Mr Carbon's Scrawls

Mr Carbon is someone who occasionally writes things on this collaborative fiction wiki.

In particular, I write a version of the Foundation which, on average, goes right up to the limit of "cold, not cruel" while leaving room for some error on either side of that line. I also like to write about what I call my pet Mobile Task Force, MTF Theta-90 ("Angle Grinders").

Mr Carbon's SCP entries:

SCP-814 - "Pure Tones" (repost-rewrite, see article comments for details)
SCP-1496 - "A Place Setting"
SCP-1707 - "New Skin"

SCP-1040-J - "A Dangerous Mental Contagion"

Tales, essays and other writing:

Mobile Task Force Basic School: Induction Remarks

MTF Theta-90 Hub Page, incorporating:
(Chapter 1)
Wednesday, 3pm, The Office of Paul Dimaccio
Monday, 6am, Escherville Facility Two
Friday, 2200, Paul Dimaccio's Personal Quarters
Running Out

(Chapter 2)
Four Years Later
Turning Points

(No chapter, but…)
Tuesday, 11am, Conference Room Three - a not-quite-fully-in-canon tale that introduced a couple of the characters from Mobile Task Force Theta-90.

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