MetalRavioli's Author Page
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In the beginning, there was nothing. Sometime later, I was born. Sometime after that, I made an author page. Sometime after that, you began reading it.

Hello! Welcome to my author page. I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself! My name is MetalRavioli, my pronouns are He/Him, and I very much enjoy being here on the SCP wiki.

My main interests in life include fishkeeping, writing, and sleeping. I spend a lot of time attempting to write, however, a lot of it is pretty shit. My works on the site are just a few of many ideas I've had and have sprawled out in my sandbox, but for the most part don't end up posting, since they're usually shit.

(almost) All my scips take place at this site I created called Site-24.1 Site-24 is a site in Nevada, that specializes in the containment of animals and creatures of all sorts.

While I haven't been on the wiki for long, I can tell that there are a lot of great people here. I'm very excited to get to know a lot of you and make some friends along the way! I've known about the Foundation for a while, but I only began writing scips around March of 2021, which has turned into a never-ending loophole.2 Anyways, you're probably just here to read my stuff, so I'll shut up.

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