'Little Draft Horses' (G2T67/L9VXC/WI3M3)

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Status Renting Unacquirable
Demand Medium
Value Contact: Sully Zev for details
Availability Current inventory (6) (0), Estimated worldwide (6)
Identifier Little Draft Horses
Description Items are a set of six bronze, horse-shaped statuettes. These miniature sculptures trace their origin to the Mediterranean circa 3rd century CE. Water obtained from natural sources, upon exposure to an instance of the item, will be converted into petroleum. The rate of conversion is increased with the number of items exposed.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Initial Report
Author D. Mercator Date May 06, 264
Interest High Identifier The Steeds of Destruction
The head of an empire: The most prominent, and affluent, position one man can attain.
Desperation: The most effective driver of business dealings.
A combination of these factors has created an opportunity for immense profit.

Reaching out from captivity in Bishapur, Publius Licinius Valerianus Augustus has had delivered to me a request. His petition is for an item capable of completely annihilating the Persian people. Taken, in part, from his own words: "A force to destroy every square foot of land on which they have ever walked."

As it is our endeavour to fulfill any desire our clients can afford, I solicited the services of a source capable of fulfilling such an order. As expected, my supplier did not disappoint, and delivered in the form of six miniature statues. Their effect is certain to satisfy our client's aspiration.

An act of spite worse than salting of fields! These items are capable of transmuting water, the very essence of life itself, into a poisonous black tar incapable of sustaining anything, save for a burning flame. Even a brief exposure is sufficient means to taint any source and cause sickness in the reliant populace.

I can not comment on the conditions of the Emperor's accommodations in captivity. I can, however, state with confidence that these items will provide him the means to take his vengeance, many times over.
File Opened Under: G2T67/L9VXC/WI3M3
Forum Tenebris

Tracking Information
Owner Date Comments
Unrecorded Ca. 260 Original creator of items. Commissioned by D. Mercator, on behalf of Emperor Valerian.
Forum Tenebris May 1, 264 D. Mercator takes possession of items from source.
Abdur Razzaaq Akbari October 14, 763 Items sold to a representative of Khalid ibn Barmak. Believed to have been used in initial construction of Baghdad.
A collective of Persian and Arabic chemists Ca. 770 Collection divided and sold on by the Barmakids. Recollected, piece by piece, by Darke Trading Co.
The Darke Trading Co. Ca. 790 All 6 items placed in deep storage.
Reginald Swanson December 29, 1850 Purchased 3 of the 6 items, and leased them out in turn. (See Memo 01)
Valentin Romanovich July 12, 1934 Industrialist tycoon. Purchased remaining 3 items.
GRU Division 'P' January 10, 1957 3 items seized from Romanovich.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd. September 18, 1970 Purchased 3 items from Percy Swanson (grandson of Reginald Swanson). P. Swanson is designated MC&D's primary rental-broker for the items. (See Rental Record 01)
Marshall, Carter and Dark, Ltd. May 22, 1988 Reacquired 3 items through a defecting member of GRU. All 6 items now property of MC&D Ltd.
The SCP Foundation April 16, 2015 All 6 items stolen in a raid on MC&D American assets.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 01
Sender Reginald Swanson Recipient Thaddeus Marshall
Those old horse statues are about to become immensely valuable, mark my words. There are developments afoot that will completely redefine their potential, and I am certain of my position to capitalize on this fact.

If I won't be selected to broker this deal, then you can be assured of my presence at the table as purchaser.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Rental Record 01
Name Date Period Comments
Lewis Hart June 2, 1971 12 months (1 item)
Lewis Hart August 3, 1972 12 months (2 items) Mr. Hart, it seems, has devised an efficient process for making use of the items.
Lewis Hart March 20, 1976 9 months (3 items) Mr. Hart's operation continues to grow. Analysts are monitoring the economic situation and ensuring it remains in check.
Global Occult Coalition December 5, 1988 6 months (4 items) GOC intends to amass a stockpile of petroleum, to be refined and used for the organization's own purposes.
Patricia Hart April 16, 1990 12 months (3 items) Lewis' daughter giving the old family business a jumpstart.
Tareef Hussain February 2, 1996 2 months (6 items)
Gilbert Chang August 8, 1997 6 months (4 items) Narrowly avoided a disastrous environmental episode. Screening process for potential clients has been revised.
Doris Neal January 19, 2000 12 months (4 items)
Dexter Patton March 13, 2004 4 months (6 items) See 'Incident Report 03'
Kerry Novak September 2, 2005 18 months (1 item)
Gabriel Walker July 2, 2010 2 months (2 items)
Hassan Jordan November 13, 2014 5 months (6 items)
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 02-A
Sender Percy Swanson Recipient Richard Dufresnes
Interest in these items has been waning, of late. I shouldn't want to see them simply sit and gather dust while they aren't being rented out.

I propose we explore the potential for operating our own refinery, and take advantage of the items while we retain them between contracts.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 02-B
Sender Richard Dufresnes Recipient Percy Swanson
Your enthusiasm for seeking profits is admirable. I ran this past the boys upstairs though, and was assured that the logistical needs of our enterprise are already well taken care of. Furthermore, manipulating non-anomalous global markets (beyond what's necessary to maintain our own position) is beneath the interests of the organization.

I understand this item's rates tend to be quite high, and few clients possess the means to take full advantage of its effect. However, seeking such clients out, and selling them on the merits of this investment, is your job. So make it happen.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Incident Report 01
Author Percy Swanson Date November 14, 1984
A bidder at auction, determined to be a representative of Manna Charitable Foundation, attempted to purchase the item. Their motivation was presumably to remove the item from circulation, as they have voiced concerns in the past regarding the potential for an environmental disaster created by the item's effect.

Our own representative planted in the audience successfully outbid the MCF member, essentially purchasing the item from ourselves to sell at a later date. Took a minor loss to maintain our assets in the long term.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 03
Sender Richard Dufresnes Recipient Kate Cohen
This message is in response to your query to technical support. There is not an error in the directory, the system has been updated to reflect Mr. Zev's assignment as primary broker for the Item Listing.

I am aware there are some unsavoury rumours circulating regarding this action. I'm not at liberty to address any of them specifically, however I can assure you that the decision was only made with the goal of advancing the firm's interests in mind.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 04
Sender Sully Zev Recipient Kate Cohen
Clients wishing to rent these items as a complete set should be given priority over those requesting a single instance. The profits of collecting the full rate for just one week vastly outweigh the item's earning potential when divided amongst several clients.

As we currently have all six pieces of the collection in our possession, this policy should be applied to all related interests moving forward.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Incident Report 02
Author Sully Zev Date August 30, 1999
Manna Charitable Foundation, once again, attempted to acquire the item through an intermediary agent. While feigning ignorance of their affiliations, I assessed their position and personally negotiated the transaction (ensuring the final figure would fall just beyond their means).

The client departed to obtain the remaining balance, but never returned to complete the transaction. After a courteous 30-day waiting period, during which all attempts to contact the client failed, both the item and the partial payment were retained by MC&D, Ltd. Said payment more than covered the cost of 'the cleaners', netting us a tidy profit on the whole ordeal.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Incident Report 03
Author Sully Zev Date April 05, 2004
A client who, apparently, did not fully understand the item's requirements for use expressed great disappointment in their acquisition. It seems all their water had been sourced from a man-made reservoir, and was not subject to the item's effect. I met with the client to negotiate their early withdrawal from the contracted rental agreement.

At the meeting the client demanded a full refund, which I informed him was simply not possible. The client insisted on escalating the confrontation, at which point my personal security detail was forced to intervene. The full price of rental was retained, and the items returned to MC&D, Ltd's possession.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Memo 05
Sender Kate Cohen Recipient Terrence H. Swanson
I'm sending this memo only because you've ignored my attempts to address the issue informally. It is in regard to the provisional changes which, as yet, still appear in the Heading attached to this Item Listing. The SCP Foundation's raid on our New York assets was three months ago now, and this 'temporary indication of status' should have been finalized by this point.

I am aware of your personal opinion of Mr. Zev, and your father's history with him as it relates to the item. However, these matters can not be allowed to diminish the professional appearance of Marshal, Carter and Dark, LLP as an organization. Because you are now the assigned broker for this Listing, making the changes official requires your authorization. The updated Heading is attached to this message, please make use of it. It's time you removed this monument to Mr. Zev's failure.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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