Monkey's Diegetic Graphic Hovel
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You find yourself surrounded by a strange hoard of torn handbooks and scratched-off labels, nestled between the walls of some forgotten Foundation site…

Foreward: Hello and welcome to my so-called art page. Here you can find lost snippets of labels, forms, and posters that supposedly exist within the confines of the Foundation universe. Hopefully, you can get a kick out of this stuff, as I enjoy delivering it to you. Prepare to have your headcanon fleshed out and your day slightly brightened. (And to any content creators or writers who find a way to use this stuff in your own work, good on you. Just message and credit me and you can use my shit to your heart's content.)

-Junior Archivist Monkwell

Foundation Drug Labels

Handbooks and Forms

Posters and Notices

This page is non-static. Expect updates in the future.

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