Dr. Miles Bigby

Personnel File

After a promising career in academia following the acceptance of a MSc in Anthropology, Bigby became obsessed with the investigation of occult objects reported from the Middle East. After a long sabbatical from his research institution, Bigby disappeared. His current location is unknown to the academic community.

Although he required the use of thick glasses for many years, Bigby uses contacts for day-to-day life. He still tends to squint as if over a set of spectacles. Wiry and trained in martial arts for his various excursions into hostile territories, Bigby prefers to avoid violence, but steps up to the task if necessary. A trio of Latin letters are tattooed around his right forearm.

Recruited by the Foundation following his commendation for his role in researching ancient Sumerian scripture, Bigby now spends his time applying his knowledge of human culture and society to the study of SCP units. He has also gained tactical operations knowledge following his participating in MTF Echelon, a short-lived unit dedicated to the indentification and retrieval of SCP objects. MTF Echelon was disbanded and Dr. Bigby now occupies himself with sitting in his office and swearing.

SCP Objects Recovered

SCP-246 - Prophetic Projector

SCP-319 - Orbitoclast

SCP-560 - Bitwise Amoeba

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