Dr. Glassman's Personnel File


Name: Dr. █████ Glassman

Security Clearance: [DATA EXPUNGED]


History: [DATA EXPUNGED]. At this point, Dr. Glassman was killed in action following a containment breach of SCP-████.

Following her death, Foundation agents involved in consolidating Dr. Glassman's records for archival purposes were able to find no history on Glassman, including that which would confirm or detail her employment in the Foundation, and no personnel involved in her recruitment were able to recall the circumstances under which she entered Foundation employ. The prevailing theory among Foundation research staff was that Dr. Glassman was an anomalous cognitoparadox, ceasing to exist when not directly observed. Consolidation of records relating to Dr. Glassman was cancelled.

Following the declassification of this information to Clearance Level 2 personnel, Dr. Glassman resumed work. She was henceforth placed under 24-hour clandestine observation. All records on Dr. Glassman were expunged in an attempt to remove her from existence once more. This attempt, and all subsequent attempts, have failed.

All records mentioning or involving Dr. Glassmanare to be rewritten or destroyed. Foundation personnel are urged not to speak to or make physical contact or eye contact with Dr. Glassman in case of cognitohazardous effects. Foundation personnel are urged not to interact with or recognize Dr. Glassman. Do not engage with Dr. Glassman. Do not acknowledge Dr. Glassman. Do not attempt to locate Dr. Glassman.


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