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Hello! If you're reading this you've probably read one or more of the things I've written. Or you just clicked a link in IRC.

As long as your here, how about you click all of the links to the things I wrote? I promise they're good.1

the holy profit

The Pirate's Curse, Streaming Now!

The Demon God


safety park where things do not go wrong

SCP Explained


A Shell Of My Former Self

The Heartwarming Tale of Thur'lex the Devourer

It's Memetic

That's all for my writing, but I've also made/helped make a few offsite things as well. I'm a game designer on SCP: Uncontained (Really good scp card game), and I made an SCP DnD map on Tabletop Simulator.

SCP: Uncontained

DnD map on the TTS workshop

And that's the end of my author page, hope you liked it! You can leave a rating so I know how I did and whether or not I need to find a better ghostwriter.

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