MC&D: The Chess Game

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A gracious offer.
One Unjust, an endless debt.
Payment, overdue.

The Trio rules all.
The world at large and players.
They all fear the wealth.

A vast collection.
The rarest items around.
The Foundation stores.

They make Business hard.
How can we make more money.
Doing what we love.

Unable to steal.
From Foundation’s locations.
Locked away untouched.

The Foundation plays.
Ending our control and wealth.
Taking our fair share.

All of our products.
Locked up for experiments.
No profit at all.

But we will rejoice.
A come back will happen soon.
The Foundation knows.

A detrimental effect.
Foundation quivers

A message to all.
Not to be messed around with.
A trio with power.

They will avoid them.
The only power players.
Marshall, Carter, Dark.

No one knows profits.
Like those with Monopoly.
It concerns the rest.

The most important.
Pieces of this large chess board.
They control them all.

An exclusive club.
Where all the wealthy gather.
Products to be sold.

They will fear the names
Of Marshall, Carter and Dark.
Respected by all.

Except by a few.
The power of influence.
Does not scare these few.

A challenger stands.
Unafraid of their power.
Turn back they did not.

Causing upheaval.
Inconsequential at first.
A small annoyance.

The trio didn’t care.
Their Business unimpacted.
A fruitless effort.

A coalition.
The challenger gains support.
The annoyance grows.

Now a stronger stance.
Now a more pressing matter.
A sizeable loss.

Profits start to fall.
The Challenger’s ego grows.
Vengeance to be had.

Hired out they’ll be
The Chaos Insurgency.
They'll fix the problem.

Knowing they're coming.
The challenger stands bravely.
They do not fear them.

Marshall, Carter, Dark.
Prove to all other factions.
It’s their game of chess.

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