Project Proposal 2024-125: "Mirror to America: A Reflection of You"

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Project Proposal 2024-125: Mirror to America: A Reflection of You

Title: Mirror to America: A Reflection of You by Darren Yvris
Material Requirements:
  • One (1) canvas per subject (in possession)
  • Oil paint, brushes, and other non-anomalous supplies (in possession)
  • Blood or hair sample of subjects (purchased)
  • Leaves and stem of belladonna, Haitian jatropha, sage, myrtle (in Jørgen's possession)
  • One (1) bill of $100 USD (in possession)
  • Artspace-treated knives (in possession)

Abstract: A series of paintings will be executed in the style of Basil Hallward to be as realistic as possible. The subjects of the paintings should encompass figures including politicians, media figures, CEOs, and other people.

This project is in collaboration with Jørgen Eriksen, who would paint a Haitian unifying circle on the reverse of the portraits and imbue it with the power of the blood (or hair) samples in an 8 day ritual. Due to the sacrifice of the $100 used in the unification ritual the subject to the painting, it will achieve the intended effect: any money earned by the depicted subject would cause the paint to warp, with larger dollar amounts corresponding to larger shifts. The Hallward technique would ensure that the metamorphosis would resemble aging and physical harm instead of paint peeling.

Additionally, audience members are encouraged to use provided special knives to inflict harm, which does not harm the physical canvas but the subject depicted. Due to limits from the Hallward technique, the subject would not be seen physically reacting.

Intent: Modern day America is in decline due to capitalistic influence over politics and politics interfering with the marketplace. The spectre of neoliberal capitalism rules all, and the system must be overthrown; this is merely an ambitious symbolic affectation of what could be achieved if the lower classes are able to change what is up top. The corruption of the core of American ideals cannot continue; we shall let the subaltern speak.

The first series of thirteen paintings is planned to include four former presidents (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump), political figures (Oliver North, Dennis Hastert, Hillary Clinton, Dick Cheney, Rod Blagojevich) and executives (Rob Walton, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bob Iger). The first chosen figures are only a small handful that are emblematic of the decline of contemporary America, and the complacent matter of living in a post-scarcity world.

I imagine the series would be quite popular, so I foresee myself doing perhaps another series, perhaps in collaboration with other anartists.

Non-anomalous reproductions of the subjects could be used for auctions and merchandising possibilities.

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