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Incident Report X8B9-A:

On July 5th, 2014, Foundation staff were notified of two murdered Foundation employees found in the elevator of Basement Level A of Site-19, and the ensuing confrontation from five Foundation staff as a result, resulting in the death of Doctor Huey Carlson. Initial accounts were contradictory and none interviewed were particularly forthcoming.

Three days following the incident, SCP-████, previously known as Vincent Madyson, spoke with interviewers to clarify what had happened. In its own words:

I mean, fuck it, might as well try and get the story straight. Especially if everyone else is too tight-lipped to do so.

Following Interview ████-A and Interview ████-B, the rest of those involved gave their own statements. See addena for more information.


Thanks to Zhange! (Clockwise from top left: Jenna Hayworth, Brian Davis, Vincent Madyson, Dean Harle)

First-Hand Accounts:

  1. Flick of the Wrist
  2. Now I'm Here
  3. Stone Cold Crazy

Tangentially-Related Reference Materials:

Character Profiles:

Age: 34

D.O.B.: 03/17/1980

Security Clearance: Level 2 (Restricted) Level 0 (For Official Use Only)

Position: Researcher of Anomalous Art, Advisor for Anart-based (Anomalous Art) MTFs As Decided Based on Behavior

Sites: 19

Status: Contained

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