Meet the Administrators Hub

Welcome to the hub for my series of interviews with the administration of the SCP Foundation Wiki!

This series was inspired by An Interview With "The Administrator". The intention of this series is to provide the community with an opportunity to see who the leaders of the site happen to be. Hopefully, a byproduct of this project will be the preservation of a small part of our site's history to reflect on for years to come. Below, my inspiration has been listed with approval alongside my own series.

It is my sincere hope that you will be able to relate to the interviewees and to better understand the vision they have for our site. It has been a blast to work with such wonderful people throughout this process! ~ WhiteGuardWhiteGuard

An Interview With "The Administrator"

Founder of the SCP Foundation as we know it and first member of the site, The AdministratorThe Administrator

Meet the Administrators - Zyn

Captain of the Butterfly Squad reviewers and lover of haikus, ZynZyn

Meet the Administrators - DrMagnus

Witty poet and resident swordsman, DrMagnusDrMagnus

Meet the Administrators - Dexanote

Lover of Old Foundation and Pokémon enthusiast, DexanoteDexanote

Meet the Administrators - DrEverettMann

Coming Soon, DrEverettMannDrEverettMann

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Interviewing Icons Hub

Interviewer of Admins and Icons alike, WhiteGuardWhiteGuard

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