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"I need quotes for my author page-" - NebulousStarNebulousStar

"gay lol" - MoreMuffinsMoreMuffins

"That guy? Frog rock? 😳" - MetalRavioliMetalRavioli

"soup" - RoundaboutsRoundabouts

"NebulousStar? I think you should remove the star" - AvocadoMilkAvocadoMilk

"Out of all my alt accounts, this one is my favorite by far" - GreenGolemGreenGolem

"You can't expect SCP authors to remember that message. Don't you know, they all take prescription amnestic drugs to stay sane." - LAN 2DLAN 2D

"stupid stuff" - JackalRelatedJackalRelated

"Great author, great friend, even better furry artist" - Cole 13Cole 13

"U have a pretty sweet frog icon I don’t know what your connection is to frogs but good work" - Dr Whitney does not match any existing user name

"I will give you a quote for your author page" - Jack WaltzJack Waltz

"I have no quote on your author page, probably for the best" - Machen2Machen2

Who is this kid?
Hi, hi. I'm NebulousStar, Star, or Carbon. I go by any pronouns. I do art and stuff. As far as my writing goes, it's not amazing, but hey, I enjoy doing it.

Anyway, enough with the intro. Time for my works.

SCP-5643: My first skip. Give this a read if you like rocks. (Or not. Can't control you.)

SCP-6241: A traveler finds an isolated paradise. Shenanigans ensue.

SCP-6642: A really annoying catgirl.

SCP-6354: Lesbian ghost meets up with her girlfriend. Features seals.

SCP-6982: Person watches memories. Also, there's a bowl.

SCP-6431: Feeding into the MTF dies trope.

SCP-6441: A researcher finds out she's a frog.

SCP-6723: A researcher gets brain damage.

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My shift key popped off a little while ago.




One of my precious kitties.

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