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SCP-893 Asexual
SCP-1124 Xenoplague
SCP-1201 Zoroaster's Well
SCP-1202 Lost Voice
SCP-1203 Ouroboros
SCP-1286 Sad Man
SCP-1364 Ultra-Vulnerable Mammal
SCP-1369 Feelers
SCP-1371 Curiously Buoyant Amphibian
SCP-1412 Two Dead Sisters
SCP-1424 Patches
SCP-1515 Wallaby Wannabes (with Salman Corbette)
SCP-1519 Renaissance Organism
SCP-1535 Purgatory
SCP-1582 Ant Man
SCP-1616 Nibbles
SCP-1682 Solar Parasite
SCP-1735 Kind of Impenetrable Barrier
SCP-1782 Tabula Rasa
SCP-1813 Schrödinger
SCP-1826 Victims of the Wild Hunt
SCP-1855 Old Roads
SCP-1865 TaoTao (with Roget)
SCP-1918 Tik Tak Tow
SCP-1951 Nuclear Family
SCP-1982 First Southern Fifthist
SCP-2182 The Big Bang
SCP-2582 Hammer & Nail
SCP-2616 Shoo, Fly
SCP-2589 Don't Leave Me This Way
SCP-2682 The Blind Idiot
SCP-2782 The Flock
SCP-2862 Beholder
SCP-2973 Ihct͟o̢ga̴m͠a̢t (with SpookyBee)
SCP-2986 Outside the Box (with Cimmerian)
EE-3682 Parousia
SCP-4268 Eviction
SCP-4728 Deletion
SCP-4782 Nemmie
SCP-4815 Busted Oracle
SCP-5456 Sweatmother

SCP-682-J Bestest Lizerd (with Salman Corbette)


Constellation Starfish

Rat's Nest Canon

The Dream Team

Holy Science


Mr. Purple

The Bowels of History

Old Faithful

The Queen of Site-18

Intertiatic SCP

Older Roads


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Dark Arts and Crafts


Photoshopping Your SCP

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