My Dearest Mary
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ATTACHED: Copies of documents found on the instance's person.


My Dearest Mary,

I hope this letter finds you well. I do not know if it will reach you timely. Infrastructure here in Tukuk is poorly and I have not yet received any of your letters, though I am sure you write. I love you, and you are forever in my prayers.

The construction of the Church is going slowly, and the natives condemn the structure as an affront to their god. They are heretical pagans and do not know of Jesus their Savior. I hope God's grace will fill their ears and they will be swayed.

The sanitation here is terrible. The miasma from the excrement and the swamps poisons the men. Raol was bitten by a native, and he is overcome by an illness causing frothing at the mouth, but I do not fear as I know God watches over me and I am in your prayers.

Yours in Christ, Robert.


My Dearest Mary,

I doubt that what I write will reach you, but I find solace in the thought of you safe in the Mother Country, safe and ever-faithful. I do hope you do not worry yourself over me; for I am guided by Providence, although I am comforted by the sure knowledge of your prayers.

The persecution in Tukuk is worse than we thought. They have imprisoned me in a cage with metal bars. I am surrounded by vicious rogues, guilty of murder and worse. Not the prisoners, no. Most of the prisoners are deranged, and are incapable of speaking coherently. I fear they were driven mad by captivity. There are hundreds of them, and all they do is scream. But the guards! They are murderers. I hear that they will roast us and eat us. I attempted to converse with them and negotiate my ransom, but instead they threatened and drugged me. I hope I will see you again soon.

Yours faithfully, Robert.


My Dearest Mary,

I have almost given up all hope. All that drives me is the knowledge that you love me and pray for me. I do not pretend to know our Lord's machinations, but I doubt I will ever see you again. I await meeting God in heaven, and someday you, but not soon, I pray.

I am in the same cage, somewhere in the belly of a huge powered carriage, somewhere in the peninsula. How ludicrous. The native guards dragged me by the collar they had placed around my neck, as if treating an animal, into a room where they exchanged me with other natives. I had hoped they would ransom me, but no. I think they are taking me to my execution. I hope you are safer than I.


Item Recovery Log:
An instance of SCP-1845-3 resembling a common raccoon was recovered from the ██████ Animal Shelter, Florida, following the instance demanding he be ransomed by SCP-1845-1, and insisting he was 'spreading the Word of God to the uncivilised Southern natives.' Council employees and volunteers were administered Class-A amnesics. Instance is currently in transit via convoy to Site-19.
SIGNED: Agent Boyles.

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