The Adventures of Lord Blackwood, Explorer and Gentleman
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Foreword and Editor's Note

The following documents comprise a series of autobiographical writings and dictations, third-person narratives, interviews, and other documentation regarding the life and adventures of SCP-1867 (hereafter referred to as male and by its preferred address, "Lord Theodore Thomas Blackwood, 8th Viscount of Westminister".)

Lord Blackwood asserts that he was born in the West Country of England in the early 19th century. He attests that his mother, Lady Charlotte Spencer-Blackwood, hailed from a wealthy London family, and that his father, Lord Richard Blackwood, was a hero of the French and Indian Wars and reputedly the slayer of the last living European greater dragon (Dracos rex). He further attests that he has two brothers and a sister, respectively: Admiral Sir Stephen Blackwood, a hero of the Napoleonic Wars who commanded Lord Nelson's fleet after his death; the Reverend Clifford Blackwood, a prominent member of the Church of England who rose to the rank of Archbishop of York; and Lady Margaret Blackwood, who married into the royal family of Hanover and was an instrumental figure in the unification of Germany.

Lord Blackwood attests that he attended Eton as a boy and subsequently Oxford. Following his graduation he served for several years as an officer in the British Army. Following his discharge, he asserts, he spent several decades as a freelance explorer, archaeologist, naturalist, and writer, when not engaged in his duties as a Conservative member of the House of Lords. During this time, he asserts that he engaged in a number of encounters with objects, creatures, and phenomena currently classified as SCP objects. He asserts that near the end of the 19th century he served in the employ of Her Majesty's Foundation for the Study of Curiosities and Phantasmagoria prior to its becoming part of the modern Foundation. He asserts that he retired in the early 20th century to the family estate in the West Country, where he remained prior to his acquisition by the Foundation.

Few of the events documented in these narratives have been corroborated by outside sources, and many of them directly contradict known historical facts, including events Lord Blackwood insists occurred which ought to have been widely known to the general public had they occurred as stated. Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain these contradictions, including the possibility that Lord Blackwood's accounts are not accurate, the possibility that Lord Blackwood or someone associated with him is a high-level reality-bender, or that a CK-Class event not known to the Foundation has occurred. Documents attributed to Lord Blackwood have been found in HMFSCP's archives, and several living SCP objects currently in containment have attested to the accuracy of the following narratives.

None of the following is to be considered a factual recounting of history as it has occured in the living experience of anyone reading it, absent external corroboration. This collection has been compiled for the sole purpose of the ongoing study of SCP-1867 and any other SCP objects, known or unknown, which may be associated therewith.

Note from Lord Blackwood

Don't mind him. I swear on my honour as an Englishman that every word herein is true.

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