NeverMeltIce44's (allegedly) humorous Author Page!

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Oh, you're finally awake. I told you you shouldn't try to out-pizza the hut. Anyhow, welcome to solitary confinement, also known as my author page. Me being able to create this means that the higher-ups believe I have any idea of what I'm doing, a statement with which I disagree completely, but oh well. You may be wondering why are you in a completely white and seemingly endless space filled with boxes. Simple: I am reverse Santa Claus, I steal this shit from kids every Christmas. But here there are also some goodies, like…

(Finger snap)



Job Interview


Huh, this looks kinda empty doesn't it? No worries, I'm brewing more projects in my witch's lair, and some may not even be comedy articles!

That's about it, mate. The bathroom? About 300.000 Km East.

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