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Weird majigger I found at work. *shrugs majestically*

Currently looking for collaboration work on this test log. feel free to add to this. no need to ask first

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Item #: SCP-D0G3-J


An instance of SCP-D0G3-J

Object Class: Euclid Much Keter. Such danger.

Containment Procedures: Every 5 days, a routine sweep of high-traffic image-sharing sites must be conducted to locate any new instances of SCP-D0G3-J. Any instances of SCP-D0G3-J found during routine sweeps must be downloaded onto a secured site computer and deleted from all website servers the memetic may be stored on. Personnel exhibiting symptoms of exposure to SCP-D0G3-J must be administered class B amnestics. If symptoms persist, termination is considered to be a viable solution.

Description: SCP-D0G3-J refers collectively to a form of memetic hazard propagated through social media and image-sharing websites. Though each instance varies, all instances of SCP-D0G3-J depict a Shiba Inu, often laying down. Most instances involve grammatically incorrect two-word phrases and photoshopped images to instigate a comedic response in the viewer. The Shiba Inu depicted in all instances of SCP-D0G3-J is assumed to be the catalyst of the memetic effect, as it is the only non-varying element between instances.

The effects of exposure to SCP-D0G3-J vary with each instance, though the most common effect of exposure is change in speech patterns. Persons exposed to SCP-D0G3-J will gradually begin to use short, grammatically incorrect phrases in everyday conversations, to the point that they are unable to communicate with those not exposed to SCP-D0G3-J. Phrases emitted from affected persons include:

  • "much wow"
  • "such meme"
  • "amaze"
  • "very food"
  • "much anomaly"

Those affected by SCP-D0G3-J use the words "very," "much," "such," and "wow," more often that would be typical in the average conversation. Much converse, very confuse. This effect is present in text written by those affected by SCP-D0G3-J as well. When interrogated, persons affected by SCP-D0G3-J are oblivious to its effects, and will act as if they are talking or writing normally.
Such anomaly is much danger b cuz it would be bad if everyone had and didn't know. Peeplez who speak much weird must be very examined and have much amnestic if need. Such examination. Lots anomaly. Peeples working with SCP-D0G3-J must go get lots test to make sure no anomaly is very affect.

Much Log. Such Conversation:

Researcher Cullhart: Could you tell me how you were initially exposed to SCP-D0G3-J?

Subject D0G3-3: Much internet. Lots memes.

Researcher Cullhart: You were looking at memes on the internet?

Subject D0G3-3: Yes.

Researcher Cullhart: And when did you start exhibiting symptoms of exposure to SCP-D0G3-J?

Subject D0G3-3: Lots people. Says talk weird.

Researcher Cullhart: Lots notice?

Subject D0G3-3: Much noticing. Such weird.

Researcher Cullhart: Much interview. Very done.

Researcher Cullhart has been removed from studies of SCP-D0G3-J and given doses of class B amnestics. A full recovery is expected.

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