My Name's Not Tim
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Ah, hello! Thanks for stopping by. And not just an ordinary "hello" and "thanks for stopping by" that you'd get from all other author pages and interactions with… "people", this is a very special hello and thanks for visiting my author page, COMPLETELY unlike any other you've ever received.

I heard you say "what makes it special?"
And I'm glad you asked!

Anyway, since you've visited, you are obligated by a strict covenant between myself and you, the reader, that requires you to read all of the below works and upvote and comment on each, else one of the following things will happen:

  1. You'll notice you itch somewhere on your body
  2. You'll become very aware of how often you blink
  3. The Demon Kl'Fthgnptk will arise from their damned slumber of ten thousand nightmares, dragging you down to The Land Darker Than Dreams1 for eternity2
  4. Nothing (most common roll)

Please note the covenant that you have agreed to by accessing this page is non-binding, so.




Rating: +86
Comments: 22
+/- : +95/-9
Last Comment: TL333s (28 Aug 2021 15:00)
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Rating: +63
Comments: 9
+/- : +71/-8
Last Comment: DarkStuff (28 Apr 2020 22:18)
Last Edit: TheyCallMeTim (04 Jun 2021 00:45)


Rating: +60
Comments: 8
+/- : +63/-3
Last Comment: Fish^12 (22 Jun 2021 04:05)
Last Edit: TheyCallMeTim (24 Jun 2021 22:55)



An Excessive Payment for Unnecessary Force

Rating: +20
Comments: 1
+/- : +20/-0
Last Comment: TheyCallMeTim (08 Aug 2021 04:41)
Last Edit: Vivarium (08 Aug 2021 11:57)



My Name's Not Tim

Rating: +24
Comments: 2
+/- : +24/-0
Last Comment: Kensing (06 Jul 2021 23:42)
Last Edit: TheyCallMeTim (06 Jul 2021 05:32)

If yer interested, here's… some very minimal author commentary. Spoilers, probably. Commentary doesn't add much, honestly, you might as well read 'em. Feel free to ask questions though, if you'd like.


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