'Fidget Winners' (FDG43/W1NR3/5SLA2)

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Status Leasing/Renting
Demand Low
Value 2800 GBP/4000 USD per pair per monthly lease, 1000 GBP/1400 USD per pair per daily rental
Availability Current Inventory 12 pairs. Additional units can be requisitioned if the demand exists
Identifier Fidget Winners
Description Fidget Winners are anomalous versions of the recent fad toys 'Fidget Spinners'. When a minimum of two Fidget Winners are spun counterclockwise, items will horizontally levitate up to 65 feet and project fanciful, semi-tangible holograms beneath them who will then engage in combat. Spinning items clockwise displays the vital statistics of these fighting characters. Marshall, Carter, & Dark LLP is not liable for any damage caused by Fidget Winner Battles.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Initial Report
Author Victor Chan Date March 7th, 2018
Interest Low Identifier Fidget Winners
I was reviewing our most recent version of the SCP Database for potential acquirable items when SCP-2947 caught my attention. They're fidget spinners that generate ethereal (though still partially tangible) combatants, over fifty feet tall if there's room, which will then engage in a spectacular battle.

Naturally, the high amount of death and destruction such entities can potentially cause limits their desirability, but one of my clients (The Circus of the Disquieting) has expressed an interest in them.

They intend to put on monster fights within a specially constructed ring, which should provide ample room to fight while minimizing risk to the spectators.

Since the Circus plans to use these items on a daily basis, I believe it would be best to lease them the Fidget Winners at a reasonable monthly rate, in addition to a yet to be finalized percentage of the revenue from these fights. However, it occurs to me that other clients may desire these for special occasions only, and so I would also recommend renting these items out on a per diem basis as well.

According to the SCP file, non-anomalous fidget spinners can be converted into Fidget Winners simply by coming into contact with the original SCP-2947. This means it should be possible for one of our operatives to covertly produce a supply of these items without stealing anything or the Foundation being alerted to any breach of security.

I formally request that one of our operatives acquire as many duplicates of SCP-2947 as possible and that they be sent to the Hong Kong office.
File Opened Under: FDG43/W1NR3/5SLA2
Memo 01
Sender Amos Marshall Recipient Victor Chan
Low cost, low risk, and the potential for obscene profit margins? Request whole-heartedly approved.

Looking over the SCP file, I don't doubt these beasts would put on a bloody good show, but we shouldn't overlook their potential for collateral damage.

Consult the A-78xDs with the rental and leasing agreement on this one. Make sure it's crystal clear that we're 100 percent absolved of any liability in the event of a catastrophe.

On a personal note, keep me updated on how the Circus is using these. It's been a while since I've seen a good freak fight, and it just might be worth going out to see a pair of fifty-foot tall ghost monsters duke it out.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 02
Sender Jim Tully Recipient Victor Chan
Victor, I've been doing some product testing with the Fidget Winners, and it seems they gain XP after each victory and lose it after a defeat.

If they collect enough XP, they evolve like Pokèmon into a bigger, stronger, more aggressive form. Considering how these things start out, that's saying something. We've only triggered one evolution so far and I'll spare you the details, but if we didn't have that drone set up to knock the actual spinner down it would have been a disaster.

If these things were actual paratech then either myself or Iris could reprogram them to be less problematic, but as far as we can tell they're just cursed fidget spinners.

The good news is it seems to take about twelve straight victories to trigger an evolution. I'd recommend keeping careful track of each Fidget Winner's victories, which shouldn't be too hard since they come with a stat display. When one starts gaining too much XP it should be paired against an opponent it's likely to lose to. If one gets too close to the danger zone, it should be retired.

Update the rental agreement to include all of this ASAP, and maybe even include a skilled drone operator just in case.

And make extra sure that damn Circus knows about this. At the rate they're pitting these things against each other, an evolution is inevitable.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
External Report 01
Organisation Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting Acquired June 2nd, 2018
Method of Acquisition Provided upon request by client
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Incident Report 01
Author Victor Chan Date June 9th, 2018
After the Circus of the Disquieting had been hosting Fidget Winner fights for over two months without any incidents, Mr. Marshall insisted on seeing a fight in person.

I, along with his usual retinue of guards and attendants, escorted Mr. Amos Marshall as well as Mr. Skitter Marshall to the Circus of the Disquieting's show at Oystermouth Castle in Wales on June 8th of this year.

Well before this date, I personally saw to it that the Circus received the updated leasing agreement and checked multiple times to make sure they had been adhering to it. Before the fight I also checked the stats on each of the Fidget Winners to make sure they were all at acceptably low XP.

Nonetheless, it just wasn't my night.

The first few rounds preceded as normal, with both the elder and younger Marshall enjoying the spectacle immensely. In the penultimate round, however, the Fidget Winner known as the Luminescent Lamia achieved an unprecedented combat multiplier and was hence awarded with enough XP to evolve.

She transformed from a half-woman, half-snake with glowing hair to a fire-breathing half-humanoid snake at least 50 percent taller.

More relevantly, she did not deactivate as Fidget Winners typically do upon victory. Instead, the disembodied announcer that accompanies these things demanded a deathmatch against all the other Fidget Winners present.

Before I could even suggest that we withdraw, the entire crowd (including Mr. Marshall, if I may be so forward) cheered in agreement, and the deathmatch commenced.

Almost immediately, the evolved Lamia knocked the other Fidget Winner Fighters into the crowd, causing mass pandemonium.

To the Circuses' credit, they did have a drone operator present who attempted to take out the Lamia's spinner, but the Lamia had become sufficiently tangible to swat the drone down. At that point the tent was quickly evacuated, but the active Winners were dispersed as well and began wreaking havoc throughout the Circus.

Mr. Marshall's security detail responded admirably, rapidly removing him from the scenario without wasting any time on also trying to rescue the accompanying sales representative.

I survived, obviously. I'm not sure how much detail you'd like me to go into here, but numerous members of the Circus were successful in knocking down the the rogue Fidget Winners (I personally had no idea Lolly had such accuracy with throwing knives), with the exception of the Lamia Winner, which is currently detained in the Funhouse, with the Fun-lovers.

I have requested that the Circus update me on that situation, as it develops.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 03
Sender Amos Marshall Recipient Victor Chan
Sorry about that, kid, but these Fidget Winner fights were your idea.

As for the show itself; I nearly died and lost every damn bet I made, but that was the best damn freak fight I've ever seen.

9/10, would see again.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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