Monthly Prompts

Welcome to the Monthly Prompts! I, DarkStuffDarkStuff, will be your host, but I will not be alone. You will be helping me too!

So what is this? At the beginning of every month, this hub will offer a new Prompt for you to base an article (or any kind of artwork) on. Submit a link to your work in the forum post linked below. You may also attach one suggestion for next month’s prompt!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Yeap this is defunct. Participation was way too light and we didn't even get anything for the last month. I'll leave this up in dedication to all the people who participated, and if someone else thinks they could host it better — maybe get more publicity for it, make better prompts, something of that sort — then contact me and the answer will probably be yes (if you're reputable)!

June 2020

Use an established queer character on the site for an article in which their gender/sexuality is not the main focus. ~ RogetRoget
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Nothing — by No One Yet! (but oh whoops that ship has sailed because it's not June anymore)

May 2020

Pick a canon that hasn't been touched in over a year and write for it. ~ Ihp does not match any existing user name
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Dire Tidingsby EkronakEkronak
Arnven Burnsby EkronakEkronak

April 2020

Write about an existing nexus: the less known the better! ~ Dr MonedDr Moned
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SCP-5352by Ihp does not match any existing user name
Lantern Bearerby SebarusSebarus

March 2020

Did you hear they stopped making socks? ~ Deadly BreadDeadly Bread
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We Stopped Making Socks (But What If We Made Something Better?)by Ellie3Ellie3

February 2020

Why does Site-██ only have digital clocks? ~ PeppersGhostPeppersGhost
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La Persistencia de la Memoriaby Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
6:66by DarkStuffDarkStuff

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