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Hello, esteemed authors and readers alike!

In case you don't know, I am NDHeckfireNDHeckfire and I am a writer for the SCP Wiki!

I've been a fan of SCP Foundationverse for a long time now, and it's so happy to finally be a part of its wonderful community! I'm a regular on the IRC (especially in #thecritters), so you'll probably see me around.

Welcome to my official authorpage!1 I made this just so I can keep tabs on the stuff I created simultaneously, and without me having to check every single one individually. I'm not trying to do anything fancy here but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!


[+104] (19 comments)

Any subject mentioning Abnormality-6219, whether through speech or writing, will refer to Abnormality-6219 as "Abnormality-6219".

SCP-6708 — Breaking Hellfire

[+18] (10 comments)

Surrounding it are multiple large metal cages, with all of them containing traces of hydrochloric acid and dried blood.

SCP-6232 — When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed (w/ KilerpoyoKilerpoyo)

[+27] (2 comments)

SCP-6232 is the designation given to a humanoid entity possessing a physical appearance identical to the late Abraham Lincoln.

SCP-6421 — The President of the Republic of Chile is Spiderman

[+58] (18 comments)

These affected billboards and posters usually depict a photo or an artwork of the fictional Marvel Comics character, Spiderman, as being the current President of the Republic of Chile.


[+10] (5 comments)

The dark humanoid is seen dragged towards a dilapidated brick well. Behind the well is a tall stone structure, similar in appearance to SCP-5438.

SCP-6641 — Who Needs Wake-Up Calls When You Got ARM

[+48] (11 comments)

SCP-6641-1 will manifest on the back of Dr. Orville and will use any means necessary to wake him from his sleep.


[+21] (12 comments)

SCP-6571 is the designation given to a large paratechnological/thaumaturgical ontokinetic eigenweapon device that was initially built by the US military during the Second World War.

SCP-6349 — Up Close and Personal with… Venus!

[+44] (6 comments)

Foundation orbital scanners reported that Venus has somehow detached itself from its natural solar orbit and was currently heading towards Earth.

SCP-6739 — An Absence of… Something?

[+38] (5 comments)

Any individual perceiving and comprehending this corner wall will become entirely convinced that something was once previously located in that specific spot.

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