My Loever, the Dog: The Incredibly True Story of Kain Pathos Crow
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My Lover, the Dog - Part one

I’d always heard about Kain Pathos Crow, but I’d neve understood what he really was. He was a dog, but like that, so much a man.

We were alone, I his new lab asisstant, supposed to be an extra set of hands, or paws.

"Could you hand me that?"he asked. I caught mystelf watching him, intent on his physicue. How could he talk, or do anything? He moved like a dancer. "What?"

"Nevermind" he said, jumping upp to the table to grab his beakers.. Hed had installed a set of stools, to reach up.

"Dr. Crow? I asked, but he stopped me.

"I dont want to talk about my disability." "It’’s hard enough tp be the laughing stock of the Fundation, I dont want to be that in my own office!" He scared me, but I saw his pain.

Please Mr. Crow", I said, "I know that your hurting. I just want to be abel to help!"

"No!" He Barked at me, throwing his test tubes to the ground.

"Every day oits the same things! What would you know about how I feel/?!" Because he was standing at eye-to-eye level with me, for the first time I could really look at him. I saw his humanity,..

and I felt like I wanted him.

His expresion melted, and I could see tears well in his dog face. "Mr. Crow, did you ever havbe a wife?" I asked

"I did" he said "but she never knew what happened to me, or about that I became a dog. She would hate because I did this to myself."

"Dr. Crow, I dont hate you." I said ,and kissed him.

It lasted a long time, and soon we were on the ground, kissing passionately. I slowly reached down his underside, and saw his tail wagg. It was so worng, but so right. We made love there.

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