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Team Name: Long Live The Cake! ("Chi-17")

Team Members: thd-glasses (Captain), jso9923, Major Gordon, ZaWoo


  • Edited Inclusion1: SCP-2917 - USS Enterprise by Major Gordon
  • GoI Format Article: SC-48/71-15/5013 by ZaWooZaWoo
  • Tale: A Big Deal - 1 by thd-glassesthd-glasses
  • After-Action Report: MTF-X-17 Internal Document by Major Gordon
  • Tale: A Big Deal - 2 by thd-glassesthd-glasses
  • Tale: Upsilon-23 Aperiodic Report by thd-glassesthd-glasses
  • SCP Article: SCP-2395 - Dormant Star by jso9923jso9923

Team Name: Technical Support ("Rho-9")

Team Members: AJMansfield (Captain), Some_Potato, Moohab


Team Name: We're Here Too ("Lambda-5")

Team Members: Zmax15 (Captain), TophatLord, blithely, EmberTech


Team Name: Site-19 String Quartet ("Eta-11")

Team Members: WrongJohnSilver (Captain), psul, Smapti, CumaeanSibyl


Team Name: There's No Me In Team ("Mu-3")

Team Members: DrSinful (Captain), Dr Solo, Boogey_Man23, DrStranger


Team Name: No One Minds Us ("MTF")

Team Members: Dr Grym (Captain), DrJohannes, Dr Kaze, Spe Mafiew


Team Name: The Dream Team ("Omicron Rho")

Team Members: Faminepulse (Captain), Crayne, SoullessSingularity


Team Name: Send in the Clowns ("Omicron-8")

Team Members: Dr Hysteria (Captain), TobiasTheTapir, daveyoufool, MrWrong


Team Name: A Slow but Steady Increase in the Number of Games in Town (Sigma-66, "Sixteen Tons")

Team Members: EldritchCadence (Captain), Silberescher, Vincent_Redgrave


Team Name: We Deny The Existence of Other Games In Town (Sigma-3, "Bibliographers")

Team Members: Gaffsey does not match any existing user name (Captain), thedeadlymoose, TwistedGears, Dexanote


Team Name: Jäeger Bombers ("Eta-5")

Team Members: Choiwel (Captain), Milo359 does not match any existing user name, Shaggydredlocks, LordSpy


Team Name: Team Wayfarer ("Eta-13")

Team Members: KnightKnight (Captain), Jacob Conwell, kol aumer


Team Name: Challenge Accepted ("Pi-51")

Team Members: Asalain (Captain), izenkel does not match any existing user name, Kaestine, ynha


  • SCP Article: SCP-2957 - Louvre of Croatia by AsalainAsalain
  • GoI Format Article: 'Non Titled 277TH'(GU5T2/V12HR/OPRT5) by izenkel does not match any existing user name

Team Name: The Notos Blues & Jazz Band Experience ("Rho-19")

Team Members: Kalinin (Captain), Von Pincier, minmin, Zyn


Team Name: Team Basic ("Kappa-10")

Team Members: LurkD (Captain), djkaktus, Roget, Doctor Cimmerian


Team Name: Evolved from Naturally Occurring Gears, Levers and Pulleys ("Stigma-9")

Team Members: Athenodora (Captain), ChaoSera, Flamels, Lex1nat0r


Team Name: Geneva's Nightmare ("Lambda-6")

Team Members: Marksson (Captain), Tsar Erwin, DrMorris, Doctor Atlas


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