My Name's Not Tim
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alright so

it's been a while since i updated my author page
never did figure out this wikidot programming, so i decided to go the easy route and type in the scores for each of my articles by hand
i'll come back in every now and again to edit and update the rating numbers to try and keep it current
but just know when browsing, the ratings on each work may be inaccurate

they've probably gone up by, like, a lot since i was last here

[[ Server note: it has been 4,926 days since this page was last updated. ]]

SCP-6667: "For the Love of Humanity"
RATING: + 41,999,999

SCP-6474: "Our Last Cry"
RATING: + 910,101.010101010000000001

SCP-5260: "Let Them Dream"
RATING: + 4.65 billion

SCP-5443: "Apocalyptic Evil? We got some in the back"
RATING: + 3.66 x 1010

SCP-DTBMH-J: "I Know Why the Black Moon Yips"
RATING: + 3.66 x 101010

SCP-6786: "Extradimensional"

An Excessive Payment for Unnecessary Force (tale)


Who the fuck puts white text on an author page.


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