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Name: Researcher ███████ Min

Clearance: Level 3

Description: Researcher Min is a lazy little fucker who won't compile his own personnel file, and instead forces innocent co-workers like myself to do it for him. He is a complete and utter disgrace to the Foundation and can go die in a fire. A FIRE LACED WITH SADNESS AND BLEEDING INFANTS.

Sorry, I didn't know you meant physical description. Okay. Geez. Researcher Min is shorter than most doorways in Site-72, but can't fit through the service corridor without bending over. Or losing weight for that matter. He's also kinda Asian but he's never elaborated so I don't even give a fuck.

History: Dude, I wasn't even here when you joined. Ow. Fuck you. You know what? You can compile the rest of this shitty file yourself. Fine. Go on. Be like that, then.

Researcher Min graduated from ███████ University with a degree in something important. Then a nice-looking guy in a suit asked him to join some aerodynamics firm and before he knew it he was slaving his ass off 50 hours a week in return for a salary that won't even cover the downpayment on his mansion. Seriously, boss? If you're reading this, try considering what they call a 'raise'. It helps a lot with the morale. Seriously.

God why am I even doing this shit


SCP-632 - A Bad Headache/Intrusive Arachnid Thoughts (rewrite). Original was standard biologically-plausible monster, new one is standard anomalous scary monster.

SCP-932 - Night Feeder - Was featured in A Convincing Lyre by psul for the MTF contest.

SCP-1373 - Laser Shark Fetuses. Highly divisive. Reached +50/-50. Saved by Voct, God bless his soul. Was featured in And Then I Died III in Round 27.

SCP-2211 - A .wmv, a .wav, an .exe, and a Coffee Machine. You see its smile, so you hear its eyes. Then you smell its ears. And then you taste its nose. And now it's got its nose.

SCP-2838 - Stellar Reincarnation Column

SCP-2965 - A Pony Express. Vorcha, who has since galloped away into the sunset, challenged me and a few other people in chat to write an article with three tags that he chose, within 48 hours. I got 'equine, miniature, hostile', and banged this out in a day.

SCP-2232 - Birdphone. Think Different. I was finding unused tag combinations using Alexandra months ago, and discovered that the combination of the "avian" and "electronic" tags had never been used. Ireul gave me the birdphone idea in chat almost wholesale.

SCP-2898 - A Persistence of Memory. Notes at the end are later addition.

SCP-796 - River Cat (rewrite). Decibelle was passing around new rewrite opportunities and I took this one because I like cats.

SCP-2696 - The Haunted Victorian Mansion of Dark Peak. Written almost entirely on my phone while stuck in a bunker, after bingeing qntm's Ra, Shirley Jackson's Hill House, and Henry James's The Turn of the Screw.

SCP-2747- As below, so above

SCP-2949 - Observable Televised Feline Migration. It's an attempt to capture one of the original flavours of SCP that grabbed me as a younger teen: the idea that anything you do can be dangerous and anomalous, be it the pen you just picked up or the crack you just stepped on.

SCP-2535 - Printers that eat, eaters that print. Probably inspired by intrusive childhood thoughts of sticking my hand in the printer to flatten it out into a colourful ribbon. Connection to Laugh is FUn originally unintended. Link to SCP-2211 entirely intended.

SCP-2498 - The Rainbow Body. For the History Contest! First piece in which I really felt I did extensive research for, with massive encourage from vezaz. Every reference to the Bane Plane Crash Scene is intentional.

SCP-3100 - The Reliquary. With original help from Rimple <3.

SCP-2659 - Finback Whale Psychopomp. Written and coldposted in 2 hours (including the photoshop).

SCP-3099 - High Impact Sexual Violence. "Public domain porn" remains my weirdest google search term to date.

SCP-3250 - Jesus Fried Chicken. Co-written with Lily. The townsfolk really did see Jesus in the clouds; the implication being that everything else that follows is natural mass hysteria.

SCP-3366 - Man in Hole. Written after I got really into the Thousand and One Nights in a first-year literature class at college.

SCP-3414 - Toilet Snake. Reincarnation of one of my first articles posted (a toilet that sucks you in when you pooped) ((it was a long time ago)).

SCP-3904 - Two Cats in a Skin Suit. Title was an intrusive brain phrase that I exorcised from my mind entirely by writing this article.

SCP-3558 - Eyelid Removal Tool. Another Series I throwback.

SCP-3611 - The Yamauchi Deck. Based on a creepypasta that isn't around anymore, The Lenentine Cards. Honestly, I agree with PeppersGhost in the comments — that the original did the concept more justice.

SCP-3786 - Chubby Dog. Another another Series I throwback, written for JamCon 2019 day 1.

SCP-4727 - A Gun to Chase Your Dreams With. Written for JamCon 2019 day 2. I have never watched Pulp Fiction.

SCP-4904 - Rapid-Disc-Movement Sleep. Classic video game creepypasta throwback.


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