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Professional portrait

Pronouns: she/her




SCP-6773 - "Shadow the Shy Bird"


Been a rough week, me and Barry found a new rescue today, except this one was different. We were driving over to Henry's when this huge, and I mean huge vulture came out of nowhere and started attacking the damn truck!



SCP-6366 - "Bird of a Feather and its Icht Together"


Don't worry, I got this. I took condor in community college.

You didn't GO to community college!


Agent Lou,.Fun Fact: I actually named the crab in this after my betta fish who passed a few days prior. CWPA.

SCP-6922 - "Agent Lou of the CWPA"


Invented Animal Jam?

You made Animal Jam?

For fucks sake.

Translations: | Vietnamese | Chinese |

SCP-6447 - "Sinners' Symphony"
Mega-collaboration with Jack WaltzJack Waltz, ElunerazimElunerazim, MoreMuffinsMoreMuffins, AftokratorAftokrator, LORDXVNVLORDXVNV, Lt FlopsLt Flops, GreenGolemGreenGolem, and Cole 13Cole 13


97% of Foundation clairvoyants believe the formation of SCP-6447, and its ritualistic and melodic nature, exist to appease an Emergent Eschatological Entity (henceforth referred to as EEE-6447) being awakened by humanity's collective transgressions.



SCP-6179 - "Cow Love"
~ For Georgie <3


We're not dating, but, I don't know if I wish we were.

What do you mean?

I mean, we are just friends. But sometimes I look at her and look into her eyes, and there's a part of me that wishes we were more than that..

SCP-7018 - "The Long Winding Road"
logo.png SCP-7000 Contest entry, Collaboration with Cole 13Cole 13 and TopDownUnderTopDownUnder


SCP-7000 has been shown opening wormholes of varying sizes. These wormholes grant access to assorted 'multiverses'. These wormholes seem to open at times of need, with objects that are useful in different circumstances.


The Critters of Kiryu Labs
2021 Holiday Art Exchange entry, gift for ZynZyn


Riven turned towards Mark and raised an eyebrow. "How many pets do we have here now?"

GoI Formats


The man himself!

Critter Profile: Constantine!


Constantine is the name of one of our betta fish down here at Wilsons! Constantine was found in a household down in Medford a few weeks ago, where he wasn't treated very well. He was as bloated as a hippo and as sad as a squonk. But we here at Wilsons are working hard to get this guy back in shape!


Azariah Ravioli

My Badges!

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My Will

If something ever happens to me, like if I die or get permanently banned, or am unable to be contacted.GeorgiethefrogGeorgiethefrog has my phone number, and I can otherwise be contacted on my discord, which is #MetalRavioli#0599 for 3 years, all my articles shall go to MoreMuffinsMoreMuffins, Sirslash47Sirslash47, and SynthPanda_SynthPanda_. My collaborations will go to their respective co-authors. I doubt this will be necessary anytime in the foreseeable future, but life can happen my friends.

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