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The World, To Be Freed.

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Mundus, Normalis - "The World, Normal"; the creed of the Global Occult Coalition

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…I'm not going to pretend that what Parawatch used to be was meaningful. One of our forum moderators thought a Bigfoot rising was always imminent, for chrissake. But Rook "retired" without even saying goodbye, more and more of the people that gave this place life have either been perma'd or gone inactive, and the new admins kill any article or thread that doesn't have even the slightest HINT of a fashy or Alex Jones-y undertone. Parawatch is being gutted, and there's no anesthetic…


…While the good Doctor will be stepping down, the magic and whimsy of Doctor Wondertainment, Inc. will continue under the gracious new ownership of…


To The Bitter

End, We Shall Write

Mundus, Liberari - "The World, To Be Freed"; the creed of the Security and Containment Protectorate


WE WILL SECURE and liberate the realms, citizens, and technology that you have violently taken control of.

WE WILL CONTAIN your operatives, informants, and sympathizers, so that they will stand trial for their crimes against the worlds.

WE WILL PROTECT and shelter the refugees of your massacres, and make the worlds without you a safer place for all.

Three Portlands has fallen.

The Library has been burnt to ash.

Every day, a little bit more of the worlds, both behind the Veil and beyond it, is snatched by the talons of the Global Occult Coalition.

Knowledge is consumed by fire or locked away.

Paratechnology is maliciously repurposed.

Magic is gradually snuffed out.

Entire species and cultures are put through the shredder, all for the goal of "normalcy".

One group is doing its damndest to make sure that the worlds don't go down with a whimper.

Originally created as part of the 2020 Art Exchange for the user RaptieRaptie by newnykacolaquantumnewnykacolaquantum, the world of Mundus, Liberari is a radical reinterpretation of the setting, dynamics, and premise of the Foundationverse like you've never seen before. Themes of black-and-grey morality, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", strained partnerships, anti-fascism and rebellion are all deeply embedded in this series' core. How will you join the fight?

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