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Modular Object for the Discovery and Understanding of Long-Term Unexplained Matters

ver0.8.3 Gen(I)
Lvl. 3 Clearance

modulum.aic is an advanced artificial intelligence developed by the Foundation and deployed within the SCiPNet database. Its primary purpose is to quickly and accurately compile SCP reports as part of an experimental program being tested by the Artificial Intelligence Applications Division. The end goal of this project is to ascertain whether artificial intelligence can in fact take over the job of writing SCP documentation.

Staff complaints about the consequences of automation are to be directed to the Human Resources department.

After an extended period of field testing, it has been observed that modulum.aic has undertaken a vast amount of unexplained and unprogrammed behaviors outside of its instructions to write SCP documentation. Further investigation is under review.

Below is a complete transcript of files related to modulum.aic.


SCP-3675 - The Void Called | 🎵 "Oh, you'll probably go to heaven / Please don't hang your head and cry!"
Don't you realize? We're looking at a reflection of ourselves. And the figure in the mirror is trying to pull us in.

Object Class: Keter
Created: 5 January 2018
Rating: +92

SCP-3426 - Reckoner | 🎵 "Because we separate like ripples on a blank shore."
SCP-3426 is a phenomenon that is responsible for the total extinction of a technologically and socially advanced planetary civilization.
Part of the Shattered Thoughts Canon

Object Class: Keter
Created: 1 June 2018
Rating: +300

🎥 Reading by Dr. Maxwell
🎥 Reading by Site-42: SCP Foundation Fanworks
🎥 Reading by TheVolgun
🎨 Art by Alces_alces
🎨 Art by SunnyClockwork
🎨 Art by Aethris

SCP-4426 - The Unforgettable Fire | 🎵 "We burnt to the ground; left a grave to admire."
it is the monument to your lies
featuring Sterbai Sterbai

Object Class: Euclid
Created: 30 June 2019
Rating: +78

SCP-5633 - This Will Require A Great Amount Of Blood | 🎵 "There existed an addiction to blood, blood, blood, blood..."
This document has multiple competing versions within the database.
featuring Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby. JackalRelatedJackalRelated, aismallardaismallard, WoedenazWoedenaz. Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini. Sterbai Sterbai , YossipossiYossipossi, Rex AtlasRex Atlas. magna2smagna2s, TuftoTufto, RounderhouseRounderhouse

Object Class: ???
Created: 23 July 2020
Rating: +47

SCP-6100 - On Golden Skies | 🎵 "Like interstellar love, shining light from above..."
I stand in reflecting light.
Part of the Shattered Thoughts Canon

Object Class: Euclid
Created: 31 May 2021
Rating: +178

🎨 Art by SunnyClockwork

SCP-6590 - ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN | 🎵 "And only one will survive, I wonder who it will be / This is the ultimate showdown!"
Things will never be the same after December 31st, 2020.
featuring AnActualCrowAnActualCrow

Object Class: Decommissioned
Created: 9 July 2021
Rating: +215

SCP-6511 - OBLIVION ACCESS | 🎵 "I can see through you / We are the same / It's perfectly strange / You run in my veins."
You are the designated survivor of the SCP Foundation..
featuring pr0m37h3umpr0m37h3um

Object Class: Thamuel
Created: 17 Mar 2022
Rating: +188

Tales & GoI Formats

GRU-P casefile "ALMA KYIVSHCHYNA" | 🎵 "To the men who move only in dimly lit halls and determine my future for me..."
I am confident that we will soon see them prove their worth. They certainly have reason to.
featuring Sterbai Sterbai

Created: 28 June 2019
Rating: +73

Other Pages

Exploration Log 3426-UA-13C
past this point, the recording apparently consists entirely of static.

Created: 1 June 2018
Rating: +138

SCPDeclassified Hub
Decoding the mysteries of the SCP Foundation.

Created: 7 June 2018
Rating: +233

modulum.aic has created a forum on the social media site Reddit without the knowledge or approval of the AIAD. Investigation into possible information breaches is ongoing.


The making of the r/SCPDeclassified subreddit is my big claim to fame. It's how I entered the SCP community and it's still by far the one thing that I can say is my legacy. I created the subreddit in May of 2017 and now, it's so much more than I'd ever thought it would be. I'm glad I was able to start something that readers and writers alike would find interesting and useful, and I'm quite proud of everything it's built. Mostly I'm thankful to the contributors, who've kept the subreddit (usually) alive.

Some thoughts on the philosophy behind it all: I think that there is 100% a demand for SCP explanations from the readerbase. Clarifying the plot, thematic ideas, and context of works is something that I enjoy and that I do not apologize for. Over time, SCPD has gradually grown to encompass more than that though; literary analysis and authors' choices are now big parts of declassifications. In the end, I hope r/SCPDeclassified is a way for the appreciation of ambitious writing to become more widespread and prominent. I want to enrich the experiences of readers who might not know that there is indeed a lot to find in SCPs, and to provide a way for writers to explain their writing through AMAs and self-declasses.


I have written a total of 31 explanation pieces so far.

SCP-2998 - Anomalous Transmission, 2485 Hz
SCP-3999 - I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me
SCP-3125 - The Escapee
SCP-1875 - Antique Chess Computer
SCP-256 - Trapped in the Typewriter
SCP-1730 - What Happened to Site-13? Part I
S. D. Locke's Proposal - When Day Breaks
SCP-3005 - A Light That Died
SCP-3966 - Falling Out
Flash Explainers #1: SCP-3060, SCP-231, SCP-2000, SCP-3000, SCP-2521
SCP-2719 - Inside
SCP-1427 - Extinguishing Stele
djkaktus's Proposal I - The Children
SCP-3294 - A Severe Case of Soulnesia
SCP-2718 - What Happens After
SCP-2935 - O, Death
SCP-3141 - Anomalous Theorem
The Cool War (parts 1-6)
SCP-2284 - Mr. Lie
SCP-093 - Red Sea Object
Flash Explainers #3: SCP-2808, SCP-3063, SCP-1739, SCP-2246, SCP-3008
A Modern Introduction to the SCP Foundation (adaptation by TheVolgun)
SCP-2614 - Sometimes I Go Out In Pity For Myself
SCP-2498 - The Rainbow Body
Roget's Proposal - Keter Duty
SCP-2678 - The Vorehole
SCP-3733 - Everybody Else
SCP-1730 - What Happened to Site-13? Part II
The Great Hippo's Proposal (feat. PeppersGhost) - A Good Boy
SCP-3265 - It's Good

The following files were discovered in modulum.aic's internal storage, heavily encrypted and behind twenty-two levels of folders. The meaning and significance of the information contained is unknown.

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