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Hello! If you're reading this you've probably read one or more of the things I've written. Or you just clicked a link in IRC.

As long as your here, how about you click all of the links to the things I wrote? I promise they're good.1

the holy profit

The Pirate's Curse, Streaming Now!

The Demon God


safety park where things do not go wrong

SCP Explained

That's all for my writing, but I've also made/helped make a few offsite things as well. I'm a game designer on SCP: Uncontained (Really good scp card game), and I made an SCP DnD map on Tabletop Simulator.

SCP: Uncontained

DnD map on the TTS workshop

And that's the end of my author page, hope you liked it! You can leave a rating so I know how I did and whether or not I need to find a better ghostwriter.

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