Personnel File: Bicks, Jonathan

Name: Jonathan Bicks

Personnel Classification: Site-132 Director Provisional Site-███ Director O5-██ Class-D

Number Designation: D-93731

Default Site Location: Site-132

Physical Description: Hispanic Male, Age 29
Weight: 68 kg
Height: 1.72 m
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue

Bio: D-93731 (originally Jonathan Bicks) was found as a PoW in █████, Iran. Originally a respected journalist, Mr. Bicks was held hostage by the [REDACTED] organization. Mr. Bicks and ██ other hostages were rescued by Foundation Agents. A total of █ of these hostages were taken to Site-132 as Class D Personnel.1

Upon approval, a cover story was fabricated concerning the deaths of said hostages. D-93731 is currently assigned to participate in testing related with anomalies housed at Site-132. For a complete biography of D-93731, A Level 4 Security Clearance and approval from Site-132's Site Director is required.

D-93731 was provisionally involved with numerous anomalies as the Site-132 Director. A full list of said anomalies and related incidents can be found below

Estimated Date of Discharge: 10/██/20██

Anomaly Record: D-93731 has participated in testing with the following objects:

SCP-2555 Growing Up: D-93731 was assigned to explore the interior and upper level floors of SCP-2555. Exploration resulted in better understanding of the building's interior and associated SCP-2555-1 instances.

SCP-2089 john: Exposed to SCP-2089 related content. Resulted in better understanding of SCP-2089's memetic properties. Subject was administered amnestics after testing.

SCP-2434 Carmageddon: Was nominated to be placed in an area where SCP-2434 instances were likely to occur. Original test was suggested to determine if collision with subjects would result in successfully recovery of instances. Test was denied.

SCP-1095 The Fall of A King: Was assigned to deliver goods to instances located within SCP-1095. Initial results proved successful.

SCP-6828 The Extent of The Words, Sayings, Quotes, Parables and Many Pieces of Wisdom Related to The Glorious and Necessary Ted: Conducted a preliminary interview with SCP-6828-A. Was amnesticized afterwards.

SCP-5342 Libido Dominandi: Failed evaluation to determine eligibly to conduct subject testing of Katherine Serre's anomalous effects.

D-93731, as the Site-132 Director, has also been related with the following objects:

SCP-2150 A Breach of Command: Selected as a test subject for the anomaly and subsequently used the anomaly to grant himself the title of Site Director. Refer to Supplementary Documentation for more info.

SCP-2183 The Ride Never Ends: Barred D-93730 from test selection.

SCP-2227 If You See Something, Say Something: Assigned MTF Mu-13 to contain instances of SCP-2227-1.

SCP-2572 Broken Dreams on Dekalb Avenue: Assigned a provisional containment unit to apprehend SCP-2572 and deliver it to Site-132.

SCP-6089 Black Sabbath: Supported the ban of religious services in Site-132's East Wing prior to the anomaly's activation.

SCP-6183 Deliverance: Suggested that personnel not eat food items recovered from delivery.

Supplementary Documentation: D-93731 has also been involved with the following incidents:

Aryanne's Tail Claimed to know location of SCP-2089-1 and related PoIs after exposure to SCP-2089 related content. MTF assigned to the location proved the given location to be false.

The Escape From Site-132 Contains the account of D-93731's experience with SCP-2150 and related events.

The Ride Never Ends Believed to have been recovered during an encounter with the Serpent's Hand.

Death's Cleric Reported to anomalously manifest on the Site Director's desk. Source unknown. Document exhibits no anomalous effects.

Sandbox Contains residual documentation left by D-93731 while he served as Site-132 Director.

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