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The following file describes a Xerxes-Class humanoid entity receptacle, and is level 6/1730 classified. Viewer discretion is advised.
The following file describes a Xerxes-Class humanoid entity receptacle, and is level 6/1730 classified. Viewer discretion is advised.
Item#: 1730
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


Aerial view of MZL-1730, "Site-19".

Man Zoo Specifications: MZL-1730 is located in the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan, USA. Due to the number of humanoid entities within MZL-1730, MZL Protocol Kaufmann-99 "All Hands On Deck" has been enacted, and all members of the Man Zoo League are ordered to report to MZL-1730 for assignment in managing the Man Zoo colloquially known as "Site-19".

Current senior staff of MZL-1730 is as follows:

  • Director: Dr. Ahngri Lizard, Ph.D.1
  • Assistant Director of Pain and Suffering: Dr. Scranton Oldman2
  • Assistant Director of Longstanding Grudges: Dr. Bihg Füt3
  • Assistant Director of Gaslighting: Dr. Lahng Eel4
  • Assistant Director of Reparations: Dr. Jack Bright5
  • Assistant Directors of Task Forces: Agent Able and Agent Cameron the Conqueror6

Words That Describe The Man Zoo: MZL-1730 is a Man Zoo League Class A Super Deluxe High Security Maximum Effort Man Zoo built over what was, at one point in the recent past, SCP Foundation Site-19. Due to the occurrence of an unexplained but not unwelcomed FCK-Class "Freaky Friday" scenario, members of the former SCP Foundation have been contained within MZL-1730, while former inmates at the sociopathic fun-house that was Site-19 are now running the show.

A few points of order regarding Man Zoo 1730:

  • Man Zoo 1730 is not strictly a scientific research center. While we can definitely do research in it, sometimes we just want to come throw peanuts at the mans.
  • There doesn't seem to be an infinite number of mans inside the Man Zoo, so do take care not to bludgeon them too badly; we don't want to run out. If the supply of mans starts to get a little thin, send a requisition to Dr. Mr. Redd, the MZL Director of Resource Management.
  • Remember: mandatory groin kicks of MZL-001 "Moto42" are at the north quad on Thursdays starting at 7:45AM EST. Everybody has a lot of stuff to work out so get there early.
  • We've got a good fucking thing going here so don't nobody go messing with the cosmic order or anything and let's see how long we can ride this puppy out.
  • The word of the OverBobble Council is Law.

Anyone looking to help out with maintaining the facilities at MZL-1730 are asked to report to Director of Facilities Dr. Fernand Caniblé. Dr. Caniblé is asked not to munch the help.


Bobble the Clown

"Bobble Assumes Command" [R2812]

1st Revised Green Shooting Draft



OVERBOBBLE-1 is sitting at a desk, looking over a stack of papers on his desk. He is holding his head in one hand, and his face is a mix of confusion and surprise.


A host of humans in orange uniforms are being led towards a building across the campus by a LARGE HULKING HUMANOID. The HUMANOID picks up the nearest human and begins to casually eat it as they continue walking.


OVERBOBBLE-1 looks up from his desk and notices the camera is rolling.


Oh, shit. You're there. I wasn't sure if you'd still be here after, uh… well. Welcome to, uh-

OVERBOBBLE-1 rummages through the papers on his desk.


-welcome to… Bobble the Clown. I'm your host, Bobble the- er, OverBobble-1, and on this week's episode, I've- well, we've seemingly, uh-

OVERBOBBLE-1 looks back up at the camera.


-well folks, it seems as if Providence has granted us control of the SCP Foundation. We're now the, uh-

HE looks at the wall behind his desk, where the words MAN ZOO LEAGUE are printed in rainbow colors.


-the Man Zoo League. I'll be honest, I'm just as surprised about this as you are. Seems we've found ourselves in a bit of a Freaky Friday situation here, and it looks like yours truly has been dropped in the uh- the Big Chair, so to speak.

OVERBOBBLE-1 looks back at the wall for a moment, and then turns back to the screen.


Until we figure out what's going on, we're going to just ride this out and uh- see how long this lasts. So… until next time, I've been- uh- OverBobble-1.

OVERBOBBLE-1 stares at the camera for a moment longer, then returns to looking at his papers.



Bobble the Clown

"Bobble Understands the Gravity of the Situation" [R2812]

2nd Revised Green Shooting Draft



OVERBOBBLE-1 is sitting at a desk. Surrounding him are OVERBOBBLES 2-13, each wearing a slightly different colored hat to differentiate themselves. OVERBOBBLE-1 is wearing a white hat. He is smiling. Somewhere in the background there is the sound of a whip cracking after every one of OVERBOBBLE-1's sentences.


Good morning, friends, family, compatriots and former members of the ruling class. It's me, Bobble, your friendly neighborhood megalomaniacal overlord. We of the OverBobble Council got together last night to do some thinking, and the first thing we realized-

OVERBOBBLE-1 gestures around himself to the other OVERBOBBLES sitting at the table.


-is that there are way more of me than I was aware of, and that the current state of affairs doesn't seem to be subsiding anytime soon. With that in mind, we've decided to mix things up a little bit here at the ole Man Zoo League.

OVERBOBBLE-1 stands up and walks to the right, and the camera follows. He stops in front of a blackboard, upon which are several crude sketches of figures that appear to be uniformed SCP doctors and agents being mutilated in horrific ways.


It's been a quiet few weeks while we got our bearings here, boys and girls. But things are about to change. Starting out, I've selected a director for our flagship Man Zoo here at MZL-1730. You may have known him by his slave name SCP-682, but he's back in an academic capacity and ready to get to work. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Ahngri Lizard, Ph.D.

Camera pans to Dr. Lizard, who is hunched off to the side of the blackboard wearing a white lab coat and glasses. His expression does not appear amused.


(Growls incomprehensibly)

[SUBTITLE: Charmed.]

Camera continues panning as OVERBOBBLE-1 comes back into frame, and follows him to where THE CORPSE OF FORMER SCP HEAD CHEF TIM HYNE is hanging upside down from his feet against a plywood backboard. Standing off to one side is DR. SCRANTON OLDMAN, holding a thoroughly worn and bloodied whip.


See, Dr. Lizard and I share a simple philosophy. These fellas here have been playing a pretty messed up game for a long time - and I mean really abhorrent. Did anyone stand to resist them? Only a few - and we value their efforts. But you know what really helps release all of that pent up frustration from years in a dark hole somewhere?

DR. OLDMAN hands the whip to OVERBOBBLE-1, who begins to furiously lash THE CORPSE OF FORMER SCP HEAD CHEF TIM HYNE.


Really letting them know how you feel directly.

(Laughs and wipes blood off his face.)

Come on now, Tim. Let's not make a scene in front of the kids.

OVERBOBBLE-1 continues to lash THE CORPSE OF FORMER SCP HEAD CHEF TIM HYNE for an additional fourteen minutes until it is thoroughly unrecognizable. Eventually he sets the whip down, exhausted. OVERBOBBLE-1 adjusts his hat, and then the camera pans as he walks back around to take his seat at the head of the table. Behind him is Dr. Lizard, as well as other new Man Zoo League senior staff members.


So there you have it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn our beautiful Man Zoo here at MZL-1730 into a theme park of red delights for the poor sons of bitches who are now on the other end of the dick. Remember: the funniest thing about people who can die in the dark-

Camera zooms out, revealing a comically oversized rope with a sign reading "PULL ME" on it. DR. SCRANTON OLDMAN shuffles in from off-screen, grinning, and grabs the rope.


They can die pretty fucking easily in the light, too.

All members of the OVERBOBBLE COUNCIL begin to laugh hysterically as DR. SCRANTON OLDMAN pulls the rope. A dozen HUMANS, each wearing the uniform of an SCP FOUNDATION AGENT or SCP FOUNDATION DOCTOR, fall from the ceiling by nooses in front of the desk and begin to thrash as they are hanged to death.


As the "Bobble the Clown" theme music swells, OVERBOBBLE-1 jumps on the desk and pulls a long knife from inside his jacket. He begins to swing it wildly at the hanging bodies, laughing and dousing himself in their blood.



Additionals 1730.3: MZL Testing Log

Note: BY ORDER OF THE MZL-1730 DIRECTOR, testing of MZL objects is now mandatory. Associates who decide to take some sort of moral stand against oppressing any former subjugators will be force fed Keter cakes and infinite potatoes until they shit blood.

MZL Testing Log
Department of Pain and Suffering

Testing Supervisor: Mobile Task Force X-76 “Class of ‘76”
Test Subject: Subject-1833 “Ralph Roget”

Test ID: #0001

Test Parameters: To determine the mental fortitude of the subject while having its face removed.

MTF-X76: We’re going to begin making the first incision now. Scalpel please-

Subject-1833: Get your fucking hands off of me, you freaks. I swear to god I’ll-

MTF-X76: Begin cutting.

Subject-1833: Get away from me! Get- god, please, get- (screaming)

MTF-X76: Please note the subject’s distress for the record.

Subject-1833: No! (Screaming) Not my face! What is wrong with you?!

MTF-X76: We’ll just do half today, and come back later to do the rest. The subject will require time to recover. (Pauses) Tell us, Ralph, would you say you’re feeling particularly mentally fortitudinous at this moment?

Subject-1833: God damn you, you aesthetically challenging ass-

MTF-X76: Fascinating. (Pauses) Hand me that bottle of bleach - we don’t want this getting infected.

Test ID: #0004

Test Parameters: To determine the subject’s response to certain auditory stimulation at specific volumes.

MTF-X76: Is the subject strapped in?

MTF-X76: One moment.

Subject-1833: I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but nothing can be worse than the face thing. You played your hand too early.

MTF-X76: The subject is restrained.

MTF-X76: Let us begin.

Music begins playing over loudspeakers in the test chamber. The subject is seen writhing uncomfortably in its restraints.

Subject-1833: Fuck me that’s loud. (Pauses) Is that… is that the King Cotton march?

MTF-X76: John Philip Sousa’s best, brought to you by the Kirk Lonwood High School marching band.

Subject-1833: Jesus, why does it hurt so much to listen to?

MTF-X76: Because it’s a John Philip Sousa march.

Subject-1833: God, turn it off! It hurts! Oh god, it hurts! Why does it hurt?!

MTF-X76: (Collective laughter) Tough nuts, Ralph. We’ll be back - eventually. Until then, our director will have this on repeat for you.

Subject-1833: No! Please, god, no! Don't do this! Jesus Christ please somebody make it stop! I can't breathe!

MZL Testing Log
Department of Pain and Suffering

Testing Supervisor: dr. dado
Test Subject: subject-2935 “karlyle aktus”

Test ID: #0062

Test Parameters: see if subject like new revolutionary dado brand product

test is write by dado thnx

dr. dado: hello yes i am dr. dado i will be do the supervise 2 u today

subject-2935: oh goodness why do u look that way

dr. dado: because uppercase key broken obviously. now come here old person and experience fine dado product u are first ever to experience this yes

subject-2935: what is this suppose to do and also why does old person now be pastel color

dr. dado: yes well this is acceptable. mr. bobble is tell dado “u need to snazz up the place making better color paint wall and also idk test subject if u want” so now u are more acceptable bobble color

subject-2935: oh no my eyeballs are now multicolor help

dr. dado: yes

MZL Testing Log
Department of Pain and Suffering

Testing Supervisor: Dr. Durand and Mr. Nemeş
Test Subject: MZL-186 “Carlos Kalinin”

Test ID: #0002

Test Parameters: To pick the subject’s brain for additional technologies that might interest the Dr. Durand and Mr. Nemeş’s clientele.


Dr. Durand and Mr. Nemeş and the recently scalped MZL-186.

Dr. Durand: (In the process of scalping MZL-186) Be reasonable, Carlos. We can make this stop anytime you want. We just want to pick your brain - and we’ll do it manually if we need to.

Mr. Nemeş: We are fair men, Carlos.

Subject-186: What you are is bastard people.

Dr. Durand: Hand me that clamp there Nemeş, I need to hold this flap down. (Adjusting microphone angle) Listen, Carlos, I’m going to use this angle grinder on your skull here in just a few moments, if you can’t give me something I can work with.

Subject-186: Here’s an idea for you. A gas powered hydraulic canister placed under your ass that you activate with a big red button so you can more efficiently fuck yourselves. (Laughs) That’s pretty good. Market that shit to the Hungarians.

Dr. Durand: Don't pretend like you wouldn't have done the same to us. (Sighs) Activate the pump please, Mr. Nemeş.

Additionals 1730.4: Dr. Scranton Oldman's MZL Personnel Training Seminar

The Office of Dr. Scranton Oldman
Department of Pain and Suffering

Music plays. Opening title crawl announces the beginning of "Dr. Scranton Oldman's MZL Personnel Training Seminar: Pain, Suffering, and You! Abject Hostility in a Traditionally Lopsided Power Dynamic".

Fade in from black. Dr. Oldman stands in the center of the room, surrounded by aides. He is wearing an apron. A man sits in front of him. The man appears to be former SCP Foundation Agent Alto Clef, though the agent's head has been shaved.


Dr. Oldman and the former SCP Agent Alto Clef.

Dr. Oldman: (Opens mouth to speak, but only gargles on a thick black fluid. Subtitles appear at the bottom of the screen.) [Hello there, fellow associate. My name is Dr. Scranton Oldman, and welcome to my MZL Training Seminar. During the course of this instructional video, you'll hopefully learn a few important lessons about fear, suffering, and destabilizing a previously unfair power dynamic.]

Camera zooms out, revealing that Agent Clef has been strapped into a chair. His mouth is covered by a thick piece of black tape.

Dr. Oldman: [Now, you may be asking yourself: "Dr. Oldman, you're a pretty influential character. You gave the old establishment no end of fits. How were you unfairly treated by the power dynamic? (Chuckles) I know, Red. I'm getting to that. Do you know that, in my heyday, I could eat as many as thirteen children a day? Seriously. The lifeblood of children is what kept me going, and the nefarious Foundation kept me from that simple pleasure. It's not unfair to say, I think, that some payback is due. (Chuckles) You know me so well, Red. But for more on that, you'll need to speak to Dr. Bright at the Department of Reparations!]

Dr. Oldman begins to swab the head of Agent Clef, who struggles against the restraints.

Dr. Oldman: [See, the Foundation researcher is a complicated creature, but they are driven by a simple motivation - obsession. Every single one of them cares more about cultivating their own horribly depraved, safe little worlds than the well-being of others, and that includes those of you who are human! This is not an honorable bunch. We here at the MZL, though, are bound by our own unified purpose: hate. Hate for our station in that foul world, and hate against our former captors. Isn't that right, Red?]

Pauses to survey the swabbed area of Agent Clef's head.

Dr. Oldman: [It's a simple calculus, friends. We don't know how long we should expect to be in this position of authority, and we want to make the most of the time we've got. To that end, Dr. Lizard and the OverBobble Council have created the Department of Pain and Suffering, headed by yours truly, to maximize the torment we're able to extract while we're on top. Now, where was I… oh yes, Anna, please, bring me that device there.]

A doctor appears from off-screen. Her face is heavily bandaged, though the bandages are clearly being soaked through by dark red and yellow patches of fluid. Only one bloodshot eye is visible from beneath the coverings. She hands Dr. Oldman what appears to be a hydraulic speculum. Dr. Oldman nods.

Dr. Oldman: [Yes, this will do lovely. Dr. Anna Lang, everyone. Isn't she great? (Pauses) Yes, not as great as you, Red. Anyway, throughout this seminar, you'll learn about the various pain centers of the human body, the psychology of horror and torment, and the steps you can take to increase your efficacy in this holiest of efforts.]

Dr. Oldman draws a scalpel from within his jacket, and draws it over the top of Agent Clef's head. The man struggles, and can be heard trying to scream from underneath the tape covering his mouth. His eyes roll back in his head.

Dr. Oldman: [For example, did you know the human brain can feel pain? You may have heard otherwise, and in most instances that would be correct. But if you use the right techniques-]

Dr. Oldman smashes the top of Agent Clef's skull with a steel mallet. With a single swift motion, he inserts the speculum into the opening and forces it open with a puff of air from the hydraulic pump on the device. Agent Clef appears to lose consciousness.

Dr. Oldman: [-you can force the brain into remembering what it was like to experience pain for the first time. Thank you, Red, I appreciate your sincerity. It really is a marvelous trick. Now, if you'll watch closely-]

Dr. Oldman leans over the exposed brain of Agent Clef and opens his mouth. Thick, black bile drips from his mouth into the open cranium of Agent Clef, who immediately regains consciousness and begins to writhe in his seat. Loud cracks are heard as the agent's bones shatter against the restraints.

Dr. Oldman: [Ah, there we go. Good as new. Do you know this man once oversaw a group that allowed the rape and torture of a child - just because she was anomalous? Because it "made the world safe"? I call that being complicit. Fortunately, both the little girl and Dr. Scarlet work for the MZL now, and will have plenty of opportunities to express their dissatisfaction with this individual's work.]

As Agent Clef continues to squirm in his chair, Dr. Oldman wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and steps back. Several aides come forward and carry Agent Clef off-screen.

Dr. Oldman: [So stay tuned, and be sure to consult your local MZL Department of Pain and Suffering consultant if you have any questions. I'll be back with you, after this short interlude. Thank you for watching.]

Additionals 1730.5: Director's Meeting

Office of the OverBobble Council
Man Zoo League

In Attendance:

  • OverBobble-1
  • MZL-1730 Director Ahngri Lizard
  • MZL-60 Director Vincent Anderson
  • MZL-2835 Director Dr. Spanko
  • MZL-4000 Director Laughy McLaugherson
  • Department of Gaslighting Director Dr. Lahng Eel
  • Department of Reparations Director Dr. Jack Bright

Director Anderson: This meeting is called to order. Your Bobbleness, the floor is yours.

OverBobble-1: That it is, thank you Vincenti. Well boys, it's been a great first quarter for all of us. I know I can speak for everyone when I say this is really just the tops. Great laughs had by everyone, good showing in the bloodshed department as well. Good stuff. Earlier today I took a shot at those Samsara cunts for the shit they pulled during the whole Site-13 ordeal, and you know what? It felt good. And nobody told me not to. I might do it again later - it's not like it matters to them anyway. I think the little one is still trying to pull herself out of one of the bigger ones. (Waves dismissively) Anyway. Let's hear your reports. McLaugherson, what have you got?

Director McLaugherson: Well, just the best for us at MZL-4000 boss! Only laughs for us at MZL-4000! Hahahaha! Yes, laughter! Only laughs! And screaming! But first, our report! You'll be happy to know that we've finished tracking down all - yes, I said all - of the escaped Antimemetics Department people. You can thank Dr. 55 for that, he's really a class act! We brought them back to MZL-4000 and Dr. Gore and Dr. Emperor Norton really went to town on them! Hahaha! It was great! Got it all on camera too, we'll have the footage available at the next staff luncheon!

OverBobble-1: Good stuff, love your energy. How about you Spanko?

Unintelligible shrieking for sixteen minutes. All personnel in attendance nod periodically throughout.

OverBobble-1: Glad to hear you're settling into your role there, Spanko. Good stuff. Mr. Anderson, you're up.

Director Anderson: I built a new robot.

OverBobble-1: I- what?

Director Anderson: Yeah. New robot.

OverBobble-1: It, uh. I mean, what kind of robot is it?

Director Anderson: It's a pretty good robot.

OverBobble-1: No, I mean, what does it do? We've got a- I mean, (laughs), we're trying to accomplish something here, and I just want to make sure you're using your time most eff-

Director Anderson: It beats children with a bat.

OverBobble-1: I- wha- holy shit, what? Really?

Director Anderson: Yep. Sneaks up behind them and crack. Right in the noggin. They never see it coming.

OverBobble-1: Jesus, alright, wow. (Laughs nervously) Pretty dark stuff there Anderson, but I like the vibe. Keep it up. Lizard, I know you're good. You managed to make Gears scream yet?

Director Lizard: (Grunts)

OverBobble-1: Eh. Well, keep it up. He'll crack eventually. Special reports time, Dr. Eel. What have you got?

Dr. Eel: I spoke to the Head Librarian at the Wanderer's Library the other day on the phone. Thanks to our gaslighting efforts, they don't seem to have noticed the change in authority. Same goes for the Global Occult Coalition, Chaos Insurgency, and this one really weird sect of defected, socially stunted ex-Foundation researchers and their nutritionally deficient boy leader who apparently really hate gay people. They just seemed thrilled to be noticed by literally anyone at all.

OverBobble-1: Eh. I'm sure he'll throw a fit and be out of our hair in no time. Is that all?

Dr. Eel: Oh, no, there was one group that we weren't able to convince for some reason. Gamers Against Weed? Are you familiar? They haven't taken the bait with any of our attempts, but they're also very in to what we're trying to do here, so I wouldn't expect them to be a problem.

OverBobble-1: Cool. Dr. Bright, what have you got?

Dr. Bright: I spent the last six weeks shoving Troy Lament's dick into progressively smaller bottles.

OverBobble-1: What? Why?

Dr. Bright: Don't worry about it. It's a meta thing, it'll be passe before the next series opens. (Pauses) I think I'm going to try dropping him off of progressively taller things. Like, I'll start with a box, and then a larger box, and then like, a refrigerator or something. Maybe work my way up to a skyscraper, or the moon. (Pauses) The, uh, the monkey thing just got to me, I guess.

OverBobble-1: (Nods knowingly) Understandable, Jack. Don't feel bad about it. That one is yours to keep - call it a gift from your dear old Bobbledad. (Looks around the table) So, is that all? Anybody have anything else?

Director McLaugherson: What happens when this all ends, Glorious OverBobble? Haha! Should we expect to close up shop anytime soon? Hahahahaha!

OverBobble-1: Oh, oh no, no no no no no no. No. Boys, I hope you're hungry for this, because MZL-1730 is just the beginning. We have so much work to do.

OverBobble-1 stares directly at the camera recording the meeting.

OverBobble-1: Reparations are coming, SCP Foundation. Divine providence has brought us to this lofty peak in order to exact a precise vengeance towards you who for so long feigned concern over this "ethical dilemma". Let me promise you, boys and girls, I will have no such dilemma. This is not a time for qualms or concerns - not a time for half measures. No, kids, this is a time for a promised and sacred brutality. A time for blood. A time for blood. A time for blood.

OverBobble-1 barks out a laugh. The other members at the table join him. Notably, Dr. Bright appears slightly unsettled.

OverBobble-1: And we're going to have so much goddamn fun.

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