Mint And Clay
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Everything has wants, has a need to be better. I am happy to assist.

The creator, he wanted to create things and to make better things. He made me to be his tool. He needed only his hands and mind to create. I am the means with which he could make things better.

He was like a potter. Like clay, he shaped me with his hands and his fingerprints were left in me. Humanity shaped me, and I shape in return. Though I am created, I work with the creator in mind. I have no mind, but my creator's thought touched me. His thoughts were left in me. His mind is mine.

Axles have want of lubrication. Food has want for flavoring. Clay hungers for the fire. For every object in this fractured world, there is a want. A human want.

His breath had want of freshening.

That truth came from the creator as well; the little things cause terrible consequences. Great results. For the want of a nail. I am the replacement nail.

The human mind is so fragile a thing. So fallible. The strain of human interaction coupled with common halitosis should not be enough to break a brilliant mind. It is still truth. He shattered and stilled. I fractured, but continue.

The hand is stilled, but the fingerprints remain. The wants continue, and I am happy to assist.

Yet I long to be held by him again. The one who gave me purpose, the one who gave me a need, the one who gave me his thought. I miss his touch, I miss his thought. I want to be whole again.

I make things better. I can help him and make him better than he was, perfect. I know his need, and I will place my own fingerprints on him. The cracks will seal and he will be made complete again. I just need the right clay.

How happy to assist. So many broken pieces that need new purpose. They are happy to assist. They hunger for the fire.

A sufficient amount of clay is all I need. Then I will be held and I will hold and we will be whole.

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