'Art By Oswaldo' (LB7RE/C9Y9A/ND5E3)

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Status Selling
Demand Medium
Value 2000 - 30000 USD
Availability Unique/Established Supply Chain
Identifier Art By Oswaldo
Description A variety of anart pieces in assorted mediums (including paintings, sculptures, and interactive installations). Traditional artistic forms are infused with memetic elements which greatly enhance the appeal to viewers. The artists' collective known as Oswaldo is exceptionally capable of creating such pieces.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Initial Report
Author Gerald Chapman Date May 27, 2018
Interest Medium Identifier Art by Oswaldo
I was visiting the estate of a personal associate when, in their lounge, I found myself enthralled with a particular painting upon their wall. As such frivolous diversion typically fails to attract my attentions, I felt compelled to ask my host more about it. This was my first exposure to the art of Oswaldo.

Oswaldo was not one man, he told me, but rather the self-styled name for a collective of artists. It so happened that the creator of this particular piece currently worked out of a studio in the city nearby. Whether it was some latent instinct for business within me, or a lingering remnant of that painting's magic, I sought out the artist in their workspace soon after.

Emma Martin defied my initial expectations. She was mature, she knew very much about the techniques of such work; but what's more, she had a keen insight to "the anart scene" at large. Though it took some persuasive charm on my part, we came to an arrangement which should be beneficial for all parties involved. The artists of Oswaldo receiving financial support and a platform for exposure, and our own clients having the opportunity to purchase these attractive items.
File Opened Under: LB7RE/C9Y9A/ND5E3
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Auction Record 01
Date October 2, 2018 Location New York
Auctioneer George DiCalvo Lot 4 of 11
Listing You - Anomalous Sculpture by Emma Martin

From the visionary Melbourne-based Oswaldo collective, confederates of renowned anartist movement Are We Cool Yet?, comes this stunning piece.

A full-scale sculpture of a man (height: 2.3m, base: 1.0m x 0.6m) made entirely of glass, with capricious and ornate marbling patterns throughout. The item is mounted upon a handsome block of polished granite.

More than just a visual marvel, this piece offers an accurate reflection of the viewer's own inner disposition. See how colour and form alter themselves in accordance to emotion and desire! Perfect for gleaning insight when on public display, or for moments of private introspection.

(Marshall, Carter and Dark LLP takes no responsibility for misuse of this item.)
Name Bid Comments
Earl Dunn 2700 USD
Susan Rewse 3000 USD Bidder expressed their preference that the item be altered to a female form. This request was was politely declined by the auctioneer, and vehemently declined by the artist themselves.
Blanche Lewis 3200 USD
Earl Dunn 3300 USD
Roland Fletcher 4000 USD
Cathy Mitchell 5000 USD MC&D actor to raise bids.
Blanche Lewis 5500 USD
Roland Fletcher 6000 USD Winner of auction.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 01
Sender Gerald Chapman Recipient Emma Martin
I do hope that the success of the other night's event has dispelled any lingering reservations you may have had about our new arrangements. The remunerative commissions have by this time already been deposited in the accounts of yourself and your fellow artists.

While the intimate atmosphere provided by the venue did add a certain degree of ambiance, I would like to see an increase in creative output moving forward. There is potential for larger auctions to be supported, if the demand can be met.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

Auction Record 03
Date April 13, 2019 Location Milan
Auctioneer Luigi Venturi Lot 10 of 32
Listing Unlogical - Anomalous Sculpture By Emma Martin, Ivan Isaac, James Franz

From Oswaldo, currently the fastest rising stars of the Are We Cool Yet? anart movement, we bring you this piece.

On first glance, we see an obelisk of flawless polished dark marble (height: 3 m, base: 1.2 m x 0.9 m). But come closer, and bear witness to the reshaping of reality itself. One will be entranced by surreal and amorphous changes in shapes and angles. Solid stone moving fluidly in air!

And now, this deeply thoughtful statement on the nature of firmness of adaptability can be yours.
Name Bid Comments
Matthew Holt 7500 USD
Brendan Cochrane 9900 USD
Clora Simmons 11000 USD
Matthew Holt 12000 USD
Adam Lane 14000 USD MC&D actor to raise bids.
Pauline Weaver 15000 USD Proxy bidder for an anonymous buyer.
Adam Lane 16500 USD MC&D actor to raise bids.
Brendan Cochrane 17500 USD
Pauline Weaver 19000 USD Winner of auction.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP

External Report 13
Organisation Are We Cool Yet? Acquired May 02, 2019
Method of Acquisition Request for materials forwarded to Mr. Chapman by members of Oswaldo.
Mr. Chapman;

Here is the full list of anomalous materials needed for the upcoming auction:

Please note that once again James has elected to construct his memetic drives with 'found materials' and will not be needing materials provided, just straight cash. He requests $8500.

Ivan requires a further 500mL of the anomalous dye as used in the sculpture 'You' and a Class II Scranton Reality Anchor.

I (Emma Martin) will require a Class III Scranton Reality Anchor, the left forelimb of a six-year-old, pure white rabbit which lives in Denmark and a live Australian Fruit Bat.

In addition to this, James has mentioned the existence of anomalous, programmable, reality-bending sheets of glass capable of displaying abstract images and scenes. An amount of glass which could be molded into a replacement set of windows and windscreens for a 2004 Bentley Continental would be greatly appreciated for use in an interactive installation.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Oswaldo: AWCY? Melbourne Branch.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 19
Sender Gerald Chapman Recipient Emma Martin
Is your colleague really serious about this latest request? Do you realize that the material costs of the glass alone practically negate any potential profit for such a limited novelty?

We are trying to entice clientele of particular tastes with these items. They must be attractive to the prospective buyer, and something that they will want to take home with them. I will encourage you to keep these details in mind as we move forward.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 20
Sender Emma Martin Recipient Gerald Chapman
Gerald, I'd like to remind you of our conversation last winter. You promised opportunities; for exposure, for money, for a chance to expand the scope of our artistic projects. But the direction of things lately is troubling to me.

This was supposed to open doors for Oswaldo, let us broaden our creative horizons and make even our boldest visions manifest. Instead we are being boxed in; finding not an open field of possibilities to roam in, but a narrow corridor of permitted expression!

Even with young new talent joining the core group of Oswaldo, it's becoming a strain to fill the number of spaces asked for at each auction. If we must produce some number of pieces for the sake of your sales, I should expect you to indulge us in at least a few passion projects of our own.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
Memo 21
Sender Gerald Chapman Recipient Emma Martin
Please, let me assure you that to stifle your creativity is the opposite of my intent. I do appreciate how you've accomplished the increased production; I applaud the depth of your creative abilities.

Having considered the matter further, I will arrange for this particular 'passion project' of yours to be supplied as requested. You certainly do deserve a fair degree of creative input in our partnership. To that end, I am also exploring options to accommodate your request to stage our next event in Australia.

Some of my associates felt that it was a bit of a step down, after the European scene. But by coordinating with the broker handling a seperate venture of ours, we should be able to reach a satisfactory agreement. You're welcome.
Marshall, Carter and Dark, LLP
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