fire") - And in a moment, a way of life was changed forever. Written by ObserverSeptember
  • SCP-3255 ("A Light Shining Through The Holes Inside Your Eyelids") -"All specimens of SCP-3255-2 have had their heads removed and replaced with a spherical object of the same size resembling a miniature star, which floats several centimeters above their necks." Written by Tanhony
  • SCP-3256 ("Web of Murder") - And even in death, people still get tangled in the strings. Written by Ihp
  • SCP-3285 ("creative comas") - Take care to make sure that all of your dreams are properly licensed. Written by ObserverSeptember
  • SCP-3135 ("Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Journey Continues!") - Fan-fic writers are a resource which have only been recently taken advantage of. Written by Tanhony


  • The William Penn Iteration - Wake up from dream after dream, endlessly chasing after the threads of reality. Written by LordStonefish
  • Non-Volatile Memory - '"Your ghosts have come back to haunt you, Mr. Anderson," Aaron chuckled. "And we need your help."' Written by Jacob Conwell
  • The Revolution Will Be Televised - War is fun and good for ratings. Written by Tanhony
  • The End Has No End - "It is very difficult to bandage a wound that is spitting flames." Written by TyGently
  • All Words Are Lies - Lie and lie and lie and lie, until the truth stops being true. Written by TheBillith
  • Nx-03 - There are few places where the anomalous communities can meet in peace. It would be a shame if something were to happen to it…. Written by stormbreath
  • Thousand-Tooth Rat Trap - "Meet violence with violence, and always be ready to use more of it." Written by Pedantique

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  • Misfire Hub - A murder mystery, a beach and a dark, stormy night…what could go wrong? Written by Decibelles

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