Montala's Personnel File

Name: Dr. M. Talan

Clearance Level: Level 3

Position: Involved in documentation of objects and events pertaining to the Foundaton and SCP objects.

History: Dr. Talan was recruited by the Foundation following his graduation from ███████ █████ ███████████ in 19██. Following his recruitment, Talan quickly proved valuable to the Human Resources department, with superiors citing that he is “friendly, companionable, easy to get along with, and level-headed.” Talan is currently on assignment to HR, being transferred as needed from location to location.

Note: Talan, while generally a good worker, does have a tendency to put things off until the last possible minute. Attempts to bring this to his attention typically result in the phrase, “I’ll fix it later.” Attempts are ongoing to solve the issue. – Dr. ███████ Psychology Dept.

Note: Moderate success noted. Attempts are ongoing, but at a greatly increased time-frame. – Dr. ███████ Psychology Dept.

Event Reports Filed:

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