Mr Carbon's Scrawls
Mr Carbon's Scrawls
By: Mr CarbonMr Carbon
Published on 23 Oct 2013 23:43

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What this is

A bunch of miscellaneous CSS 'improvements' that I, CroquemboucheCroquembouche, use on a bunch of pages because I think it makes them easier to deal with.

The changes this component makes are bunch of really trivial modifications to ease the writing experience and to make documenting components/themes a bit easier (which I do a lot). It doesn't change anything about the page visually for the reader — the changes are for the writer.

I wouldn't expect translations of articles that use this component to also use this component, unless the translator likes it and would want to use it anyway.

This component probably won't conflict with other components or themes, and even if it does, it probably won't matter too much.


On any wiki:

[[include :scp-wiki:component:croqstyle]]

This component is designed to be used on other components. When using on another component, be sure to add this inside the component's [[iftags]] block, so that users of your component are not forced into also using Croqstyle.

Related components

Other personal styling components (which change just a couple things):

Personal styling themes (which are visual overhauls):

CSS changes

Reasonably-sized footnotes

Stops footnotes from being a million miles wide, so that you can actually read them.

.hovertip { max-width: 400px; }

Monospace edit/code

Makes the edit textbox monospace, and also changes all monospace text to Fira Code, the obviously superior monospace font.

@import url(';700&display=swap');
:root { --mono-font: "Fira Code", Cousine, monospace; }
#edit-page-textarea, .code pre, .code p, .code, tt, .page-source { font-family: var(--mono-font); }
.code pre * { white-space: pre; }
.code *, .pre * { font-feature-settings: unset; }

Teletype backgrounds

Adds a light grey background to <tt> elements ({{text}}), so code snippets stand out more.

tt {
  background-color: var(--swatch-something-bhl-idk-will-fix-later, #f4f4f4);
  font-size: 85%;
  padding: 0.2em 0.4em;
  margin: 0;
  border-radius: 6px;

No more bigfaces

Stops big pictures from appearing when you hover over someone's avatar image, because they're stupid and really annoying and you can just click on them if you want to see the big version.

.avatar-hover { display: none !important; }

Breaky breaky

Any text inside a div with class nobreak has line-wrapping happen between every letter.

.nobreak { word-break: break-all; }

Code colours

Add my terminal's code colours as variables. Maybe I'll change this to a more common terminal theme like Monokai or something at some point, but for now it's just my personal theme, which is derived from Tomorrow Night Eighties.

Also, adding the .terminal class to a fake code block as [[div class="code terminal"]] gives it a sort of pseudo-terminal look with a dark background. Doesn't work with [[code]], because Wikidot inserts a bunch of syntax highlighting that you can't change yourself without a bunch of CSS. Use it for non-[[code]] code snippets only.

Quick tool to colourise a 'standard' Wikidot component usage example with the above vars: link

:root {
  --c-bg: #393939;
  --c-syntax: #e0e0e0;
  --c-comment: #999999;
  --c-error: #f2777a;
  --c-value: #f99157;
  --c-symbol: #ffcc66;
  --c-string: #99cc99;
  --c-operator: #66cccc;
  --c-builtin: #70a7df;
  --c-keyword: #cc99cc;
.terminal, .terminal > .code {
  color: var(--c-syntax);
  background: var(--c-bg);
  border: 0.4rem solid var(--c-comment);
  border-radius: 1rem;

Debug mode

Draw lines around anything inside .debug-mode. The colour of the lines is red but defers to CSS variable --debug-colour.

You can also add div.debug-info.over and div.debug-info.under inside an element to annotate the debug boxes — though you'll need to make sure to leave enough vertical space that the annotation doesn't overlap the thing above or below it.

…like this!

.debug-mode, .debug-mode *, .debug-mode *::before, .debug-mode *::after {
  outline: 1px solid var(--debug-colour, red);
  position: relative;
.debug-info {
  position: absolute;
  left: 50%;
  transform: translateX(-50%);
  font-family: 'Fira Code', monospace;
  font-size: 1rem;
  white-space: nowrap;
.debug-info.over { top: -2.5rem; }
.debug-info.under { bottom: -2.5rem; }
.debug-info p { margin: 0; }

Mr Carbon is someone who occasionally writes things on this collaborative fiction wiki.

In particular, I write a version of the Foundation which, on average, goes right up to the limit of "cold, not cruel" while leaving room for some error on either side of that line. I also like to write about what I call my pet Mobile Task Force, MTF Theta-90 ("Angle Grinders").

I'm on hiatus (again…) effective May 2023. Probably not for four years this time, though!

Mr Carbon's SCP entries:

SCP-814 - "Pure Tones" (repost-rewrite, see article comments for details)
SCP-1496 - "A Place Setting"
SCP-1707 - "New Skin"
SCP-7090 - "The Girl With The Sun In Her Head"

Tales, essays and other writing:

MTF Theta-90 Hub Page, incorporating:
Character Roster for our POV crew, Tactical Team 10

Mobile Task Force Basic School: Induction Remarks

(Chapter 1)
Wednesday, 3pm, The Office of Paul Dimaccio
Monday, 6am, Escherville Facility Two
Friday, 2200, Paul Dimaccio's Personal Quarters
Running Out

(Chapter 2)
Four Years Later
Turning Points

(No chapter, but…)
Tuesday, 11am, Conference Room Three - a not-quite-fully-in-canon tale that introduced a couple of the characters from Mobile Task Force Theta-90.

The Character Assassination Of Site-666 By The Cowards MTF Theta-90 - a very absurd and definitely not in-canon poem that was my Halloweencon 2022 entry. (Update: Placed 11th out of 36, pretty good for the only poem!)

And aside from Theta-90, we also have…

Ricky Vasquez — the first in a likely series of articles about MTF Rho-V ("Ricky Vasquez"), who deal with nomenclative anomalies.

I wrote two pieces for Gift Exchange 2022, which can be found on the wiki here:

The Ballad of Soup Dog - a silly poem-song about a silly and fantastic SCP entry, Soup Dog

GOLIATH Activation 000078 - a tale in the form of a robot (suit?) operation log, based on the microfiction found in the tabs on Toadking07's author page

And now I finally have audio up on the Wiki! … so it can live here til I get a proper music page set up…

This is Scintillating Hate, some theme music I produced for the demon Ansiel from the excellent Sol Invictus. You can also find the track embedded in the relevant pages of the tale.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License