Message of the Relic
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SCP-███ Observation Log
Forward: A total of ██ transcriptions have been made from SCP-███. Each has resulted in similar narratives in the subject's native language, using vocabulary appropriate for their education level. The following notes were written as they were perceived by Dr. ███████.
Begin Log:
Dr. ███████ (spoken): SCP-███ has begun to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Taking it in my hand, I feel the same compulsion reported by D-1589. Memetic precautions are in place, and I will now proceed to write as directed by the object.
Dr. ███████ (written):

There were so many against us. So many lies from so many liars. The non-believers argued with us, they taunted us, they laughed at us. It never stopped. My family grew smaller and smaller as the years went by. Those of us who remained dedicated were becoming fewer and fewer. Everywhere we looked, the temples were closing and the dear followers of The Gods were abandoning the faith. The endless hordes of putrid faithless, reveling in their blasphemy, assaulted our very essence. Their existence was an insult to the Divine. But we are not unreasonable people. While the heathens chanted their propaganda of "progress", we raised no hand in anger. The faithful knew that, in time, it would be Their hands raised in anger against the vile ones. And this would be all the justice our battered community could hope for. But the Elders knew that time was running out. The Truth was clear to some of us, but it had begun to fade in others.

The strident grew older, and the younger ones were being seduced by the heathen filth. The heathens took credit for the "miracles" of science and technology, and the young ones believed them. It is through The Gods that all miracles are possible. It was through Them that our solution was made possible.
Praise be to They who are Divine, for granting us reprise from the heathens! Damned are they in their ignorance!
Those with the financial means to make a difference looked to us, the Elders, for guidance. Surely, said the faithful, there must be a haven. Our prayers were many and desperate but our faith held strong. Finally, we were granted a vision of our blessed future. A paradise awaited us! Our children would finally be free from the barrage of filth the non-believers tried to visit upon them. The stench of moral decay could not follow us to our new home.

The faithful of means had discovered a place of safety, and the arrangements were made. The heathens agreed to leave us alone forever. Never would their feet, their words, or their signals get to us. Their lies would never reach our new home. And as we claimed our new land, free of the tyranny of the heathens, we destroyed everything that might remind us of that terrible past. We destroyed everything but this. This Holy record is for you, my dearest descendant. May it be passed on to each High Elder in turn, so that our final struggle for paradise might not be forgotten. May our kind live out all of our days in Holy isolation on this beautiful new world.

All glory be to The Gods, for ever and ever.

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