Agent "Mister" Bibs Personnel File

Agent Bibs, dated ██/██/20██.

Name: C████ Bib███████

Code Name: "Mister Bibs" ("Bibs" in casual conversation)

Security Clearance: 4

Position (Primary): Agent

Position (Secondary): Researcher (Level 2 clearance, security authorization M1L132.97)

Residence: Site-██, retrofitted Containment Room #8353541

Pre-Foundation History: MisterBibs's first interaction with the Foundation occurred on ██/██/20██, during an escape attempt of SCP-███. Bibs autonomously assisted Foundation personnel by [DATA REDACTED], greatly decreasing the loss of life during the recapture. Bibs explained (at considerable length) the reasoning behind his actions, citing numerous fictional stories with similar entities. Believing that he might be a valuable asset to the Foundation despite little high-end education, Bibs was not given the standard dose of Class-A amnesiacs. After being interviewed by O5-█, Bibs was recruited into the Foundation.

Profile: With a nondescript look and bumbling, scatterbrained mannerism, Bibs excels at covert infiltration and in-the-field investigative duties. To date, he has been involved in the investigation or initial appraisal of ██ potential SCPs, with only █ detections2. Bibs describes his infiltration style as "James Bond meets the Second Doctor", designed around appearing to potential threats as innocuous and unprepared. Personnel critical of Bib's methods argue that he is as unprepared as he acts, a notion that Bibs admits is "kinda-sorta true, half the time, but that's why it works so well! That, or everyone else is dumber than me. Which is sad."

When not deployed to the field as an Agent, Bibs will, if left to his own devices, wander around Foundation Sites, assisting in tasks which pique his interests. He identifies himself as "profoundly stupid", insisting that his skillset comes from "having too much time on [his] hands growing up" and over-consumption of fictional material. When confronted with moments of genuine insight or assistance, Bibs is quick to downplay it . Paradoxically, Bibs constantly seeks validation from Foundation personnel, especially from those of the senior staff and those with higher education.

After repeated and consistent requests for access to research files during his off-hours, Bibs was given Level 2 Researcher duties on ██/██/20██.

SCPs Investigated
SCP-112 - The Variable Coaster
SCP-440 - Sand-based Ecology
SCP-544 - The New Voice
SCP-684 - The Caretaken
SCP-1049-J - The Grim Bucket
SCP-1923 - Asteroid Forest
SCP-2319 - Mirrored Shipwreck
SCP-4237-J - Object of Indescribable Action

Orientation Logs
Learning Shit

Other Works3
I Remember My Heroes
The Improbable Bibs
Security Camera #██████ Log
Despair Rage Envy Aye Mak Sicur
Containing Creation

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