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The sky darkened. The world died. Humanity burrowed.

The sky cleared. The world bloomed. Humanity festered.

Things are greater now. Taller. Deeper. Made to weather the longest eons. They're worse now. Deeper. Lonelier. Full of sludge, and muck, and scum.

Things are different, but history has a way of clawing its way back from the darkest boundaries. Old forces persist. Old enemies remain. Most of all, old grudges tug away at distant generations, and what an incessant pull they have.

Flea is a child of a storied family. Years ago, she fled to a storied city. She's built up her own grudges since, stealing things and swindling people, but they're nothing compared to what has persisted beyond the clouds' vanished veil.

Series Tales:

Midnight Naught Exact

Prime Civil Dawn

Fleas, Roaches, and Gnats

Like the Moon's Drifting Carcass

Crows Call Calamitous

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