Mr Foweraker's Personnel File

Name: Mr Julian Foweraker

Security Clearance Level: Special (Mr Foweraker has category 4 clearance for information concenring SCPs and test data, but level 1 clearance otherwise.)

Duties: Deputy Head of Foundation Finance.

Profession: Accountant.

Location: Site-11

Duties: Oversight of Acquisitions and distributions wing of Finance Department, head of Special Acquisitions and Novel Investments team.

History: Mr Julian Foweraker is a British national born in the city of Birmingham. He first came to Foundation attention when his accountancy firm was implicated in the collapse of ██████████ Ltd but subsequently acquitted. Foundation agents examined the firm and discovered that the collapse had been engineered by Mr Foweraker, who had embezzled a significant portion of company's losses, redirecting 87% of the stolen funds to the ██████ family of the Mafia.

Such financial acumen and disregard for the vaugeries of the law where desirable and Mr Foweraker was made an offer to work for the foundation in 19██. Over the course of his years in Foundation employment it is estimated that Mr Foweraker has saved the Foundation $████████ per annum, through identifying waste, theft and "novel investments." As a consequence Foundation Personnel wishing to acquire certain illegal substances are advised that Mr Foweraker is able to offer dealer rates and purity via his business partners. All such transactions are to be logged and personnel are to ensure that use does not interfere with their work.

Mr Foweraker's hobbies include Texas Holdem, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Draw, Eight Card Shuffle, Three Card Barrel, Bridge and extreme ironing.

Financial reviews and administration conducted of the following:

Additional Notes:
It has been discovered that Mr Foweraker has been redirecting approximately $30,000 a year to personal accounts. What action do we take? - Mr Whittely, Internal Security.

None. For one thing $30,000 a year is much less than a lot of Reasercher's "expense" accounts, for another a man like Foweraker is never happy unless he is ripping someone off. Also he is skimming it off a percentage of his savings, which makes him even more interested in finding savings. As such we are minded to consider it a performance related bonus. Keep an eye on it and if it rises above about 0.05% we will have words with him. Nevertheless I think we can shelve the idea of promoting him to head of the department. - O5-██

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