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Let's just get the basics up here first.


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Item #: SCP-1442 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Owing to the public nature of SCP-1442 and the large number of people employed by it who are unaware of its anomalous nature,...
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3/3694 LEVEL 3/3694 CLASSIFIED Item #: SCP-3694 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: All new openings of franchised restaurants under the name Denny's, or discoveries of...
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+ Show component code - Hide component code SCP-5783 Accidents Never Happen ▸ More by this Author ◂ {$comments2} F.A.Q. {$doesthisfixthebug} Item#: SCP-5783 ...
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Hanging On The Telephone
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+ Show component code - Hide component code [URL_OF_PREVIOUS TITLE OF PREVIOUS] Telecommunications Monitoring Office Maria 'You gotta hang up on the suicides.' On the telephone,...
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+ Show component code - Hide component code Hanging On The Telephone Telecommunications Monitoring Office Atomic Maria was being hunted. She had been chased before, by boys as...
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+ Show component code - Hide component code Maria Telecommunications Monitoring Office {$next-title} 'I know you're there,' said the voice in Sofia's ear. She said nothing....
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Meserach's Author Page
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Let's just get the basics up here first. Collaborations Alright, now some content. A Little About Me Notes on My Stuff Contact and Living Will Scrawl On The Wall Hi, I'm Meserach. I was...
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Telecommunications Monitoring Office Hub
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+ Show component code - Hide component code  close Info X Article: Telecommunications Monitoring Office Hub Co-authors: BattleblockB0ss , Meserach Image Credits: Top TMO Bar, by...
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Written by: NatVoltaic,Firebreath. Co-rewrite of the original 351 by Firebreath
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Item#: 351 Level3 Containment Class: euclid Secondary Class: none Disruption Class: keneq Risk Class: caution link to memo Special Containment Procedures:...
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Alright, now some content.

Hi, I'm Meserach. I was born in 1986, I live in the UK, I'm a white trans woman, pronouns she/her.

I started my authorial career on the SCP wiki back in 2013, after having read the site and lurked around various parts of it for about a year or so? I forget. Back then I wrote SCP-1442. It was a big success in very quick time, and something about that made me terrified to try and write another thing. Plus I just had no ideas as good as it. So after tinkering around with methods of trying to find inspiration, writing a bunch of half finished drafts, hanging out on IRC, and even judging the 2014 GOI contest for some reason (I was judge Fanta), I eventually fell away from the site.

Fast forward to four years later, 2017. I became a parent that year, started transitioning, and also my dad died. It was Quite the Year.

Something about all that made me want to reconnect with this site, and I did. I took part in RimpleRimple's Draft Swap, and got assigned a draft about a Denny's that was also a flowering plant. That became SCP-3694. It's never been a big performer, but I like it.

Hanging around IRC that year, I happened to note that SCP-351 was close to getting negative rating, and in collaboration with NatVoltaicNatVoltaic, we applied to rewrite it. It has an actual story now!

That third credit qualified me for an author page, so naturally I didn't make one for five years. Hung out a bit more but fell away again, largely because logging in to IRC and staying on it enough to participate was a pain on my smartphone, and parenthood is extremely distracting so I was rarely at my desktop any more.

Fast forward to 2022. My daughter is in school now and I suddenly have free time again. One of my reactivate interests is writing, so I check out SCP again, which has really exploded in content terms over those five years. I fall back in love with it, and luckily enough a contest is starting up around when I'm looking in: DepartmentCon.

I'd had the vague idea for what became the Telecommunications Monitoring Office back in my 2017 era. Back then it was just going to be a single tale rather than a full department just to explore what it's like to be a Foundation staffer at a low level of clearance and importance. In the context of DepartmentCon, it blossomed into a whole thing which I'm very proud of. I'm the primary writer on four of the pages my team enters. And… well, that brings us up to date at the time of writing.

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