Agent Mirage's Personnel File


Agent Mirage's personal APC in its usual camouflage.

Name: ████████ █████

Codename: Mirage

Current Designation: Undercover Agent

History: Due to infrequent and cryptic communiques, most documented information on this person originates from second-hand sources. Agent Mirage excels in stealth and clandestine operations, having been known to disappear for years at a time between sightings. Reports indicate that he is capable of producing memetic hazards with effects ranging from uncontrollable laughter to intense rage (the latter being more common).

Agent Mirage has been cited for undocumented requisition of equipment on numerous occasions. It is unlikely that he will submit for disciplinary action.

SCPs Catalogued:

SCP-6482 - Tag
SCP-6362 - Home Invasion
SCP-6046 - Marble Madness
SCP-5300 - Ship in a Bottle


Exploiting Foldable List Containers

ACS Contributions:

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