'Hadrian's Well' (M4UDB/HF74T/JU2FA)

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Status Renting
Demand Medium/High
Value 475,000 EUR/525,000 USD per use
Availability Unique
Identifier Hadrian's Well
Description Item is an Egyptian well originally used to measure the height of the Nile. Constructed by Ramesses the Great, it was refurbished by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd Century AD. This item can be used to reverse aging and cure chronic illnesses; use requires the sacrifice of an individual close to the user.
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Initial Report
Author Khemwer-her-Nub Date II Akhet 13, 66th Year of the Kingship of Ramesses II
Interest High Identifier Well of Rebirth
I, Khemwer-her-Nub, who ransoms kings and princes, who makes lead into silver and bronze into gold, whose slaves number more than the fish of the Nile, I was sent for by the great king Ramesses, who slays his enemies and honors his servants, and I was commanded to find a cure for the pains afflicting the mighty hands and proud heart of the great one.

I came out of my estates, I gathered my rowers and my sailors and my servants, I went upon the great Nile. My fifty ships were loaded with ivory, incense, grain, curse-tablets, panthers, gold, every good product. I came to Besa, the priests there greeted me, they showed me their temples and their fields.

I went into their well with Khemkehty-wer-Nebu, she who has beauty surpassing all others, my wife and my companion and my dearest one. I told her what I had to do, and she understood, and she offered herself to me. She went down into the sacred waters, she took up the aspect of Isis and I of Osiris, I spoke the incantations taught to me in my childhood so long ago, and I held her beneath me until her ka went from her. Age fled me, I became a young man again, I held her body and I wept into the waters, and I went down the Nile once more.

I came to the court of the Great One, I told him of what I had did and what he must do, he saw the youth upon my body and he gave me my rewards. And he went upon the Nile, he took with him his daughter-and-wife Bintanath, Lady of the Two Lands, they went into the well at the temple. And down in the well, the ka of the great king fled, and the Great Lady came from the well, and she was young once more. She gave unto me the well and the temples and the priests, and for her generosity I swore never to speak truthfully of the Great King's death during her life.
File Opened Under: M4UDB/HF74T/JU2FA
Trading House of Mighty Khemwer

Tracking Information
Owner Date Comments
Khemwer-her-Nub 1213 BC Initial Creation.
Kushite Empire 746 BC Seized as a part of the conquest of Lower Egypt by Piye, King of Kush.
Ashurbanipal of Assyria 665 BC Seized during an extended campaign against the Kushite Pharaohs.
Bhiš-Ka of Uruk 627 BC Willed by Ashurbanipal to the head of a notable Sumerian merchant house.
House of Ahr-Manu 523 BC With the rise of the Persian empire, the assets of the Bhiš-Ka family were transferred to a Persian noble house with close ties to the Achaemenid dynasty.
Alexander of Makedon 332 BC The House of Ahr-Manu lost power in Egypt with the fall of the Persian empire, and Alexander the Great took possession of the item.
Ptolemy I 323 BC Inherited from Alexander of Makedon.
Demetrios Makellos February 1, 305 BC When Ptolemy I declared himself Pharaoh of Egypt, he granted the item, along with a number of other objects, to a Cretan merchant who had in a large part funded his recent campaigns.
Forum Tenebris March 10, 113 BC A partial transfer of ownership; Demetrios Makellos, as one of the founders of the Forum Tenebris, maintained a half-share in any profits from the item, as well as the right of free use.
Lucius Caecilius Ater May 5, 39 AD Inherited upon the death of Demetrios Makellos.
Cura Arcanorum September 3, 129 AD Another partial transfer of ownership; Manius Curius Ater wished to give the Emperor the impression that the item was under sole Imperial control and transferred his half-share to the imperial bureau he managed.
Lucius Caecilius Ater & Demetrios Makellos September 27, 312 AD With the simultaneous dissolution of the Cura Arcanorum and the destruction of the Forum Tenebris by the Emperor Constantine, ownership reverted jointly to Lucius Caecilius Ater and Demetrios Makellos (no longer deceased).
Ummayad Caliphate August 29, 639 AD Seized as part of the conquest of Egypt.
The Marcellini Family October 20th, 1517 AD After the Ottoman conquest of Egypt, this and other items were given to an Italian merchant family who had provided valuable support to the Turks.
Darke Trading Co. January 13th, 1666 AD The assets of the Marcellini family, along with the Darke and Cartier families, were merged into our company.
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External Report 01
Organisation Cura Arcanorum Acquired January 31, 137 AD
Method of Acquisition A copy was given to the library of the Forum Tenebris by our associate Lucius Caecilius Ater. The provided English translation was written by Gabriel Josiah Carter in 1923.

The item is a nile-measuring well, in the city of Antinopolis. It can be used to restore health and youth with the sacrifice of a dear friend, a lover, or a close relative. Its primary use to the Empire is in ensuring that a good Emperor may live for much longer than he otherwise would. A constant supply of appropriate sacrifices is needed; possibly ITEM CXXXV or ITEM MXIV could be used to create love where there was none before, or the Emperor could simply be convinced to have many children with women chosen for this purpose. The Emperor Hadrian was the first to use this item, with the sacrifice of his lover Antinoüs; unfortunately, the Emperor was more attached to the boy than anticipated, and forbade the object's further use, making it into a monument for his lover.

The Cura Praetoria Sapientae Occultae has been made aware of the item's existence, but they do not know the proper method of use. We believe that they are unlikely to attempt to seize it, especially since they have little influence in the Eastern provinces. The priests of the temple in which the item lies are loyal to us; many of them are sorcerers of meagre ability, trained in the Egyptian and Syrian schools. The Forum Tenebris holds a half-share in any profits from the item, and representatives of the Forum with the proper letters of approval may make use of it. However, as the Cura Praetoria has some suspicions of the Forum's involvement in our affairs, this use is to be only occasional, and those seeking to use it are to arrive and depart in absolute secrecy.

Recorded by Lucius Caecilius Ater, Curator Arcanorum for the Emperor Hadrian
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