Mister Flames

Mister Flames, college yearbook photo

Security Level:  Two
Assignment:  Nutritionist, Humanoid containment and Researcher (Culinary)

Mister Flames seems only mildly eccentric compared to others at Site-17, but do not be fooled.  His culinary attempts at "weapons-grade" chili have been stymied by the lack of invulnerable Crock Pots™, but that does not prevent him from trying.  Fortunately, Mister Flames restricts his research to his laboratory, and maintains the strict dietary needs of those under his care.


SCP-130:  Post Office
SCP-199:  Ferns
SCP-394:  Ear Candles
SCP-852:  Lunar Anomaly
SCP-937:  Walking Sticks
SCP-2068:  Chaos Pump

Also has provided assistance with SCP-628 and SCP-799, and is an admirer of Dr. "Photosynthetic's" work.  Attempts to bribe her to assist with an 'improved' Capsicum frutescens cultivar are ongoing.

I'd be happy to work with you if you weren't asking for peppers with enough capsaicin to cause second-degree chemical burns on contact. I offered to help build a better Capsicum, not engineer a biological weapon. — Photosynthetic

Dammit, and I just managed to get a ceramic pot that could handle it.  And it's not like I want only capsaicin, for that matter.  Flavor matters!  — Flames


Euclidean Thinking

To Do List:

Rewrite for SCP-2068 to bring up to standards.
Finish tales of various things, especially Midnight.
Sandbox 2

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