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Hello, esteemed authors and readers alike!

If it wasn't obvious, I am NDHeckfireNDHeckfire and I am a writer for the SCP Wiki!

I've been a fan of SCP Foundationverse for a long time now, and it's so happy to finally be a part of its wonderful community! I'm a regular on the IRC (especially in #thecritters), so you'll probably see me around.

Welcome to my official authorpage!1 I made this just so I can keep tabs on the stuff I created simultaneously, and without me having to check every single one individually. I'm not trying to do anything fancy here but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!


[+146] (20 comments)

Any subject mentioning Abnormality-6219, whether through speech or writing, will refer to Abnormality-6219 as "Abnormality-6219".

SCP-6708 — Breaking Hellfire

[+21] (11 comments)

Surrounding it are multiple large metal cages, with all of them containing traces of hydrochloric acid and dried blood.

SCP-6232 — When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed (w/ KilerpoyoKilerpoyo)

[+34] (2 comments)

SCP-6232 is the designation given to a humanoid entity possessing a physical appearance identical to the late Abraham Lincoln.

SCP-6421 — The President of the Republic of Chile is Spiderman

[+66] (20 comments)

These affected billboards and posters usually depict a photo or an artwork of the fictional Marvel Comics character, Spiderman, as being the current President of the Republic of Chile.


[+11] (5 comments)

The dark humanoid is seen dragged towards a dilapidated brick well. Behind the well is a tall stone structure, similar in appearance to SCP-5438.

SCP-6641 — Who Needs Wake-Up Calls When You Got ARM

[+65] (14 comments)

SCP-6641-1 will manifest on the back of Dr. Orville and will use any means necessary to wake him from his sleep.


[+21] (13 comments)

SCP-6571 is the designation given to a large paratechnological/thaumaturgical ontokinetic eigenweapon device that was initially built by the US military during the Second World War.

SCP-6349 — Up Close and Personal with… Venus!

[+54] (8 comments)

Foundation orbital scanners reported that Venus has somehow detached itself from its natural solar orbit and was currently heading towards Earth.

SCP-6153 — Fortune (w/ guiness11guiness11, NotOrteilNotOrteil and Jhigard ForeignerJhigard Foreigner)

[+30] (8 comments)

SCP-6153 is a widespread probabilistic anomaly, affecting either beneficial or harmful events occurring to an individual, colloquially known as "luck".

SCP-6739 — An Absence of… Something?

[+97] (7 comments)

Any individual perceiving and comprehending this corner wall will become entirely convinced that something was once previously located in that specific spot.

SCP-6961 — Hate the Message, Not the Messenger

[+0] (14 comments)

SCP-6961 is an anomalous event where a large-winged humanoid entity suddenly manifested 200 meters atop Vatican City.

SCP-12954-J — Damn, That's Deep

[+60] (14 comments)

SCP-12954-J is a circular pot lid possessing a black lifter handle. SCP-12954-J was once Dr. Benjamin Hefter of the Department of Other. Attempts to bring back Dr. Hefter are still ongoing.

SCP-6645 — All I See is Flames

[+56] (29 comments)

SCP-6645 is Foundation Junior Researcher David Kobolsky. SCP-6645 received its SCP designation following an anomalous event that occurred on the 9th of September, 2018.

SCP-6296 — The Last Slice to Make it Count

[+37] (8 comments)

SCP-6296 is a single triangular pizza slice that has been permanently situated in the Habitation and Sustenance Section cafeteria, at Site-43. As part of the Initiative, SCP-6296 was chosen among the anomalies housed in Site-43 that require neutralization.

SCP-7297 — It Wasn't Curiosity This Time

[+26] (10 comments)

SCP-7297 is a female domestic cat. Any individual directly perceiving and/or having skin contact with SCP-7297 will be overcome with an extreme sense of calmness and contentment.

SCP-7742 — Till Death Do Us Part, But I Think I've Already Past That Phase

[+89] (10 comments)

SCP-7742 is the designation given to former Foundation Field Agent Blonsky Batherson, previously an active operative of Mobile Task Force Eta-77. To summarize, SCP-7742 possesses the capability of functional immortality.

SCP-7520 — Karma's a bitch spiteful and unpleasant individual

[+59] (13 comments)

Dr. Curran is to wear a specialized safety helmet at all times, including during sleep and personal washroom hours. Manifested garden hoes are to be collected and transported to Acroamatic Abatement Facility AAF-Y/400 for proper thermal treatment.

SCP-6673 — The One Lonely Eleventh

[+47] (25 comments)

SCP-6673 is an anomaly that manifests itself on April 11th every year, particularly affecting Dr. Maximillian Kaydence. On this day, all other individuals seem to ignore, be disinterested in, or otherwise take no notice of any type of noticeable action made by Dr. Kaydence.

SCP-7417 — Sole Foresight

[+22] (11 comments)

SCP-7417 possesses a unique form of functional precognition where, upon visually perceiving any object (including living entities), she is capable of viewing their physical appearance as how they are approximately one year later.

SCP-5829 — Finding… Yourself

[+24] (3 comments)

SCP-5829 captures the video of two distinct possibly anomalous entities conversing amongst each other in perfect English for several seconds. Due to the position of the video recorder, it could only capture the bottom half of the entities.

SCP-7170 — Within Hindsight

[+68] (9 comments)

Whenever SCP-7170 expires through any known means, her current consciousness will temporally travel backward in time, approximately 30 seconds prior to the actual time of her demise.

SCP-7617 — Let Me Be a Part of the Narrative, In the Story They Will Write Someday

[+133] (28 comments)

SCP-7617 seems to only possess a DMRG reading of -3 at the time of writing, which is extremely unusual and completely unlikely for personnel employed by the Foundation.

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