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Dexanote is a kindred spirit to me. As a fellow lover of early Foundation works, we quickly hit it off with our lengthy preliminary interview. Dexanote is a long time member and has been an administrator for a few years now. I am glad to say that he accepted my request for this interview. ~ WhiteGuardWhiteGuard

Who is DexanoteDexanote?

Dexanote was officially promoted to Administrator on the 3rd of March, 2017, and continues today as the Team Captain for the Disciplinary Team. Dexanote has been a member of this site since the 13th of June, 2010, and his most popular page on the site by rating is SCP-013: Blue Lady Cigarettes at +448. He is a founding member of the Anti-Harassment Team, and as previously mentioned, he is the newly appointed head of the Disciplinary Team. As a longtime member, contributor, and staff member of the wiki, Dexanote has successfully left his mark on our community. The following interview will continue the previous format consisting of 11 questions from myself and 4 questions from the community with his responses.

The bold text represents the questions whereas the text within the boxes are Dexanote's responses.

Interview Questions:

Thanks again for agreeing to this, Dexanote. It was fun chatting during our preliminary interview. Let's start off with an easy question. How did you come across the SCP Foundation? If I recall it had something to do with TVTropes? Do you remember what the first article you read happens to be?

It began there, yeah. In April 2010 the Doctor Who episode “Eleventh Hour” was broadcast. I hadn’t WATCHED Doctor Who before so since it was a new season I decided to check it out, and I was hooked. While I haven’t watched it since about Series 7 (and scattered other episodes, Heaven Sent rips.), I DID go back deep and watch a bunch of Nu-Who and some old Who. And of course, like everyone in 2010, I decided to read about it on TvTropes.

I was scrolling through Nightmare Fuel, cause of course I was, and I came to something about some “Foundation” and clicked a link that was a number. I was greeted, at about 2 am on my laptop in bed, with 173’s picture. Freaked me the shit out - I wasn’t expecting THAT bullshit, so late at night, while also already vaguely unnerved about various other things. I clicked away cause the site was weird - “This is probably not real, that’s ridiculous, but not right now-” and I went to bed soon after.

Kept watching Doctor Who though, sometime later in I was still on TvTropes and was reading the page for Omnicidal Maniac. I sort of recognized the numbering scheme - “Was this the same as that one fucked up statue-”

So I click and get to 682’s article, and IMMEDIATELY recognized the picture. It was of the “Moscow Monster”, which I’d recognized from news stuff a few years earlier. Probably a beluga whale, but I was like, “Oh, oh I like that. I really like that.”. The idea of a creepy fiction site using found scary pictures to make creepypasta? Absolutely GENIUS. Immediately I knew the absolute potential of fiction on the site, and found Random SCP - found The Hawk, and went from there.

And now I am here. :D

From a quick search, I believe your oldest surviving article is SCP-517: Grammie Knows. This happens to still be one of your highest-rated articles to this day. Could you take us back to the time when you were writing your first article for the site and what you experienced early on?

Well this wasn’t the first article I ever wrote, it was my third. It IS my oldest surviving, though.

Back then I really wanted to write just for the sake of writing. The highest-rated SCP was 914, at around 60ish? The highest rated 001 was Clef’s The Gate Guardian, the membership was maybe a few a day at most. There were fewer than 600 SCPs - I remember there being HUGE chunks of open [ACCESS DENIED] slots in every block from 500 through 900. I mean I STILL want to write for the sake of writing, but I wanted to be part of it, right? Something scary, like SCP-513 or SCP-017. Something mine.

My first SCP was a poor attempt at what later became SCP-806, Resurrection Projection. I was actually inspired by a song, which is the best way to be inspired imo, by art that moves you, so you can move others. Said song is “B-13” by Jump Little Children, which is the perspective of the person who created the actual projector machine.

The article tanked and died a terrible early death before I even got back online the next day. We didn’t have a 24-hour stay, it was bad, lol. I didn’t actually feel bad about it being deleted - I was curious as to critique, but in review, it wasn’t good at all. So I decided to try again, eventually

Next SCP was a set of weather balloons that would ‘choose’ a random person within their line of sight and cause people to gradually trust and follow their leadership. Anyway, the Hitler Balloons died slightly quicker than the projector, good riddance.

A few weeks later I was dozing off in bed and I had the vivid image of arms reaching up from outside my room, up the stairs, and dragging me downstairs into the dark. At that moment I knew that was my idea, my 513, my 076. My “image”, my monster. I wracked my brains for a while, on chat too, trying to figure out what to attach it to - Dr. Burns, an old old old user, suggested a fortune teller box.

I wrote 517 in about a day and it’s rocking even now. I actually sorta hate the fortune part itself - that’s tacked on and I think I’ll figure out how to remove or reintegrate it later. But overall I’m very happy with 517, it’s my baby.

Back then, the site wasn’t so stringent with how writing was done. You write something creepy and fun to read, it got upvoted. That’s still how I personally see it, but with the sheer unrelenting numbers of users now we need to have the systems in place now to let them be filtered, refined, and thrive. I personally preferred the Old Way cause they felt like they could better channel a seat-of-your-pants writing style, but the new systems we have now are fabulous to help more people actually be part of this colossal phenomenon we’re all part of now.

On your old staff AMA thread from 2012, you said that SCP-517 was one of your favorites to have written along with SCP-806: Resurrection Projection and SCP-1679: Post-Mortem Peoples' Choice. Posing the same question to you, what is your favorite work(s) to have contributed to the site?

I feel 1479 (pre-image purge) was my best article because it’s so simple and pure as an idea. The old image was an industrial storage room with a tundra/sparse conifer forest cleanly transposed over and was the core inspiration of the article. It has everything I love in so many of my favourite SCPs - a clipped portrayal of the SCP, not-exaggerated-Containment, implications on the Foundation’s inner workings but only if you squint, a strikingly great photograph/image, and the phrase “is as of yet unknown”. It’s very clean, and I really need a new picture for it that’s CC-Compliant. And yes, I’ve found the original and messaged the creator - no response. Oh well. :(

But 806 is great too. It isn’t PERFECT but the very last part is wonderful, the visual image in my head brings everything together. A good SCP needs a moment that sticks with you - 015 does this, 014 does this, and I feel 806 does this. “The film contained 5.8 seconds of SCP-806-a laughing and saying “I love you”, repeating in various states of quality and colouration.”. Where did he get the film? Why is it in different quality and colouration? Why so much? Why JUST that clip? It’s because that’s all that mattered to him, the sound of her voice and her laugh, driving him to this failure with this dumb necromantic gesture, and in abandoning the machine, coming to peace with finally moving on. It reads to me like an early 1000s article, which honestly after rewrite it really is.

On the same thread, you mentioned your two least favorite works to have contributed. These happen to be SCP-013: Blue Lady Cigarettes and SCP-808: The Mechanical Choir. Over the years, you have modified these articles to some degree. Would you explain your original distaste for these works and what modifications you have made to them over the years?

Haha no. 013’s been fixed, its last note was poorly done in my mind. It should have 200 fewer upvotes minimum (it has a huge number cause it’s number ZERO ONE THREE) from that alone. But I tweaked it enough that I’m happy with it.

808 as well, I’ve fixed it with some phraseology and adjusted the photographs to be CC Compliant. That’s all a piece of fiction really needs sometimes - adjustments and coming back with a fresh set of eyes.

My biggest issues with them were phrasing. I couldn’t get it to feel correct - I want to communicate a feeling, but it doesn’t always come out clean. The ideas themselves were sound, as were the Image In My Mind, or as many call it, Concept.

806 is supposed to be a “parade float of doom” - my image of the Church of the Broken God is one of having dozens of small cults of people previously ‘inspired’ by 882’s existence. I don’t care MUCH for Mekhane/Yaldabaoth stuff, it’s not at all my kind of thing, way too Over The Top for my taste - 808 really fits how I imagine a CotBG thing to be. A machine. With the go-over I did a while ago, that vision’s there. It’s no longer super awkwardly phrased, no-longer-needed to use said phrasing in order to brute-force the article to have aesthetically clean formatting, and just enough detail is there to give enough actual explanation of how it works. The insinuation of what happens if it gets going - a Mechanical Choir, not literally alive, a bizarre mechanism that CotBG cultists through the lens of French Catholic worship style.

I re-approached the 808 article from that concept first and disassembled the parts I liked and didn’t like. I rebuilt the bad chunks and fastened them in place, and moved some concepts around for flow. The core is to get the emotion and the idea across - so that’s what I did. Focusing on structure first will screw your fiction.

For 013 I just scrambled the note at the end and redid it to have less, hastily scrawled by a dying or mid-breakdown young man who had something to do with 013 (the cigarettes themselves). You know the one Linkin Park music video for Breaking The Habit? This one, imagine The Guy Who Had Something To Do With 013 prior to its containment having a moment like this. Not the literal lyrics, but how the mentality is portrayed. The hazy reality and feverish heartbreak.

We talked at length about our mutual fondness for Old Foundation work (mid Series 1 to late Series 2). I believe we mutually agreed that these works have their own charm which extends further than simply being the bedrock for later works to come. Please take a minute to state your case on why you believe these older articles still stand up to the well-accepted articles we see today. If you would, also mention how you are a proponent of "there is no continuity" and what exactly that means.

Lemme answer from the bottom up. EDIT: Also TLDR at the bottom.

“There Is No Continuity” is the stance that the site has always taken. Nobody needs to write and be beholden to any other piece of fiction in the entire SCP catalogue when writing any article. I personally REALLY do not like most of the ideas behind the Yaldabaoth/MEKHANE thing, or a lot of the Ethics Committee Being A Scarier Group Than O5 Command stuff, or really almost any GAW or dado stuff. This is all for different reasons, and my personal reasons. Execution is usually great, so we’re clear. And I don’t fault anybody for liking them, they all have charm of some kind that appeals to people. But not to *me*. I don’t even like most of the Doctor Wondertainment stuff - and I helped create it. But I appreciate that people DO. It’s what this site is for - people writing what appeals to THEM.

808 above was a great expansion of this argument, actually - my personal image of the Church of the Broken God is that of cultists addled with the itch of 882. Maybe they passed over it while ocean tides were pushing it around through the seas. It’s a bug on their shoulder, and it burrows in gradually. Real Pickman’s Model stuff - Pickman himself, not the narrator. THAT is my ‘headcanon’ of how it all goes. There aren’t any specific other parts that need to be found. It’s like a fungus, it simply is. Not MEKHANE cosmic mystic stuff, not 001-Kaktus kaiju mecha.

But if they’re written well and come from the heart, I’m happy they’re on the site and part of the site. They simply need to be done nicely - people should write what speaks to THEM, and if that speaks to them, that’s good. But If/When I write an SCP in the CotBG family, it probably won’t reference any of that.

Now regarding Old Style vs New Style, I need to establish one thing: They’re not better or worse. I just feel a lot of older SCPs (NOT ALL, of course, lmao not at all) feel viscerally like they have a warmth, a smoothness that lets you fill in blanks and ask questions as you read them.

This doesn’t make old articles OR new articles Better or Worse inherently - there’s a LOT of jank back then, but that’s the point for a lot of the older. AND they’re a lot of subtlety and extraordinarily well-executed stuff today. Sure you might have a few like 752 Altruistic Utopia that could use a fine-toothed comb for flow and structure (and to be honest 752 could use it, I LOVE this SCP but it falls apart structurally)- but the content doesn’t need to be expanded on. Sometimes this is done well, but sometimes there’s this pressure to Keep Writing, Keep Giving More. You don’t always need to. Write a companion Tale, or let others write them if they’re inspired.

An example of this is 980, Absence of Detail. It’s a humanoid that has no details and gradually ‘simplifies’ objects and beings around it. It’s horrifying, it’s dangerous, and it’s all that it is. And it’s not short, necessarily - it’s a bit longer than 097 and 517. But there’s no connection to any GOI, there’s no real context to where it was found, there’s no explanation of what it WAS. It simply is, it’s simply described, and… apparently it has an experiment log, lmao. It could be an AWCY thing if someone a few years ago wrote it, or maybe a Serpent’s Hand thing dumped on the Foundation for them to contain safely, like toxic waste. Or maybe it’s simply An SCP, and we can fill in the blanks ourselves if it spoke to us.

Then there’s stuff like… Liquid Polecat, 845. It’s a type of polecat that can become liquid. That’s it. It’s a straightforward, charming animal article that absolutely could fit in Today. Shit, it’s just like the snake with boots that ARD wrote a little while ago, 5430 - A Snake Wearing 48 Sneakers. Some of the best articles are timeless like this, written competently, sleek details, not too much but not too little. Microfiction with a solid idea behind it.

Timelessness is a key to good SCPs, is what I think I’m getting at. And a LOT of Series 1 and 2 are timeless. 415, Harvested Man, is fabulous in concept and description. Vivid imagery and it feels like something from an actual creepypasta, but written decently well, from the other direction - not from someone who encountered him, but from who is investigating him. 433, A Ritual, super solid, brief article with a great test log that leaves implications open and is very cleanly written. All of these I’ve mentioned hold up and all of these will forever FIT into what an SCP is.

TLDR Good writing is timeless, and a lot of Series 1-2 are Good Writing because they’re Timeless. Half the fun of reading this site is building your own Foundation in your mind.

Initially I had a segment about gimmicks and was geared up to rag about the IKEA SCP but then I remembered that 426 I Am A Toaster exists and I reminded myself to not be a jackass. Brand name SCPs bother me for many reasons unrelated to the actual quality of the article and that segment was unrelated to the question.

You mentioned to me that your favorite 001 proposal happens to be Jonathan Ball's Proposal: Sheaf of Papers. What do you love so much about this early proposal?

You kidding? /rhetorical

It’s so simple. It’s so good. Straightforward, shockingly dangerous - the origin of everything, as it’s implied. But it’s not obscure in concept, it’s not hidden behind a pile of descriptor, it’s not building on previous lore that a reader needs to know. I firmly believe a 001 should work whether it’s intended as the First SCP, or the Final.

Again no shade towards other 001s - Gate Guardian is badass and super cool, The Children is very A Few Years Ago obscure and grand and tells a GREAT story that fits super well in-universe, When Day Breaks is a FABULOUS story and Tale. But 001 is An Origin, and could thematically be the Final Entry in the database on a meta-level. It needs ZERO other context to work as an origin or as a destination.

I feel similar to 001-Gears The Prototype or 001-Mann The Spiral Path. They’re “origins” - the title of ‘The Prototype’ isn’t describing the monster, it’s describing the document, it gives us (my personal headcanon) origin for the term “Keter” as a classification, it’s clearly a prototype written quickly on a typewriter by a harried aide after six and a half days and nights with no sleep and nearly at wit’s end from Dr. Keter’s death at the hands of this monstrosity.

Spiral Path is attached to a Tale (Make Companion Tales a thing people) and together the SCP and Tale paint an utterly separate origin for the Foundation, wherein it’s the crux of many organizations and people and happenstance coming together, tampering with things they don’t understand, and now carrying a grim burden.

But 001-Ball’s… It’s got a special kind of simplicity to it. In a meta sort of way, it IS our origin - someone found a scrap of writing on the floor somewhere, opened it up, and somewhere else, something scary appeared.

And THEN TroyL decided to write Pila.

During our preliminary interview, the concept of perfect SCPs was brought up. You listed SCP-014: The Concrete Man, SCP-015: Pipe Nightmare, and SCP-908: Colocated Rock as perfect SCPs. What makes a perfect SCP for you and why do these stand out to you?

I need to first establish here like I did with you - by “perfect” I mean ideal, not “unable to be matched or bested”.

SCP-014, The Concrete Man, is IMO the ‘greatest’ SCP article on the site, in the same way that people will say Godfather is the greatest crime movie, or Exorcist is the greatest horror film. It’s gorgeously done, and it feels like a freaking classic Twilight Zone episode. I can HEAR Rod Serling reading the addendum - go read it right now, then come back. That’s not the most common thing to feel in an SCP. A moment in time, a single snapshot of the Foundation - a paper on a clipboard, a man who will live forever. No more, no less. And yet, it’s written with the exacting amount of detail, the perfect amount of description, the exact amount of information necessary to make that final Addendum note work.

It gives me questions - COULD he move if he decided to? What else is possible in this universe? What else is possible, at all? But none of the questions are actually answered, because they don’t need to be - the article is the perfect, ideal execution, up and through that last Addendum.

It comes together immediately, it gives you something that can stick with you, and it doesn’t rely on a gimmick or a cool image. It simply is an idea that the author wrote and published, and it will maintain on the wiki forever. Somehow.

SCP-015 Pipe Nightmare is similar. Containment is exactly enough, a balance between danger posed to the Foundation and potential benefit from further containment. The actual description is enough - one paragraph on the structure of this object, one on ‘activity’. A link to a Tale I hadn’t read previously read (it’s great!) (MAKE COMPANION TALES A THING, PEOPLE) woven into the article. And then that final line -

“Okay, right, it was bigger, cut back… oh Jeez, killed and missing- Wait. What—”

“Reports have been made of banging and screaming coming from within SCP-015.”.


No explanation, no expansion, just that - you’re left with that. And then you get the thought, “why- what happened there??!”

Here’s a fun fact - I actually joined the site so I could one day become a good enough writer to be confident enough in writing an exploration log for 015. With 087 and 093 being the then-premier exploration logs, with Cabinet Maze and Blue Key also existing at the time, I wanted to expand 015, which with that perfect final line grabbed me like Ball Of Sharp. But as I’ve stayed and grown as a person and a writer, I’ve realized that 015 doesn’t need an exploration log - it’s perfect as it is. And the tale Plumbing is a super cool image of what my exploration log could have been, even - but like, y’know. Written by the original author instead.

908 Colocated Rock is a really interesting idea expanded in Classic SCP Fashion. It’s a colocated rock, but it’s explored really well, with a little more than enough actual added detail. The amount of writing here, just a bit more than you’d expect from the concept, makes it feel like there’s actually More Going On Here Than Lets On, even without the sea monster incident in the test logs. It’s just enough to satisfy, yet implies there’s more to be discovered. While it’s not necessarily as GRABBING as 014 or 015, it shows how great execution can satisfactorily land a great idea. It’s a perfect SCP to use as an example of a Good SCP - one to aspire to and exceed, rather than 014 and 015’s isolated ideals.

Taking a brief look at your staff work, you are a founding member of the Anti-Harassment team and you are the head of the Disciplinary team. Would you mind explaining a little about what you do in these teams for any readers who are unfamiliar with how site-staff operate?

Disciplinary team is the team that deals with bans, ban appeals, and trolling stuff. For example, people being jackasses on the forum, chatbans, people who might be acting unsavory (slurs, etc), that sort of stuff. We also keep tabs on people who post unsavory crap to the sandboxes, like pornography or really immature or uncomfortably edgy garbage - usually racist stuff, or actual porn stuff.

Basically Disciplinary tries to keep crappy stuff from happening too much, and tries to keep the wiki open and reasonably comfortable for its users. I’m a new head of Disciplinary, taking over after Mann took over Anti-Harassment several months ago.
Anti-Harassment, or Harassment, it’s the same team (we use Anti-Harassment so people don’t joke about us literally having a team just to harass users l o l) is the team that investigates harassment. We’ve had stalkers, we’ve had malicious activity on the part of predatory users, we’ve had shock images sent to people’s inboxes and as PMs on IRC Chat, and a LOT more. With the sheer unrelenting size of our community, it’s bound to happen. Anti-Harassment is the team designated to try and investigate all claims of harassment activity, gather all possible evidence (logs, screengrabs, etc), and act on them.

We keep a forum outside of Wikidot to safely and discreetly collect evidence and keep running threads on cases, so as to keep organized and follow patterns of behaviour. We’ve had some sour events in the last few years, and we’ve excised every user we’ve found actual fault in and wrongdoing by.

I’ll take the opportunity to say that if you ever have any really sour things you want investigated, bring it to someone on IRC Chat or one of the discords you know is a member of Staff, and tell them to bring it to me. I’m not head of Anti-Harassment but I’m the most available member on the team.

You have been here for a decade, you have been an admin for a few years now, and you told me that you will "be here until it's all over, and then after." You also mentioned that you "believe there's a power in this site." What all have you observed change concerning the site over the years and why do you believe it is so special?

See I think the site’s stayed fundamentally the same. It’s a creative writing community wherein the stories have an air of mystery and a sense that there’s always something else.

The lack of continuity lets anything be possible. You can imagine anything, even if it’s not written, and it’s your Foundation.
The articles themselves are varied - hundreds of authors, hundreds of hands and voices, all creating something of their own vision that becomes part of everyone else’s. A gorgeous swirling patchwork of passion and ideas and images and monsters that resonates when someone asks, “Have you ever heard of SCP?”

SCP came from a single creepypasta written as a throwaway thread on a shitty imageboard on a shitty website in the summer of 2008 and now it’s a global multinational juggernaut of collective fiction. High-quality fan-made games and films have exploded across the internet, and you cannot pay me to believe that 2019’s Control game wasn’t inspired by SCP Foundation, or 2018’s Annihilation film didn’t have a few crewmembers that were fans of us. People cosplay as author avatars at fucking conventions, as Gears and Bright and Clef and Kondraki and I even saw a Dr. Light cosplay once. These stories resonate with people beyond what literally any of us could dare to imagine in the summer of 2010. They were roleplay characters and now kids who were born after the games they were played in ended are drawing fanart of them.

AND YET, despite what SCP has become, you can still open it up and start from 002 and read the Mulhausen Report at 2 in the morning. And you’ll be back where I was in April 2010, and work your way through just like tens of thousands of readers before.

I’m gonna be here until after the end because I want to see where it all goes. Writing this here makes me realize it’ll probably break my heart, but alas. There are no happiest endings with the Foundation, in-story or out.

What Pokémon describes you the best?

Why did I agree to this question

Does the black moon howl?

If you answer.

The following questions were picked out from the community feedback present on the previous interview's discussion page. The bold text represents the questions whereas the text within the boxes are Dexanote's responses.

Community Asked Questions:

So I heard you like Pokémon this may be a stupid question but I'm genuinely curious, what is your favorite pokemon and generation/games? ~ IAmRealIAmReal

Every generation has its ups and downs. The music of Gen 2 (GSC) is gorgeously nostalgic 16-bit glory, a completely different world from 5’s mania or 8’s pep. Designs are great in every gen, though I feel like 3 and 4 dipped a bit (fuck OFF Magmortar). Also, 5 gave us the monkey triplets, and frankly, that just won’t do.

I wrote SCPokemon, a Tale featuring my author avatar, war-crimeing his way through Red version on a whim. It’s silly shit, and I do really like Gen 1 and remakes a lot, but I recognize it has issues. Nidorino and Mewtwo and Venusaur and Feraligatr and Dunsparce and Wobbuffet are fabulous designs, but so are Pyukumuku and Clawitzer and Toxtricity and (unironically) Basculin.

I’d have to say Gen 5 was the best objectively, curve-wise, difficulty-wise, and story-wise. The endgames were fabulous and the stories are solid for Pokemon - I actually wanted to beat Ghetsis’ ass in Black when I played through, but then he crunched my team through and I realized it wasn’t going to be easy. I had to WORK to punish a proper villain.

The other generations are all great but are imperfect. 1 has a LOT of problems and is shackled by its heritage in remakes - I LOVE going through Viridian Forest but it’d be great if it was expanded upon (replace Viridian Forest with any other area of the game save for Seafoam Islands). Were they in Let’s Go? I dunno and don’t care, didn’t realize they were remakes till like ten minutes ago. 2’s GREAT (FERALIGATR!!) but its level curve is dogshit and Kanto’s limited, both in original and remakes. 3’s designs are a little too clean (Compare Zangoose and Raticate, there’s a level of ‘wildness’ lost in design philosophy beginning around here) and I really just think the remakes missed the mark, in some way. Gen 4 had huge issues, feeling empty in Diamond and Pearl and a poor balance of types available - as well as really janky and unnecessarily difficult methods to obtain certain Pokemon. Vespiquen? Munchlax? Goddamn, I prefer Feebas Gen 3 to that shit. I hear Platinum was better but I never bought it. Gen 6’s way too hand-holdy, and I wanted to punch Tierno and Trevor in the jaw. Lemme have a jerk rival, Nintendo. Gen 7’s pretty good but way too easy, the level curve is too smooth and it’s not got the best exploration options. Solid shiny hunting though, and the Ultra Beasts while stupid were also cool - and Ultra Necrozma was the closest thing to a challenge I’d had since I walked in on Cynthia in Black. Gen 7 also gave us Team Skull, and they’re Great. Gen 8’s railroady and you can’t get lost or really explore in any fundamental capacity, and there’s always broken bridges - Is there a reason I can’t challenge these Team Yell geeks to a battle and breakthrough? No- uh right on I guess. Character design’s A++ though in Gen 8, holy crap it’s all fantastic. But the story is… ehn. I should probably get the DLC sometime lol I completely forgot.

TLDR Gen 5 is good, but I actively like all generations but 4, which is Just Okay and I hope they remake so I can play Platinum properly.

Do you have any favorite SCPs or tales that you think are under-appreciated? ~ DianaBerryDianaBerry

It’s not exactly “underappreciated” as it’s +151, but The Ambassador is a fabulous SCP. It’s a GREAT example of the phenomenon I mentioned above with Altruistic Utopia. It could use a touch of cleanup, but in itself is a super cool SCP, fabulous implication and visuals, super cool setting. Another similar one is Inland Lighthouse, 934. Vivid imagery and super cool microfiction.

But as for ACTUALLY under-recognized SCPs - 1273, Stuck. It’s absolutely a melancholy, or even tragic, SCP. It’s actually one that TOTALLY sticks the Series 2 style and it’s a home run.

As for Tales, there’s a LOT. I could go easy-mode and talk about Quiet Days, or gush about In His Own Image or Video-Oddity, or pretend people don’t appreciate something like Document Recovered from the Marianas Trench and That Goddamn Thing (holy shit it's a great Tale), but really, the tales I remember from WAY back, are Running and Stop. Both of these could very well be companion pieces to the SCPs in question. Running is written as a creepypasta that fits its subject SCP super well (Read the Tale first, then the Discussion, it’s right there), and Stop is very well what could have happened to create its subject SCP. This is the kind of thing I envisioned when I first joined the site, Tales beside their SCPs in a bubble. I love them. Running’s janky and reads JUST like a classic creepypasta (cause it IS one!!), and Stop’s masterfully designed. Read them! Then read their SCPs.

To my knowledge, you're probably the most discreet Admin on the site and we know less about you than the other admins. So, do you have a fun fact related to the SCP community that you would like to share with us? ~ The PigheadThe Pighead

there are no fun facts Years ago in Staffchat (when it was more of an ‘unofficial fun chat for cool people’ we had the idea to troll users by pretending we sold the site to SpikeTV. Now I might be misremembering, so literally any old Staff is welcome to correct me in the discussion page and I’ll edit it in, but I’m PRETTY sure it went down with Clef initiating in 19 by starting to rage about the sale, and Bright and either Mann and/or TroyL backing it up. It was hilarious in hindsight but like I’m rapidly running out of story I remember. I won’t even say “you had to be there” cause it wasn’t THAT funny at the time either lmao. Makes me smile now though.

Sometimes there are fun little stories or explanations behind the screen names that people give themselves on the internet. Is there such a story behind the name "Dexanote"? ~ TheMightyMcBTheMightyMcB

Honestly? In like, the mid-2000s I wanted a name that wasn’t a real word and didn’t need a number at the end. It’s the first thing that came to mind.

This concludes the interview. I hope you enjoyed it! I would like to thank Dexanote for helping me out by doing this interview with me. Thanks again to the community members who provided questions: IAmReal, DianaBerry, The PigHead, and TheMightyMcB. My next interview will be with pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul. If you have any questions for him you would like for me to ask, feel free to leave your question in the discussion portion of this page, I will choose my favorites from among them.

Thank you for reading!

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