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Welcome to my author page. I'm Nanec and I write SCPs I guess. This page is pretty bland right now but I'll add more stuff to it as I write.

** SCPs **
listed in order of creation btw

SCP-6092 | Barista, There's a Fly in my Coffee
Any Task Force personnel that regularly consume caffeine are to be exempt from operations.


Author Commentary:
My first one. I actually really like it a lot, which most authors do not tend to do for their first work. It was originally gonna be about flies that would teleport into your brain when they were swatted. Sort of a combination of The Fly (1986) and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch (1982).

SCP-6210 | Plushie Plague
The toy does not move.


Author Commentary:
This one sucks, don't read it. It did bad for a reason.

The characters in the scene will often discuss and mock the topic as if they have been in the situation themselves.


Author Commentary:
I had fun writing this. This was originally gonna be my first idea but I thought it might be hard to write about it first. This one was weirdly inspired by some of those "schizo" Seinfeld memes like the one where George just explodes.

SCP-6329 | Termite Capitalism
SCP-6329 houses large termite-like creatures designated as SCP-6329-A.


Author Commentary:
I started working on this in like late March and probably finished sometime in April. After that I took a hiatus from writing on here because of school work and exams and the like. Now it's here and I don't know how to feel about it, I'm just satisfied that it's out of my life. Also funny movie referenc

SCP-6418 | Chamber of Reflection
We are sending them to hell while they are still alive.


Author Commentary:
this one is also bad.

** Really Cool Stuff **
things based on my works by other people. If you make anything based on my works please let me know so I can display it here

>SCP-6092 | Barista, There's a Fly in my Coffee | Fruit fly coffee invaders

Really good reading by CreepyOtter.

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