Mr. Doggo
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Mr. Doggo

Canis ex Machina, Hound of the Memelords1, Spirited Canine


Mr. Doggo is a small doggo of the Shiba Inu breed, possessing a collar that appears to be irremovable, which reads 'Mr. Doggo, by Gamers Against Weed2'. Mr. Doggo, as he wishes to be called, behaves for the most part in a manner similar to the average domesticated doggo. However, Mr. Doggo has several magical properties that only make themselves known at certain times. This includes an effect on information when one is aware of his existence, and his inability to vocalize in a manner normal to others of his species34.



Mr. Doggo playing in the yard, taken and visually enhanced by Mr. Doggo's current custodian.


Traits: Mr. Doggo, when barking, sounds like a human vocalizing the word 'Bork5'. In addition, Mr. Doggo is known to alter text referring to doggos when one is aware of his existence, replacing the word 'doggo' with 'doggo' when he is within a short distance of any documents.6 While this effect is not permanent, it tends to last for roughly a week after first becoming aware of Mr. Doggo, and can be reset by encountering him in any way after it has ended. As Mr. Doggo is a doggo, and therefore unable to effectively communicate with us, it is not known if this is of his own volition, or merely a by-product of his enchantment. Mr. Doggo is friendly, and currently resides in his own private doggohouse with one of our members7. In the interest of their protection, this member's identity will remain secret, so as not to draw attention from other groups.

Nature: Mr. Doggo, for the most part, acts as if he were a normal doggo8. However, Mr. Doggo does display an above average intelligence, understanding several phrases, and showing knowledge of their meaning. This includes 'Gamers Against Weed'91011, to which Mr. Doggo generally responds with hostility1213. Mr. Doggo has occasionally been seen to attempt to remove his collar, though his efforts have been met with failure, as the collar seems to be unable to be removed from him. If, as some theorize, Mr. Doggo is indeed a spirit trapped within a body he finds unfitting, this may be a sign that he wishes to be released of his past associations and present form141516.

History & Associated Parties: Mr. Doggo is believed to have been created by a group of merrymakers, thought to be a lost sect of the anartists, calling themselves 'Gamers Against Weed', which is believed to be an esoteric joke of some sort. As these merrymakers171819 have been known to create 'Misters' mocking the ones created by the inventor known as 'Dr. Wondertainment', this is most likely the case20. Mr. Doggo was brought to the attention of the Serpent's Hand after several members received a notice that there was 'a Doggo looking for a good home' from an unidentified person going by the name of 'jockjamsvol6'21. Coordinates listed on this notice led Mr. Doggo's current custodian to a doggo pound in Denver, Colorado, which had detained Mr. Doggo a week prior, and was beginning to become weary of Mr. Doggo's magical effects. Mr. Doggo was adopted, and currently resides with a member of the Serpent's Hand.

Approach:22 Mr. Doggo is to be approached as if he were a normal doggo. With respect, and caution. Allow him time to become used to your presence, and make no movements that would lead him to become suspicious or wary of your intentions. Treats containing meat are very helpful when becoming acquainted with Mr. Doggo. Offerings of new toys such as rubber balls or squeaky animals are also accepted. Mr. Doggo responds to the name 'Mr. Doggo', but has warmed up to several affectionate nicknames, and will likely respond to anything that contains 'Doggo' or 'Mr.'23.

Other Detail: For the time being, Mr. Doggo is disallowed from entering the library proper without powerful warding spells to suppress his text altering effect. When entering the library, Mr. Doggo's custodian must have a waste disposal bag with them at all times, for the sake of the other inhabitants of the library2425, and his time there should be kept to a minimum.

Observations & Stories

When first encountered by his current custodian, a small document was discovered to have been tucked under Mr. Doggo's collar. The document has been reproduced here.

Holy h*ck! You've just found yourself an ultra rare Mr. Doggo by Doggos Against Catnip! Give that doggo a bone! What the actual fuck is an Dr. Wondertainment?

This Mr. Doggo is a prototype model for our upcoming series of 'Misters Against Weed'! Please take care of him, he is a good doggo after all! Find all of our upcoming Misters and become Mr. Gamer!

Anyone wishing to meet Mr. Doggo for themselves, please private message either H. or M., and they'll refer you to his custodian. Be prepared to deal with the side effects though!


As little is known of the merrymakers who created him, some have questioned the nature of Mr. Doggo, bringing into debate whether or not he can be considered a doggo. The idea that the being known as Mr. Doggo may in fact be a spirit led to believe it is a doggo may also come with unfortunate implications. Did this spirit willingly submit to the merrymakers? Or was it coerced through force?

Some of you are blowing this out of proportion. All this demonstrates is that the merrymakers have found power of their own. To enforce our own morals onto them26 is no different than the Jailers saying that beings developing their own power are required to be contained. ~ Hugin

There's much more to my argument than that. These people are pulling strings they may not even be able to understand the full implications of. All I'm saying is perhaps we shouldn't be rejoicing just yet that more people are achieving their own power. Some people aren't capable of handling it. - Munin

Just because someone dances to the beat of their own drum doesn't mean they aren't capable of doing great things. ~ Hugin

You two bicker too much. And for future reference, keep it in the doubt section, it's beginning to make articles that you two collaborate on quite cumbersome to read. - Q3

Not all of these are us. Qbed, it seems we've been infiltrated. - M.

As long as they confine their interjections to annotations and the doubt section, it's fine by me. Any input is welcome. ~ H.

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I immediately regret sharing the fact that I had a Library card with you guys. - polaricecraps

To Mr. Doggo's custodian: Doesn't living with him get in the way of work at all? And surely you can't bring back many books without checking to see if they contain the word doggo first. - I. J.

Hey I.J.! I actually speak and write in Spanish for the most part, and Mr. Doggo's unique traits don't seem to affect 'perro' at all. Thanks for the concern though!

BORK! - Mr. Doggo27

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